Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Here’s another snippet from my testimony during the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. trial.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Mr. Hoge, are you telling the jury today that you are not a sock puppet, that you are not Paul Krendler.

MR. HOGE: I’m not Paul Krendler.

And I don’t know Paul Krendler’s secret identity—if he has one.

30 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. You could have said in court that his associate Bill Schmalfeldt has submitted legal documents saying he is Krendler.

    Then use the transcripts every time they ask who is Krendler, or try and file a lolsuit against one of the hundreds they have claimed is Krendler over the years.

    • It’s not, and it never has been relevant to Kimberlin’s malicious prosecution of Aaron.

      But it’s ever so important to Bill Schmalfeldt. Who is the only person who has said that he is Paul Krendler. Interesting, that.

      • What he accuses others of, he fears.

        This was his version of a “cunning plan.”

        Oh, that and the “forged” letter he crowed about before it arrived.

  2. A sock puppet is usually defined as a fake account run by another person.
    Since Hoge was there in person, by definition he can’t be a sock puppet, he is “a real boy” as it were.

  3. I’m surprised Kimberlin didn’t have me on his witness list, and call me to the stand.

    I know Krendler’s identity, and Krendler has confirmed that I know.

    Foolish little man Brett Coleman Kimberlin, always looking for the wrong answers, in the wrong places.

    • Roy,
      Now that you admitted to knowing who Paul is, Cousin Bwilly is going to drive to your house, park outside of it and stalk you until you tell him. He has this psycho urge to find the identity of Paula and nothing will stop him.

      • He doesn’t know which cousin Roy is. Heck, Roy could be one of his ex-wives, or one of his children. Ya never know about cousin Roy. He’s a tricky one, with loads of knowledge.

        • Bwilly may not know which cousin Roy is, but has not knowing who someone truly is ever stopped him from stalking who he thinks they are?

          Bwilly is a natural born stalker, and the only way to stop him is by distraction. I suggest dressing a doll up in a Cub Scout uniform, that would keep him busy for a while.

          • The problem is that there are places in the U.S. where stalking can be a somewhat unhealthy proposition.

  4. Hope you don’t a visit from the local SWAT team, asshole. Say Saturday around 2:30am. That would be pretty bad for that cancer ridden wife of yours. Hope that doesn’t happen. Fucker.

    • My friends at the County Emergency Operations Center are waiting for your call. Operators are standing by. (Note: If you’r calling from outside Carroll County but inside Maryland your local 911 operator can transfer the call. Otherwise, calls from outside the county should go to the County EOC number listed on the website.)

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