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This was part of Aaron Walker’s cross examination of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin during the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. trial.

MR. WALKER: Now, remind me, if you will, what you do for your charities.
MR. KIMBERLIN: I run a non-profit Justice Through Music, and we work with, ah, famous bands and artist to get young people involved with civic participation. We, ah, we also work with, ah, dissidents around the workd to get them, um, their message out to the general public. We work with, um, a lot of voting registration groups. We, um, registered literally hundreds of thousands of young people to vote over the years. Um, we have been very much involved, um, with making sure that voting machines are, are not hackable and that their, um, they provide and accurate reading. We were very involved with making sure that, ah, Maryland, ah, got away from the electronic voting machines and changed over to the paper ballots, ah, that I believe they used this year for the first time in, um, Maryland. And, um, we have, ah, we have a lot of [unintelligible] campaigns. For example, we had a campaign called “Iran“, um, “Iran Now”, um, during the Green Revolutionin, in Iran. Ah, We’re doing a lot of, of, because my wife’s from Ukraine, we’re doing a lot of, ah, work with Ukraine. Right now, I’m working with, ah, Congressmembers, um, on legislation to protect the vote. I’m working with the Department of Justice right now to, ah, to protect, ah, this coming election. There’s a lot of information about hacking by Russian, and our team that works for me are, are specialists in hacking and, ah, electronic cyberhacking and things like that. So we are probably one of the foremost groups in, in the country on that.


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  1. Now, now…there is a “Certified Ethical Hacker” course and examination that I’ve seen on the market. I’m more interested in passing LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 to show off my Linux skills instead. That would go well with bumping up from General to Amateur Extra on my ham ticket, I suppose. ???

  2. There is VERY little in that testimony that’s true. I’m sure TFS could investigate each claim, provide the proof and present it to a court in under a week. But what’s the point of the time & effort, he always finds a way out. I believe Brett Kimberlin has perjured himself in virtually every legal proceeding he has been involved, without ANY consequences. Kinda deflated because of the unsatisfactory result in Aaron’s trial.

  3. His “team” includes a crack email header forger. Who couldn’t be fooled by such expert spoofing on the fourth or fifth attempt and cries each time of “Aha, I have you now!”.

  4. So, basically, anything they can use as a fund-raising call to drain the pockets of ignorant rich people.

    • I don’t mind ignorant rich people getting their pockets drained, but I do mind the loot going to the Tiny Pedophile Bomber.
      As my brother says though, “While I understand why a fool and his money are soon parted, I always wonder how they got together originally.”

  5. I would love to have seen a followup question of, “Please list each famous band you have worked with”. PLM would follow.

  6. Translation: I’m totally irrelevant on my own so I sponge off the fame of others and hope to get noticed.

    I get the sense reading that, that he’s just making it up as he goes along, hoping not to push the nonsense too far and get laughed at. As long as he’s been pushing this particular BS, you’d think he would have a smoother delivery by now. Um…uh…Um…Um…uh. Sounds like an amateur (or President Obama when he’s off the teleprompter).

  7. I’ll bet a dirty penny that would have sounded minimally coherent if the Pedo Pirate had hired a lawyer to prep him for testimony.

  8. How annoying to hear his puffed up bull*. His notion of “working with famous bands” is to write stupid lyrics over their original music, to to mention them on his blood or solicit donations using their names, e.g. pussy Riot, a band he “gets there r message ou” for by asking people to donate to Jtmp. It’s all fantasy.nand possibly Bly part money laundering scheme.

    It’s unlikely he had a single thing ignto do with a switch to paper ballots.

    His Iran “campaigning” for Iran is similarly a website donation page glom on.

    He’s a phony.

    • Pussy Riot, who has nothing to do with JTMP, except that the latter solicits funds for itself raising ‘awareness” of their plight, and assorted bands that they make ridiculous covers of with substituted lyrics, or possibly have written letters to.
      It’s mostly or entirely puffing and invention and fantasy.

  9. “Working with” congressmembers (congressmembers?) = writing whiny letters about things congressmen are either already doing without his assistance (so that he can glom on) or pay little attention to. “Protect the vote” by making sure criminals get their chance at the pols is possibly an aim, but I can’t see any work that is in any way related to his input.

  10. “Involved with” paper ballots is about how “involved” one might be with a verified twitter user who retweets (after lots of sock-puppet begging) the music of an unknown.
    JTMP didn’t influence paper balloting in any significant way, if at all. JTMP talked about it so they are “involved” with it.

    He uses a lot of weasel verbs and puffing, which I guess is what you have to do when you are a psychopathic phony.

    • “We were very involved with making sure that, ah, Maryland, ah, got away from the electronic voting machines and changed over to the paper ballots, ah, that I believe they used this year for the first time in, um, Maryland.”

      So… the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin was VERY involved – yet only “believes” a change from electronic voting machines to paper ballots occurred in Maryland.

      How could he not know for sure considering he was so very involved and stuff? *eyeroll* Not to mention… the sawed-off, creepy, lying perv actually… you know… LIVES in Maryland.

      He’s not only a liar… he’s a really, really bad, terrible, horrible, awful liar.

        • “You’d think he’d get better at it.”

          I know, right?

          Much like one would think his “excellent friend,” associate, and co-duhfendant the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, who claims 30+ years of journalism experience, would eventually get better. But, nope.

          And, whereas The Blob pretty much lies like he breathes, much like his master BK, he hasn’t gotten any better at that either.

          So much fail with the Team Kimberlin goons. *smdh*

  11. ” my wife’s from Ukraine”
    I sure hope there was a followup question as to when she immigrated to the USA, and how old she was at the time they married.

  12. Oh so he runs Palantir Technologies? The company that he sued where he claimed they were involved in a conspiracy against him?

  13. How effective someone is at the things they do is generally inversely proportionate to the number of things they do. A person who does precisely one thing is going to be as effective at that thing as they are personally capable of, whereas someone who does 50 or 60 different things is usually little more than an amateur at any of it. Rather, 60 people who devote themselves to all 60 things would be less effective than 60 people who each devote themselves to one of them. What he describes as his job sounds like the job of a staff of twenty.. though somewhat I’m somewhat dubious any of it contributes any useful value to society…. Humans are the sort of organisms bounded by time, so each thing they give time to is time they can’t give to some other thing. We also tend to get better at things the more time we give to them… but on top of that there is the music career, the litigation, and any number of various side interests I haven’t heard well enough to enumerate. It seems unlikely that a even a great man would be effective at such a wide assortment of things. A lesser man might actually harm the various interests that he’s working for.

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