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7 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Why would anyone visit this site so often if he wasn’t desperate to take warm showers in the wee hours with our gracious host?

    He says he just wants to be left alone, except for Hoge and Walker…well, guess what it will take to be left alone by Paul Krendler?

    • Maybe that’s why Billy’s attempts at dating females has gone so badly on OurTime? That or maybe Billy’s googleable pedo/restraining order/stalker/harasser history. Hard to say…

      p.s. Isn’t it a bit creepy that Billy calls himself “LiberalLad” given his pedo past? Just wondering…

  2. You know, now that we know Bill Schmalfeldt has a car, I find it queer that no one has asked if he also purchased that very, very important accessory…

    someone to check underneath it.

  3. Attention Media Sponsors! Dos Equis had their “The Most Interesting Man in the World” ad campaign. We know where to find the next step. “The Most Repulsive Man in the World”. Sponsors, we have your man. He will spontaneously create content and memes for you daily.

    Customary finder’s fee of course. But I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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