Click Envy?

Apparently, the traffic at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread has dropped so much and the sense of isolation is so great that the Cabin Boy™ has taken to tweeting back and forth with himself.bu201610160419z

As for whether this website is boring, I’ll let the Gentle Readers vote with their mouse clicks. OTOH, it seems that the Cabin Boy™ is so desperate for page views that he’s taken to signing me up for Disqus subscriptions to comment on some of his posts.bu_disqus#SMH

35 thoughts on “Click Envy?

  1. Wow. Bill’s bringing the same success to BU that has enriched his whole life to date.

    The Pedo-Bomber would fire him, but they still need someone stupid enough to be left holding the bag.

  2. What a putz.

    Too bad there’s not some way to keep trolls from pestering you with bandwidth-stealing e-mails.

  3. So let me see if I have this straight:

    Hoge has previously, vigorously, requested Bill Schmalfeldt to stop contacting him. He has indeed gotten the state of Maryland to demand that of Bill Schmalfeldt, and almost got them to actually back up their words with deeds, but, Maryland.

    Bill is now “employed” as the “editor” of Breitbart Unmasked, although his editing skills indicate he has not yet learned why Word puts those red and green lines under text sometimes. Breitbart Unmasked is believed to be the mouthpiece of the infamous Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin. Kimberlin is a convicted bomber, convicted drug dealer, and convicted purjerer.

    Hoge is currently sueing Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin for conspiracy to harrass, so of course Smalfeldt is using his position as Kimberlin’s employee to harrass Hoge.


  4. Bwilly starts with a “B” which rhymes with “D” which stands for DESPERATE.

    Thus Bwilly is DESPERATE enough sign up John at BU since he has no readers at that loser site.

    • Adding to the envy is the fact that Billy ain’t gettin’ much “satisfaction” in his dating life… Who’d have thunk it?! 😀
      And, just like Billy does on Twitter, he’s changed his handle from “LiberalBill” to “LiberalLad” Gee, I wonder why…

      • I remember when Bill thought tooth damage and loss related to illness was the most hilarious and shameful thing possible.

        Here’s a clue though, Bill… Few women between 50 or 60 enjoy the prospect of becoming being a caretaker of a prospective maye. You probably smell funny (Parkinsons) you have dermatological issues (Parkinsons), are fatter than you think you are, have bad table manners, and talk about yourself nonstop, often over-sharing. Plus even if you had not accumulated a lot of restraining orders, and some people,wiling to call you out on things you do or say, you say things that would frighten people off even if you had never heard of Brett Kimberlin, especially your published sagas regarding your mate.

        • Plus, on occasion, he will pick small green lumps out of his poop, roll them into balls, sniff them, and blog about it. All on video.

          What is worse, I still maintain that this was the last remnant of his soul that he rolled, sniffed and flushed.

          So now he’s single and on the prowl. Women can sense things. You need money, personality, or a soul, and Bill is 0 for 3. And the lack of soul thing only gets you goth chicks anyway, so you have to be into that, and last I heard that wasn’t what Bill is in to.

          Being overweight doesn’t come into it. Being over 70, overweight, and having enough money to have a sex swing on a hydraulic hoist, means never having to say you are sorry. Especially with the “pulse” function. Being over 60, strapped to a scooty-puff, and wanting to add “Tip-assist” to the scooty puff is not such a turn on.

          • I have an older friend, in his late seventies, still, with the assistance of viagra, a complete male.

            Fat, ugly, but kind.

            And he gets more poon than you can wave a stick at, plus women are constantly pushing him for exclusivity…

            Cousin, what are you doing wrong?

        • I found that little tidbit about the teeth very interesting myself. Just goes to show that whatever Bill is sensitive about personally, he attacks viciously in others. You have bad teeth? He’s gonna mock you about that because it’s OBVIOUSLY something that will hurt you. Because it’s something *HE* is sensitive about.

      • I find what you didn’t put in the box more humorous. Between his advanced stage MCMXLVIII Fakinsons NOT causing tremors to blaming his failing teeth on his Fakinsons (as opposed to a crappy diet of JWR) the lulz just kept coming.

  5. I am becoming convinced that Bill has a real crush on our Gentle Host. No matter how many times Mr. Hoge tells Schmalfeldt to leave him alone Bill just can’t help trying to get close to him. Bill is like the little boy that keeps pestering and hitting the cute girl in class to try and get her attention. Such a sad pathetic man Bill is.

  6. So Krendler’s Bitch is having the same results at BU that he has had with every other website he has lead…….NO READERS/NO CLICKS. Embrace the failure KB!!!

  7. In his tweets, he’s revisiting his Stranahan harassment techniques against Aaron. He believes that if he has a “legitimate” question, he has the right to contact a man who has repeatedly told him to leave him alone. He believes that he is entitled to information that he claims is not privileged. as usual, he’s wring about all of it.

    • He’s done that in two different profiles that we’ve seen. In this one, I counted four lies in the “about” section.

      • Height. (He was that tall when he was 20. Time, and 400 pounds, have compressed his spine to the point where he’d have to cheat to make 5’10”.)

        Education. (Let’s see the sheepskin, Cousin.)

        Children. (Let’s ask #mrmidi about that…)

        Body Type. (“Stocky”? They didn’t have a selection for “fluffy”, or “fatter than f*ck!”?)

        He can’t *breathe* without lying.

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