Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The following question was asked and answered during the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. trial after an extended discussion at the bench. Judge Mason allowed it over Brett Kimberlin’s objection because it could show that Aaron Walker had a reasonable basis for writing what he had written.

MR. WALKER: The question was: You first had sex with your husband before you turned fifteen. Correct?


49 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Ephebo. Paedophile is before puberty. Ephebephile is after puberty but before physically adult.

      As for why I’m making this point: I ran out of ice and the only tonic I have for my very expensive gin is the Schweppes shit that they decided to cram full of artificial sweeteners and call “special edition”, so I’m in a really cranky mood right now, and when I’m i a cranky mood I correct people. Which I suppose is better than shooting people.

      Hey, maybe if I find more mistakes I can go on a grammar rampage. That’s a thing, right? Grammar rampage?

      • If you mean by “Grammar rampage”; “riding through grammar with na’er a care raping and pillaging all grammar until none lives”? That would be a Schmalfeldt thread. Thanks.

      • Perhaps call it a “grampage.” It makes it also sound like it’s spurred on from being old and bitter, which might also be appropriate.

      • It’s a false distinction. It’s all pedophilia. The sub-categories that people argue endlessly about don’t really exist as a firm boundary in study of them and the law continues the distinction between age of consent and underaged.

        He prefers immaturity in his partner as a documented pattern, beginning (that we know of) with a pre or pre-pubescent child and persisting as women who are in their teens, even early teens, and if TK is telling the truth, a tween-aged cousin.

        He thinks this attraction and any attraction or “courting” as perfectly natural, which it might be for a 13 or 14 or 15 or 19 year old man, but is not normal in a man approaching or over forty. When he formed his attachment to the Barton child, he was in his mid 20s and she was 10. If it took time to develop, and he fancied his attraction a GiGi or Thorn Birds affair, she was already pulling away from his grasp at the age of 14. FOURTEEN.

        • Pretty much the behaviour you’d expect from a narcissistic sociopath. They’re simply objects that he finds sexually attractive; the fact that they are human beings who haven’t necessarily developed the life skills to properly relate on a sexual plane is literally immaterial to someone like that.

        • I’m not sure that there is normally no distinction. There are usually real and obvious physical differences between pre- and post-pubescent people. I think you’re right that for BK the psychological immaturity is the really important thing, and that at some point he just figured out that ‘courting’ a ten-year-old in the US was more likely to put him back in prison than ‘courting’ a teenager in the Ukraine.

      • I think Splendor might have been asking about the daughter, K. Kimberlin; whose name is initialized in an effort to limit the damage of having Brett as a father.

        I believe there was testimony to that effect? “…(my children have suffered because of their father)…”?

        • If Splendor was asking about the eldest daughter she would have been about 2.
          She was born during the 4 years the Puny Pedo was returned to prison.

          • Thanks all. Actually, I was interested in how old Brett was when this initial sex took place. Sound like he must have been between 44 and 47. Of course, when the girl is 14, then there’s no real difference between 44 or 47.

    • too late, he’said the pedophile that he always wanted to be, and now he can own it. i’my sad for his children, tragic that he used them as human shields, and i’my sad for Aaron, who had more compassion for them than their own father

  1. And yet even though we have a man who is now confirmed by sworn court testimony to be a pedo he will still be worshiped by his acolyte Bill “Hey isn’t raping cub scouts hilarious” Schmalfeldt of St. Francis Wisconsin. It seems very strange to me that Bill can continue to take orders from and do the bidding of a man who has been convicted of so many heinous crimes and is also a known pedophile. That says a whole lot about where Bill’s morals are. I hope the ladies who stumble across LiberalLad on OurTime know what a sleazy character he really is.

  2. *attach deposition to email*
    *To: District Attorney X, J.D.*
    *Re: Confessed Statutory Rape*

    Or has the statute of limitations run out? 😦

  3. And while its kind of a tangent, I can’t be alone in suspecting that the FRESHMAN football game bomb was set with his love-interest in mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was trying to keep her away or punish any non-Brett interests she might be forming, and make it seem too dangerous for her to be living with her Grandmother. Bomb #4 which preceded, went off in bushes at the high school – which in straight-line distance was less than a hundred yards from Scypher’s house.

  4. The bad thing about being a Thought is that I have no body to shower after reading that.

    The good thing about being a Thought is that I can flit from head-to-head and take ALL THE SHOWERS!

  5. Since Mr. Fakinsons obviously read this blog post I wonder if he will still deny of he has sufficient knowledge to form a belief about his peso master.

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