The Bully Party

Scott Adams has a blog post up about the bullying that is part of this year’s presidential election.

Team Clinton has succeeded in perpetuating one of the greatest evils I have seen in my lifetime. Her side has branded Trump supporters (40%+ of voters) as Nazis, sexists, homophobes, racists, and a few other fighting words. Their argument is built on confirmation bias and persuasion. But facts don’t matter because facts never matter in politics. What matters is that Clinton’s framing of Trump provides moral cover for any bullying behavior online or in person. No one can be a bad person for opposing Hitler, right?

Adams supports Trump for President. I don’t. (I don’t support any candidate on the ballot here in Maryland.) However, his analysis of the Democrats’ tactics hits the bullseye. I’m not sure about his prediction of the election result.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. I’ve been following Presidential elections seriously for over 40 years [I occasionally teach an undergrad course on Parties and Elections], and this is the weirdest and most unpredictable I’ve ever personally seen. Since 1972 I’ve correctly every winner and have been very close to the margin. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. This year I don’t have even a good guess.

    The most similar election to this year for me might be 1824 when Jackson was vilified no end and lost the Presidency in the only election to ever go to the House. He came back 4 years later to “rearrange” both history and the Democratic Party.
    I don’t think Trump will win [although I can’t say he won’t], but I’m pretty sure whoever manages to inherit his mantle will win in 2020. When the [self-appointed] ‘elites’ ignore the masses long enough the system undergoes massive change. Just ask the Bourbons.

    • I’m kinda confused as to why John Hoge posted this here. What did Scott Adams post that every person here probably isn’t fully aware? When Bill Clinton’s numerous acts of infidelity, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape were being exposed, Hillary Clinton ran the “bimbo eruption” team. Then, and, again this election cycle, Kathleen Wiley reported how while jogging a fellow jogger came up to her and told her the names of her children, and, her cat, that had gone missing, and ended by saying, “Are you getting it yet?”

      I got it then: Hillary Clinton is an amoral sociopath who will embrace any means to achieve her ends. Didn’t everyone here? Is this in any way surprising to anyone here?

      Just today, the Democratic party has sued the Republican party claiming that it nominee, Donald Trump, solely by expressing an opinion that this election is being rigged–like giving the questions to debates to only one candidate before hand could possibly be considered anything else–has effectively criminally suppressing the rights of minorities to vote. I thought that this blog was dedicated to defending free speech, and, opposing lawfare.

      I feel like I’m in an episode of the Twilight Zone where no crime or outrage can shake the apathetic belief that there is a moral equivalence between the two candidates.

      • Incidentally, Scott Adams missed the big one: when the primaries were over in 2008, Barack Obama had the votes to win the nomination, and Hillary Clinton did not. When asked why she wasn’t dropping out, Hillary Clinton answered about how Martin Luther King had been assassinated. If that wasn’t giving moral cover to some crazy with a gun, what is?

    • A non-vote in Maryland or a strategic vote for a third-party candidate won’t change the outcome with respect to Maryland’s electoral votes.

      • Just keep repeating that to yourself . . . you are not helping. You will realize that if Hillary is elected.

        • It is dishonest to say a non-vote is a vote. It is dishonest to say refusing to support the corrupt male means you support the corrupt female. And anyone who knows how the electoral college works and still claims not voting for the Democrat with the (R) after his name – in Maryland – will cause a Hillary election is dishonest.

          Also, Hillary will win in a landslide. It’s even possible the reliably Republican Utah will give its electoral votes to the OTHER Republican name in the election.

          We have been saying since before the Iowa Primary that we would never EVER vote for Trump. Are you hearing us now?

          • A non D/R vote should be sending a message that there are people pissed at both of them. I very much doubt that that is what will get through the heads of the party PTBs.

          • “It is dishonest to say a non-vote is a vote. It is dishonest to say refusing to support the corrupt male means you support the corrupt female.”

            Trump supporters tell me voting 3rd party is a vote for Hillary
            Hillary supporters tell me voting 3rd party is a vote for Trump.

            They can’t both be true simultaneously, but they can both be false.

            And I say this as someone favorable to “lesser evil” argumentation.

          • John H.,

            You ask, “Are you hearing us now?” I have to ask, who is the “we” you are talking about? I seem to recall you speaking of “us” before. Seems “us” included folks like Ted Cruz. #NeverTrump is a dying movement. It is dishonest to say that it is not. While it might be technically true to say that there is a “we” there, the reality is
            you are almost talking to yourself at this point.

            While it technically might be true that “”not voting for [Trump] in Maryland will not cause Hillary’s election,” the Truth is that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the next President, and, that actively supporting Donald Trump is passively accepting a liberal Supreme Court for a generation that will effectively end the Right to Life movement, and end guns rights in America as we know it. While, I don’t expect better from the faculty at Harvard, semi-literate inner-city welfare recipients, or the staff at the New York Times, I do expect better from folks like John Hoge and you.

            You have to understand that you are in denial when you ask, “Are you listening to us now?” That is not how politics work. The Republican party has every right to expect things like loyalty from the folks who aspire to lead it. When you are disloyal, you lose the trust of the other members of the party. You become excluded. You are shunned. You are exiled. You are told the truth about your new reality: your only future in politics lies in the Democratic party. You can fantasize about how those who supported Donald Trump will be shamed and chastised to the point that they humbly turn to you, but, I submit that is another denial position.

            Here’s the reality of how politics works in America. Republicans win when middle-class folks with jobs and futures turn out disproportionately, and, lose in turn when the underclass and minorities turn out in mass. Willing apathy among the Middle-class is willing a Democratic victory, while willing apathy among the underclass is willing a Republican victory. You and John Hoge are actively advocating apathy among a readership that is distinctly middle-class. While I’m sure you two gentlemen have a denial position, the syllogism is quite obvious to folks like Ace:


          • No. I am not advocating apathy. I strongly encourage everyone who has a vote that could be decisive in his state to vote against Hillary Clinton.

            I’m in a unusual situation here in Maryland. Hillary is so far ahead that my vote for or against her has no reasonable chance of changing Maryland’s electoral votes. Therefore, I intend to vote for the third-party candidate who is most likely to get the most popular votes nationwide. If the Libertarians, who seem to be in third place for now, can get 5% or more of the popular vote, that party will be entitled to federal matching funds in 2020. I think having competition from a better funded third-party might help nudge one or both of the major parties into acting more responsibly in 2020. Maybe not, but it strikes me as a better use of my vote that wasting it on what amounts to a doomed candidate in this state.

            Let me reiterate. If you live in a state where your vote can affect who wins the state’s electoral votes, vote against Hillary Clinton.

          • No, gentle host, advocating people do what you yourself refuse to do is weakly endorsing that they do as you say, but, not as you do. There is no strong formulation of “do as I say, not as I do!” For reason that mystify me, Donald Trump is the first Republican since Reagan who I would consider a victory, rather than a minimization of the damage, there are folks such as yourself who have qualms about Donald Trump and do live in swing states. If you really believe that it is important that they vote for Donald Trump then it should be important to you to lead by example by setting your qualms aside and announcing your vote for Donald Trump.

          • Pablo,

            As I said many times, the election of George Walker Bush, and his neo-conservative warmongering, so damaged the Republican party, and the Republican brand, that all we have to show for Bush Jnr’s presidency is Obamacare, a legacy of heads-you-win-tails-the-taxpayer-looses proto-capitalism. and a series of big-government initiatives such as no child left behind, and medicare expansion. Alas, Donald Trump had the false hope that Barack Obama would shut down the wars in the Middle-East and North Africa. I had no illusions about his impending Presidency, yet, I, too, expected exactly what Donald Trump expected.[So did the Nobel Peace Prize staff, but, that is hardly evidence of anything.] That is what hard leftists tend to do. Somehow, he couldn’t let go the neo-conservative tar baby. Bad call, but, entirely reasonable.

          • “No, gentle host, advocating people do what you yourself refuse to do is weakly endorsing that they do as you say, but, not as you do.”

            John is advocating that people do *exactly* as he is doing: Vote in a strategically advantageous manner.

            It is not inconsistent to say that the left tackle shouldn’t line up under center to drop back and throw a pass just because the quarterback should.

            Two different people in two different circumstances working towards the same goal may legitimately take two different actions. That’s not hypocrisy.

          • The conservative base has every right to expect things like loyalty from the folks who aspire to lead them. When they are disloyal, they lose the trust of their constituents. They become excluded. They are shunned. They are exiled. They are told the truth about their reality: their only future in politics lies in the Democratic party.

            Which seems just fine with them. They did, after all, side with the Democrats against their own base.

          • In Minnesota, many conservatives are actually considering a strategic Green Party vote. Because major party status in Minnesota will result in someone on the ballot of statewide races who will more likely pull votes from the Democrat side of the populace, allowing the conservative side a better chance to place their candidate in the Governor’s mansion.

        • The only poll for Maryland at RCP (That’s how uninteresting the race is there) was for Oct 6 and shows: Clinton 63, Trump 27, Johnson 4, Stein 2.

          The polls may be wrong/skewed/not accounting for preference hiding/whatever, but they ain’t *that* wrong. No other state has such a yuge lead for Hillary, even in California her lead is only 56% to 30%, and Massachusetts is 54% to 28%. That’s how far gone Maryland is.

          Not-Hillary has already lost in Maryland and one Not-Hillary is just as good as another.

      • I would argue that a non-vote (not showing up) says one thing (particuarly if the non-voter is registered) and a blank vote says something quite different.

        • It’s an interesting thought.

          I like to imagine what would happen if nobody voted. Either they didn’t turn up, or they spoiled their ballot. If no candidate got any votes at all, would they stop and rethink things, or would they just blunder on?

    • A non-vote is nothing all. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary. Things are what they are and are not what they are not.

  2. I just wonder why Adams had to close comments. I bet it wasn’t because of the level of civility and politesse on display.

    Phone, train.

    • Adams has had comments closed on his blog posts for a couple months now – I think sometime after Trump clinched the nomination. I got the impression he was tired of being attacked and threatened endlessly on his own site, but I’m not 100% on that.

  3. If you’re going to not vote D/R you write in a candidate, there is no third party alternative worth voting for this year. My state is a blue state (flirtatiously swingy but reliably blue) so I wasn’t willing to take the chance and voted for Trump. I did consider writing in Vladimir Putin because if you’re not going vote D or R, at least send a loud and entertaining message.

    I’ve never had a candidate I preferred in the primaries get nominated in the general but I always in the end supported the party. I felt dirty voting for establishment and lying weasels like McCain and Romney. What non-Trumpers have done is destroy the Republican party. The establishment can never ask for loyalty voting from their base again and they won’t get it either.

    • No what destroyed the Republican Party is it being infested with this thing people like to call Progressism. That’s the latest term for folks who in the end are Rino’s or more correctly Communists.

      Progressives, Socialists, Democrats whatever, it’s all Communism.

      • The establishment already is in asking for loyalty in retaining Paul Ryan for Speaker. Paul Ryan must go! I’ll join the burn down the house caucus if Paul Ryan remains Speaker. Not because of Donald Trump but because he wasn’t prosecuting any case at all against Hillary Clinton.

        • I don’t have to worry about that. I’m in California, so I am unable to cast a legal ballot for a non-Democrat in either the House or Senate race this year.

    • The Republican Party died when its leadership revealed that it despised its conservative base more than it despised the Democrat Party.

      Trump is the ultimate Fuck You to McConnell, Boehnor, et al. His most basic appeal is that he is an unashamed asshole to the people who have been unashamed assholes to us for almost 20 years. Both Democrat *and* Republican.

  4. “A non-vote is not a vote” . . .

    Ok Platos. I don’t want any whining when Hillary takes your guns and 401ks after a non-vote elects a witch who takes your rights and stuff.

    • So everybody keep telling the GOP you’ll vote for whatever psychotic loser pile of Democrat crap they run out because Democrats!

    • I’m still waiting to hear how Clinton winning Maryland by 60/40/0/0 instead of 65/30/5/5 will prevent the Hillpocolypse.

  5. Every election cycle I keep thinking it can’t get any worse.

    So far, I have been wrong every single time.

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