This Almost Makes Sense

David Mastio has a piece over at USA Today that almost seems like a rational explanation of this year’s presidential election—it’s a conspiracy among Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Islamic State conspiring to place a serially-bankrupt billionaire blowhard (with his own line of neckwear!) into the Oval Office at a key moment in history. But he also notes that Trump seems to be scheming to elect Hillary.

Money quote:

I got an email from in September asking for money. The subject line began, “If I am being honest …” When I saw it, I thought, “Oh for God’s sake, why start now?” If Clinton had started being honest five years ago or even one year ago, the American people would be carrying her to Washington on a flag-draped litter to install her in the White House while they sing old Methodist hymns .

But she didn’t. She won’t or can’t. The only reasonable explanation left is that she will do anything, absolutely anything, to make Donald Trump president. The question is what she and Vladimir Putin have to gain.

Read the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “This Almost Makes Sense

    • The “money quote” is simply wrong. Had Hillary Clinton “been honest five years ago” she would have admitted that the $100,000 she alleged made in cattle futures was a laundered bribe. She would have admitted that she ran the “bimbo eruption” team that worked tireless to destroy women Hillary Clinton knew, strongly suspected, or ought to have known were telling the truth. She would have admitted that she knew that a video had nothing to do with the attack on the Libyan embassy that left four Americans dead. She would have admitted that she set up a private server to refuse Congressional oversight. And, she would have admitted that she is an alcoholic whose eighties’ cocaine habit has resulted in her developing Parkinson’s Disease. She would have admitted that she could barely walk, and, suffers bouts of confusion and paranoia as a result [kinda like a certain fat man.] She would have admitted she belongs in jail, and is completely unfit for office.

  1. NATO pushed too hard and crept too far on Russia’s borders when they were down after the Soviet Union dissolved. Vladimir Putin is acting in his country’s interests and is no enemy of mine. We won the Cold War and instead of uniting with Russia for a better world, we used NATO and the EU to screw them over.

    I know several regular commentators here are older than me and might have different viewpoints, but this Generation X/Millennial could care less about Russia. Whenever Russia came up in the debates I sighed loudly because my generation could care less about being an enemy with Russia.

    I don’t like Trump much but I do like the fact he would sit down with Russia and work in our common interests.

    • Russia would not work with us. It’s a matter of honor and national pride. They would rather humiliate us. Putin despises Obama as a weakling, like a yapping chihuahua trying to challenge the Russian Ovcharka.

      Stand up to Russia, and back it up, and they will respect us. Show them respect, and get some decently tough people to negotiate with them.

      • At least we are not trying to keep Germany down. I’d hate to have to comment that our stance oughtn’t be that our Weiner is a bigger dick than their Weimar.

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