About Those “Lost” Emails …

Paul Sperry reports at the NY Post that one of the servers used for Hillary’s private email system was not destroyed but was “repurposed” as a work station. However, FBI agents were not permitted to seize it. It turns out that some of the “lost” emails may be recoverable.

Also, Andrew McCarthy has a piece up at NRO dealing with an email release through Wikileaks that shows that President Obama was lying when he said that he was unaware of Hillary’s private email until he heard about it through news reports. It seems that he was sending her emails using the private address.

Read both.

11 thoughts on “About Those “Lost” Emails …

  1. The FBI wasn’t allowed to do a proper investigation of Clinton’s email? Color me surprised /s

    The fix was always in. I’ve got to wonder though why the powerful need so much protecting.

        • Not that I follow the MSM much at all these days, but has anyone of those sycophants bothered to notice that Hillary gave out classified info during the 3rd debate? I’m sure the Russians and the Chinese have both had a pretty good ballpark estimate of our nuclear response time, but still. If I had done something like that in a public forum, I’d be looking at time in Leavenworth. DOJ would probably be charging Trump with treason if he had made the exact same comment during the debate. But Hillary gets a pass?

  2. At this point what difference does it make?

    Most of you have determined you don’t like Trump because he isn’t the perfect candidate and refuse to vote for him thereby helping the corruption to continue no matter how much shit is pouring out from these non covered scandals.

    All due respect folks but why bother bringing these things up if you are going to standby instead of taking a stand no matter how unpleasant?

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