50 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. I didn’t see any good mission opportunities in the Christian Chronicle this month. With the way this elevation is turning out, I really should be looking. This one is likely to end in tears regardless of who is the winner on election night.

  2. Icing on the shit cake we call DC.
    Just wondering if our ace journadumbass will revisit his ‘Trump campaign is over’ stance from a few weeks ago.

    Personally, I don’t care who is prez at this point, as long as it’s not That Women.
    I’m glad to see this whole corrupt swamp blown up like so much fishing-with-dynamite.

    • He’s smart, and, he wants respect! That and he wants to jerk off in the view of a 15 year-old girl dressing as a school girl. But, mostly he wants to jerk off.

      • But we may well have identified why Team Kimberlin went “all in” to support him.

        You know, because according to his wife, in sworn court testimony, Brett Coleman Kimberlin, aka The Speedway Bomber, had sex with his current wife when she was under 15 years old. Making Brett Coleman Kimberlin, aka the Speedway Bomber, a pedophile.

        So he’s at least got that on a former US congressman. Oh, and neither of them will be the next mayor of NYC, so that’s a solid tie.

  3. Today, was a bad day for Hillary Clinton, and, an even worse day for nevertrumpers.

    Julian Assange has stated that tomorrow will be an even worse day for Clinton.

    As recently as yesterday, I read a nevertrumper claim Trump will lose by a landslide. They laughed at his candidacy when he announced. They laughed at his debate performances. They laughed at his nomination. And, they have been laughing about his prospects on election day. One by one, they are not laughing any more. Now, they act more like rats fleeing a sinking ship, trying to hop on the Trump bandwagon before it runs them over and destroys their careers.

    • Very briefly – I am a never Trumper. I have never laughed. The man is a disaster – completely unqualified for the Office. But so is Hillary Clinton.

      I will not vote for either, and I do not allow people to call me names, or insist I must vote for Trump or I’m really voting for Hillary. A vote for neither is exactly that – a vote for neither. I am not virtue signalling, I am not posturing. i simply cannot make myself vote for either of these creatures.

      Laptop, home.

      • Ditto.

        I am a white male gun owner. Hillary hates me. She feels my ilk cost Bill six years in the White House. By which I mean, he spent two years governing as a liberal Democrat. He spent the next six years governing as the finest Republican President since Eisinhower.

        Hillary has one core competance, getting vengeance against her many, many, many enemies. I am sure I am on the block.

        All Donald Trump had to do to win my vote is be not a totally vile piece of sh1t. Spending more effort in the general election attacking Hillary than attacking Republicans would have been a plus.

        He did not have to do much at all to win, not earn, my vote. He has not come close to trying.

        I feel fully justified in using the standard Libertarian purity tests against the current Libertarian candidate, and his Veep pick, the gun grabber.

        As for the Greens, “Saner than Trump or Clinton” is a standard she does not meet.

        I’m leaving that line blank, and voting for people I can support downballot.

        If you are like me, VOTE! Don’t worry about leaving that top line blank, vote down ballot.

        • Dr. Mike, Bill did not spend six years governing as a Republican. That’s a lie created by the left. He benefited from the Contract with America Republican Congress voted in ’94 when he wasn’t getting his pecker blown by Monica or whoever else he forcibly coerced into performing on him.

          • Actually, I’m quoting the best man from my wedding, who’s quite a few notches further right than I am.

            I’m not commenting on how he _wanted_ to govern, just on the fact that he was constrained by an opposing Congress, and had better negotiating skills than “I won, you lost. Deal with it.” as a certain current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania is reported to have said.

            My point is, he was constrained. He is fine with that, he got the big chair, with lots of space under the desk for, um, humidors… She never got over it. She is less likely to compromise than Obama is.

            My other point is, I plan to vote pretty solid R down ballot. We’ll need them if Hillary wins, and we’ll need them if Trump wins and shows himself to be the NYC Democrat he has been his whole life.

        • Again: don’t confuse voting for a candidate with endorsing their character and wisdom.

          Vote for the candidate most likely create within you an appetite for popcorn as you loom forward to their epic, ego-driven jihads against their rival politicians and psychopaths (sorry again for the redundancy).

      • Dianna: you’re doing it wrong.

        The presidency is designed to be a position of power for politicians and psychopaths (but I repeat myself) to aspire to. Go ahead, spend the tax money on the Secret Service, big private jet and all the other ego-stroking trappings of office. The more time you distract the incumbent with pomp and circumstance, the better.

        But never delude yourself into thinking the system will ever elevate a human to that office who deserves the unchecked power that has been exercised there for the past 60-80 years. May the next occupant of that office be frustrated and stymied at every turn by the politicians and psychopaths in other branches of government (Federal and State; sorry for the needless repetition) and by competing power centers in the private sector.

      • The Constitution lays out the qualifications for a President: a naturally born citizen of at least age 35 years, who has been a resident for the last 14 years, at least. After that, is up to voters to decide. Claiming a candidate is “unqualified” is an extraordinary claim. Extraordinary claims require an extraordinary level of proof.

        I think it is entirely fair to label Hillary Clinton “unqualified.” In cattlegate, it seems apparent that she accepted a $100,000. probably on behalf of her husband. That’s disqualifying. The Constitution lays out a separation of powers that incorporates a series of checks and balances one of which is the right and duty of Congress to provide oversight to the executive branch. When Hillary Clinton set up a private server, deleted emails, and bleach-bited after it was subpoenaed, she willfully refused oversight. That is disqualifying, as are her convenient memory lapses. Likewise, her mishandling of classified data, and covering up of that fact, are disqualifying. Anyone else would have lost their security clearance as a matter of course, assuming they were not put in jail.

        On the other hand, Donald Trump is a Harvard Business School graduate, who is a successful businessman. He is a person who has demonstrated tremendous, dare I say “yuge,” negotiating skills. He has shown an intellectual curiosity about politics, based on his public statements, for decades. He disliked the direction the political class was taking our country, so he formulated an alternative agenda for our country’s future and stood for office on that platform. The response of the political class has been to show dismay and scorn that someone other than one of their own has won a major party nomination. I can believe many things, but, I cannot believe that the assertion that Donald Trump is “not qualified” is anything other than Orwellian.

        Go ahead and quibble that the unjustified derision and contempt you have shown towards Donald Trump isn’t best characterized as laughter. Laughing at people is merely one way they show derision and contempt. Maybe you, personally, have opted for another tactic. Is that a distinction that makes a difference?

    • I’m a Never Trump. I think he is doing a horrible job campaigning against Hillary who should be down double digits against any competent person. But I’d never say it’s impossible for him to win, just unlikely.

      And I want no part of his “bandwagon”.

      • You just made an argument that is utter irrelevant. If Donald Trump is a poor retail politician, a claim that I think is antithetical to the truth, he only hurts Donald Trump’s chances of winning the race. It doesn’t harm the country. Hillary Clinton, if elected, will pursue an agenda that will harm the country: appoint a liberal majority that will dominate the Supreme Court for a quarter century, throwing our borders wide open, moving the resulting welfare dependents to the electoral rolls as soon as possible so that the Democrats have a permanent majority, etc. Surely, arguments of substance are hundreds of times more important than arguments of style.

        Either you ought want to passively accede to a Clinton Presidency, or you ought actively try to avoid that fate by supporting Donald Trump. Effectively, you have just threw your lot in with Hillary Clinton. That’s a decision that will harm everyone, not just you.

  4. In reference to this comedy, I would like to say this…

    I seriously assumed that if anyone’s junk would negatively affect HRC’s campaign… it would be Bill’s.

    Somewhere, Bill Clinton is slowly nodding and thinking, “I know!”

      • I am pretty sure they feel humiliated. They ought to feel such. They took a position based on personal arrogance, substituting their own judgment for the will of the Republican electorate, posturing as guardians of the Republican when in fact they were merely being malicious twerps. So, I would say, after being humbled, they have opted to do the right thing. I have no reason to speculate about how attached to their inflated egos they remain. In the last analysis, they have done the right thing. Considerations of their motives are tertiary at best.

        • No, I mean people like Jason Chaffetz and Paul Ryan who try to support the nominee but keep feeling the brutal humiliation every time Trump stomps on his crank and dances around with his pants on his head.

          Never Trumpers don’t have any trouble maintaining their dignity.

          I have no reason to speculate about how attached to their inflated egos they remain.

          They’re Never Trumpers specifically because they’re not attached to a wildly inflated (and overly spray tanned) ego.

          • Oh, among the nevertrumpers there is an unstated assumption that they are a latter day Moses, Donald Trump being the golden calf, who will lead the Republican back to the one true god. It’s little more than self-glorifying twattle. To assume one’s judgment about what a candidate should be is superior to the will of the electorate is arrogant and elitist.

          • And, it is clear that Paul Ryan has been sandbagging Donald Trump all along.

          • To assume one’s judgment about what a candidate should be is superior to the will of the electorate is arrogant and elitist.

            I think my judgement has been superior to the will of the electorate based on the two elections of Barack Obama. Was yours?

          • I have no doubt that my judgment that the alternatives were marginally better than Obama is the better Judgment. That said, my judgment carries with it my vote. My vote was in way superior to any of votes cast for Barack Obama [assuming they were citizens, without restriction such as felony conviction, casting a vote in the proper district.] I accept that premise for both the primaries and generals. You don’t seem to agree.

    • You are an absolute hoot, BSB. 😂

      You have gone out of your way for months now trying to convince others here at Hogewash! to vote for Donald Trump. You, too, have made it beyond clear that you believe if the “nevertrumpers” DON’T vote for The Donald they are instead supporting a Hillary Clinton presidency (*eyeroll*), and that they (and, they alone! egads!) will thusly be responsible for the imminent destruction of the Republic. *smfh*

      Now, as we draw nearer to the election, some “nevertrumpers” are claiming they have actually changed their minds, and they actually WILL vote for Trump. And, YOU? You call them “rats” and accuse them of “folding like a cheap suit” if they do. Good grief.

      I am so *not* a fan of Donald Trump – never have been… and, most likely never will be. But, I’ll tell you what… over the course of the past six+ months or so, the majority of his goofy, rabid supporters have gone out of their way to (further) turn people off, and completely alienate anyone and everyone who didn’t jump on the Trump bandwagon straight out of the gate. Seriously… ya just can’t win for losing with the Trumphumpers.

      Y’all are ate up, dude. 😂

      • Your theory has a slight flaw that I have never suggested that they are “rats.” That’s a figment of your imagination. What’s truth compared to a good story?

        Your insulting rant nicely illustrates the myriad of problems in the nevertrump movement. The seething contempt they show towards Donald Trump extends to those who happen to like him. Thus, anyone who is for ending the turning of a blind eye to illegal immigration, trade policies that have deindustrialized America, ending the endless war in the Middle-East for negative results, etc., is slurred as being “goofy” and/or “rabid.”

        And, I would have to say that your accusations against Trump supporters is little more for blaming the victim for having the audacity to fight back. The nevertrump movement wasn’t about people with bruised feelings after a contentious primary. It was an open declaration of war against those Republican voters who opted for a new direction for the party. It was calculated plan to destroy their nominee and drive them from the party [all while expecting them to dutifully vote for another Bush.] [Totally screwing over the country with 4/8 years more of Clinton rule, ending the RTL movement, ending gun rights as we now know them, ballooning the deficit and throwing open the borders was a small price to pay.] It was movement of those who arrogantly thought it was their party to rule or ruin. The rest of the party had every right to point out their tactics.

        Brett Stephens made his intention clear: he was out to destroy Donald Trump personally so as to teach the Republican electorate a “lesson” for supporting him. David Frum has stated that it is his intention to destroy professionally and politically those who supported Donald Trump such as Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich in order create a world in which only billionaires have the resources to stand for office opposed to illegal immigration, etc. It is not only a war they are fighting, it is dirty war,

        Guess what? Those such as myself on the other side are planning for this war, also. You can roll your eyes, feign outrage, or posture about shaking your head all you want, but, I won’t be deterred in the least.

        • I’ve got as news flash for you, Bob: Despite your fervent desires, you are not Donald Trump. Nor are you the victim of anything or anyone by virtue of their failure to see Trump as a shining idol of hope, or something more than the self-admitted dirtbag that he is.

          Shorter: Lighten up, Francis.

          • First of all, I am Donald Trump in the same way (((wjjjhoge))) is Jewish. It is my viewpoint, enforcing our immigration laws, rethinking lousy trade agreements, ending the endless wars for negative results, etc that Bret Stephens, David Frum and others are trying to silence using what amounts to brownshirt tactics. I
            have every right to object. Telling me to “lighten up” is merely asking to smile about being victimized. I will not.

            Second, the election of Hillary Clinton will be a disaster for the country, the RTL movement, gun rights, and the Republican party. You might not like that fact, but, Donald Trump is our only hope.

            Third, Donald Trump is a “dirtbag,” let alone a self-admitting one. That is just confirmation bias from those with ideological disagreements.

          • Brownshirt tactics? Little early to be hitting the sauce, Bob.

            Has anyone told Jesus Christ that Trump is our only hope? I mean…

          • Since you want to go there, I would simply note that the type of judges Hillary Clinton is likely to appoint would increasingly place an ever larger number of Christians in the same position as bakers who didn’t want to participate in a same-sex “wedding:” having to choose between earthly punishments and the clearly expressed will of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

            As for your condescending, arrogant, and sleazy accusations that are beneath dignifying, I would only note that what I have written about David Frum and Bret Stephens is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They intend to play hardball using what amounts to brownshirt tactics. If only they have the gumption to use the same against, you know, Democrats!

          • As to video that is evidence of some point I cannot fathom: I thought we here kinda, sorta supported the notion of the invisible hand where the particular capitalist’s desire to make money served the general interest. Sure, Donald Trump engaged in commerce to make money. That is to his credit as far as I am concerned. How about you?

          • It seems that if the electorate decides it prefers Clinton to Bozo The Megalomaniac, you’re assuming that your “judgment about what a candidate should be is superior to the will of the electorate is arrogant and elitist.”

            If you think Bret Stephens and david Freaking Frum are Brownshirts, your opinions can easily be dismissed as lunatic ravings. Brownshirts look a lot more like this: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/441319/donald-trump-alt-right-internet-abuse-never-trump-movement

            Trump has been winking at and pandering to them for over a year and his campaign CEO is one of their chief wranglers. That high horse you’re riding is a diseased rat.

          • Once, again, Pablo, Bret Stephens and David Frum have been open and public about their intentions, their tactics, and their goals What I stated was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You can claim telling the truth is “lunatic ravings,” but, it only goes to show that you simply have no case and, therefore, must resort to ad hominem abuse. Pathetic.

            Now, about some alleged “diseased horse” that I am writing I will note a few things. First of all, as you recall, I was a Cruz supporter until he lost, then, I opted to support our party’s nominee Donald Trump, primarily because my issues agreement is even stronger with Cruz. Does that tar Ted Cruz with the same brush? Or, do you to tar exactly whomever you feel like smearing only? Second, Patrick Buchanan opposed NAFTA, defended our borders, and opted for a less aggressive foreign policy. His campaign gained traction among Republican voters long before your “alt-right” whipping boy even existed. Third, suppose you are correct in claiming some “alt-right” conspiracy/,movement constitutes some threat to the Republic, well, so are the Democrats. The distinction making a difference is that the Democrats are imminently poised to destroy this country! And, finally, they are a slew of evil in the world from the Chinese government, ISIS, Farrakhan, and Marxist SJWs. On any particular issue I’m sure you can find someone or some organization that is evil on either side. Osama Bin Laden’s position on abortion and homosexual marriage may very well have been the same as mine, but, that fact doesn’t give me pause for a millisecond. OBL may have been a monster, and a murderer, but his stance on abortion was to his credit. If the alt-right supports building a wall, rethinking bad trade agreements, or ending the endless wars for no results then that is simply to their credit.

            When Stephens, Frum and others claim that it is unacceptable that the Republican primary nominates someone that reflects the political preferences of the majority of the Republican electorate,, and that the Republican party should, ought and must go to war with its own members that crosses all lines of civilized political discourse. Their agenda is undemocratic, immoral and unacceptable. I’m going to continue to argue those points.

          • Again, I will note, what I posted about David Frum and Bret Stephens if the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You might not like that fact, but, that simply is the way it is.

  5. I’m in the United States on an H1B visa. I have since left the position for which I applied.

    I’m told I can not vote for the presidential ticket but I can vote the down ballot. If this is true, that’s fine with me. I live in a state that doesn’t require photo ID to vote.

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