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mcc201610220423zpopcorn4bkSo the Cabin Boy™ is cooking up more nonsense to clutter up the docket of the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. I have to admit that some the fiction he’s submitted to date (such as that motion to have the case transferred out of state) has occasionally been a crude form of comic relief, but the lawsuit is serious business. It will be interesting to see how much his next filings wind up helping my case.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  1. Given past performance, he will mix incoherent frivolous motions that fail while using up his opportunity, with inappropriate admissions that remove your burden of proof in the case for one or more elements.

    The icing will be when he adds some weird and creepy irrelevant addition that makes the judge want to throw up.

      • My personal favorite is still on file with the MD courts, where in LOLSuit 2 or 3, he explained in loving detail how “Fingernails reeking in poo” et al were not porn, and you ended up needing to shower worse than if you’d listened to the “comedy skits” straight up.

        • Meanwhile, LiberalLad at OurTime wonders WHY the womenz aren’t flocking to his obese perverted criminal stalker pedo arse… 😛

  2. My guess is that his next filing will contain at least a paragraph about being stalked by that big meanie Patrick Grady because….well, just because he KNOWS. It will have nothing to do with this lawsuit, but he’ll throw it in anyway. Oh, and by paragraph 8 he’ll mention he has a car and can drive.

    • Given that Bill’s recent admissions that he has a driver license, owns a car, and actually goes on trips, it is clear that he brazenly lies to the courts in his letters and filings. I personally think someone (wink, wink) should put together his recent admissions and show them to the judge in IL that granted him pauper status and a welfare lawyer. The judge just might think that defrauding the court is a serious enough violation that the judge might do something about it.

      • His dating profile says he doesn’t smoke. There are photos of him smoking, and his newest avatar is about cigars.
        His dating profile says he’s 6′. He’s not.
        His dating profile suggests he’s just overweight. He’s not, he’s obese.
        His dating profile says he has no kids. He has about 5 or 6 (I lose count), including his stepson.
        His dating profile says he’s a college grad. He’s not.

        He wonders in his latest dating profile why he doesn’t get second dates. I suggest that when his dates start figuring out that he has been less than truthful, they decided to take a pass.

        He told his employer, the government, his family, his late wife, friends, courts, law enforcement, etc., that he was poor, wheelchair-bound, disabled, and dying of a progressive, degenerative neurological disorder that would never get better. Instead, shortly after his wife passed away, he got on Amtrak, by himself, paid for a private cabin, and moved 800 miles to Milwaukee. Since then, he got a mobility scooter that he didn’t need, a driver’s license, bought a car, drives, made another trip to Chicago by train, and drove himself to Chicago last week.

        This is most definitely my business and that of others. Why? First, it appears that he lied to many private and state actors about his so-called disability. Did he commit fraud? I don’t know, but it is a legitimate matter of inquiry. Second, he has repeatedly claimed that, despite posts where he talks about beating people to death or having others do it for him, and despite his friendship with a violent felon, that he’s just a disabled pussycat who can barely make it to the loo, so all those who got restraining orders against him were “lying” or paranoid. Finally, he has threatened to sue, or has actually sued, many people who comment here. Noting his lies and fluid ability to travel, date, and work is relevant to legal defenses or offenses that people may or may not be preparing.

        • Well he could hardly expect a good response if he told the truth on his dating profile, now could he. “I’m an obese, lying sack of sh*t.” is hardly likely to spark the interest of the sort of person he wants to attract. Or, wait. Maybe it *would* spark the interest of the sort of person he wants to attract. It’s so hard to tell. Maybe he should try it just to see if his results change.

          “Morbidly obese toddler-stalking, incredibly lazy-assed pathological liar seeks soul mate.” It does have a ring to it.

          • He has actually claimed the stress was making him sicker. Now that John Hoge has filed a serious, well-founded lawsuit against Bill and Brett, Schmalfeldt seems to be improving. If more people would sue him, Bill could compete in the Tour de France.

          • Oh, you mean like this:
            “If you’re pondering the fact that the Court of Appeals has adjourned until the 17th without a decision on Bill Schmalfeldt’s motion to reconsider his motion to stay his peace order pending an appeal, making it necessary for Bill to have to trundle his ass into a car to be transported to Westminster, and he’s in a wheelchair because he blew out a hamstring just from standing up today, and this is caused by his tendons tightening because of the Parkinson’s disease, the progression of which was exacerbated by WJJ Hoge III’s constant threats of jail and arrest and new criminal charges, and the fact that he is now completely unable to walk, added to the fact that he almost choked to death on a glass of water last night, and he blames Hoge for the increased rate of progression of his illness and his wife blames Hoge for the increased rate of progression of his illness and his neurologist blames Hoge for Bill’s increased rate of progression of his illness,….”

      • And not just the judge. I’m sure Cavanagh Law would be very interested in making Billy pay for his FRAUD. (My guess is that pro bono rates are much less than their usual hourly bill.) If only we had a lawyer who was good at writing letters to fellow lawyers about Bill Schmalfeldt’s perjurious mendacity…

      • I get the impression that judge read Blob’s complaint and decided against giving him direct access to the docket. Good call from the perspective of the bench, when you get right down to it.

    • I don’t think he really wants to go down that road, considering the left was running around hanging Bush in effigy for eight years.

      Seriously, Bill. You ain’t seen bad yet, but it’s coming.

  3. And now for this Public Service Announcement:

    While perusing these comments, Staff and Management view with concern increasing numbers of posts written using only ‘he’ or ‘his’. Proper pronouns should be preceded by subjects full name, ‘Bill Schmalfeldt’ at least once.

    Full name is necessary at least once per TKPOD. Otherwise we run the risk of having the post NOT count as a google hit. Currently 22,200-

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. Govern yourselves accordingly. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

  4. Oh yay!! I cant wait for Mr. Fakinson’s distortions/lies as he tries a case where it absolutely doesn’t matter (the internets) instead of a place where it does (court).

    You’re screwed, Mr. Fakinsons. The Ram has touched the wall and the evidence is insurmountable. I cant wait until you are in jail for criminal a criminal charge whether its perjury, fraud, or something else.

    The champagne is on ice. Just waiting for the verdict to pop it. I don’t even think “because Maryland” is going to save you especially now that the wheels of the bus are in motion. You know, the bus that the little pedo is about to throw you under.

  5. “The problem for me is, with my Parkinson’s, I can only hold an object in my hand for so long before the hand starts to cramp.” Ah, the “cramping” caused by “PD.” I guess the cramping isn’t a problem with a steering wheel.

    Oh, this one is good: “…another thing I am learning as a new single guy, when you miss the toilet, it’s up to you to clean it up. It will not evaporate. It will leave a stain. Clean the damn thing. And the toilet rim.” Yes, apparently driving a couple hours and traveling 800 miles were well within his abilities, but he needed a “caregiver” to clean up his pee when he was married.

    • He didn’t NEED a caregiver, he wanted one. Because he is a lazy government tit sucking cowardly bastard. He forced that poor woman to wait on him hand and foot until almost the day she died based on his lies of being “too disabled” to do things for himself. Then he got cured real quick as soon as her blood money hit his hand. .

  6. Bill Schmalfeldt’s remarkable recovery has me going down memory lane. When he first fled Maryland, he allegedly “gave” his car to his stepson. As soon as he got the insurance settlement from his late wife’s policy, he started looking for a way to burn through that cash. First up, a new mobility scooter . . . but he knew he didn’t need one:
    “This scooter would do fine in the snow.
    But I don’t have a parking spot. Or a garage.
    I had been thinking of just rolling into the apartment.
    Bad idea. Snow on the wheels and chassis. Road salt.
    Rugs. In the hallway. In my apartment. Driving a snow-encrusted, salt-covered scooter into the hallways and then into my apartment.
    Management would LOVE that.
    So, no go on the scooter.
    Thanks, Gail! I will love you forever.”

    Yeah, well, that decision lasted as long as a cloud formation. Just two weeks later, he had the scooter that he didn’t need and had no place to store:

    He stated that he relied on his sister for some errands. Of course, if his sister couldn’t take him to a doctor’s appointment, he could take a cab. Or Uber. Or, *shudder*, the bus, like millions of paupers do every day. Hey, wait a minute! Just two months later, he found out that the nunnery has all that covered for their subsidized residents!
    “Today, … the Manager Lady told me about Transit Express, a service of the Milwaukee County Department on Aging. Door to door delivery for me and my fellow fogies and fogeyettes for doctors’ appointments, dentist, shopping, etc. Just $3 each way.
    You call five days in advance, let ’em know where you need to go, and BADDA BING! You got a ride!”

    WOW! A “disabled” guy with “PD” had so many choices: his sister, his scooter, public buses, taxis, but best of all, a door-to-door option for the disabled for $6 round trip! But, the man who gave up his license and claimed disability, the man who has stated to courts that he is unable to drive or travel any distance, went out and bought himself a car! The water up there in St. Francis must have miraculous properties, what with the reversal of Stage IV PD and all. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Has he told his stepson about this? His late wife’s family? They will be overjoyed, I’m sure, to hear that he can drive and clean the toilet!

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