4 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. The same FBI investigation that cleared Clinton, immunized her entire staff, and, agreed to destroy all the physical evidence somehow missed this video. Too bad, Clinton’s “I do not recall” total would have been forty!

    • Isn’t this Hillary Clinton the same criminal who just broke Federal Law by engaging in campaigning within 50 feet of a early polling place in North Carolina yesterday?

      The same one who just got exposed by James O’keefe, A co defendant of Mr. Hoge in a Lawsuit by Kimberlin the Pedophile Bomber, that shows a violation of campaign finance law by outside groups coordinating with the official campaign of the candidate?

      According to CNN Hillary Clinton is now concentrating on the Transition to the Presidency thereby concluding the Election has already been won.

      Good thing the George Soros owned voting machines are in place in 16 states eh folks?

      Hmmmmmmm? Yet Trump says mean things, and is a whiner when saying the fix is in.

  2. gut field had the best line ever about hillary. “her outfits make her look like a cult leader in another 007 movie”

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