Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. Goes to the Jury

Closing arguments are complete and the case has gone to the jury. The jury consists of three men and three women. One of the women is a lawyer who said during voir dire that she does in-house legal work for a federal agency involved in criminal justice.

Aaron Walker went first and spent about 25 minutes summarizing his case.

Tetyana Kimberlin went next. She took about 10 minutes and talked about the stress of trying to protect her children. The two money quotes (approximate, I have reviewed the audio): “This is not my war and not my children’s war” and “My children can’t have friends because of their father.”


Brett Kimberlin spent about 20 minutes rambling. The judge had to rein him in several times, telling him that something either was or was not in evidence—”Stay within the record.” I lost track of the number of lies The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin told.

Aaron then spent 10 minutes or so with his rebuttal.

The jury will now determine whether or not Brett and/or Tetyana lied or omitted relevant facts in their Applications for Statement of Charges and, if they did, what the lies and/or omissions were. If they find that either or both lied or omitted facts, the judge will rule on whether or not there was probable cause to support the resulting charges. If the judge find there was no probable cause, the jury will be sent back to consider damages.

I’m waiting at the courthouse with Aaron.

Stay tuned.

44 thoughts on “Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. Goes to the Jury

  1. “My children can’t have friends because of their father.” it seems TK is placing the blame squarely where it belongs.

    • That’s a falsehood. I’m sure he isn’t a net boon to socializing, and that’s a drag, (also his fault.). Speaking in generalities, most folks attract or repel on their own merits. In specifics, there doesn’t appear to be much to the claim in the first place.

    • That quote by TK, if accurate, suggests that she’s willing to throw him under the bus.

      And here we were noticing wording by BK in a motion recently that suggested things the other way around… but it wasn’t clear that his writing was properly checked and proofread by professionals (pro se blues and all that) to be confident in fully drawing an adverse inference.

  2. A quick glance today shows the elder kid has over a thousand FB pals, with plenty of friendly banter that is public but none of my business except for her family declaring otherwise in a court of law. I am skeptical about TKs claim, and hope she gets out from under the vicious man who has hurt her and her lived ones.
    I think this is about Dad and his friends (money tree) and his fake stories about his awful life.

  3. Some stopwatches have a counting function, I mention in case you want to point out 37 lies in the future. Or whatever number.

  4. “This is not my war ….”

    Unfortunately for her, she made it her war when she signed a FALSE Application against Aaron.
    And unfortunately she will have to suffer for being married to a PedoBomber. She had her chance to divorse the little bomber shrimp, but she backed out and again will suffer for it.

    • Yep. You fire the shots, it’s your war now.

      On top of that, if she’s stressed about trying to protect her children, because “My children can’t have friends because of their father” she’s waging it against the wrong person.

  5. “rein,” not “reign.”

    This was exactly what I am positive John and Aaron foresaw. Appeals for sympathy from the Kimberlins without any substantive case. Now we have to wait to see if the jury bought it.

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  7. But as to the MOST IMPORTANT question…

    Are you billing Aaron for your time as his paralegal, is he billing you for his time as your attorney, or are you calling it a wash?

  8. I think if a decision is handed down in our favor it will be split one and TK will not be held accountable. Any time a mother complains her children are hurting (because of their father or other reasons) women will feel empathy and the three dudes will let TK slide.

    I haven’t heard the jury instructions to make a prediction. The jury instructions are the key bit for me because the lawyer woman will be leading the jury most likely and would follow them diligently.

    • IIRC, the relief sought against TK is non-monetary injunctive relief against filing further false applications for charges.

      IANAL, so I don’t see the value in an injunction against something that it is already unlawful to do. Sounds to me like seeking injunctive relief which says that a felon can’t own a gun. Since that’s already disallowed, what is the gain here?

      • I said in the past I disagreed with Aaron not seeking monetary sanctions against TK, but maybe he foresaw she would be sympathetic to a jury? I have zero empathy for her but a jury over a few days watching an idiot husband control the proceedings and her looking like a battered and quiet wife might have an impact on the jury.

        I do think TK after a court ruling could say to her husband she will never sign any court or legal documents again and to leaver her out of it if ordered to do so.

        • Agree with Aaron on that choice – of course she’ll cut a sympathetic figure to the jury, if only for the abused wife vibe she gives off. Not to mention that I doubt she has anything of her own to pay any assessed damages with, anyway.

  9. “I’m waiting at the courthouse with Aaron.”

    Holding hands, smiling, singing “Kumbayah” together, while the belligerent pedo paces the hallways, screaming “STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!!!!!!!!”

  10. I like to think I would tell her, as juror, to step up and stop being a puppet.

    Take responsibility for accusations made in your name that you know are cocked up and based on a false characterization of events with your real agenda being to get people to shut up about a criminal who wants a public profile.

    It’s one thing for bk to lie about you to the court, it’s another to retail those lies as truth in a court of law – and most of all to aid of people who tried to help you with accusations that are false.

    • And to pimp your kids out in the service of those lies.

      It would just be too bad if Saint Tetyana suffered some consequences.

  11. OK, then, how about the OTHER MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION EVER: did Our Gracious Host witness The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber bring up “Everybody blog about Mohammed day?”

    We GOTTA know that one.

  12. I guess the jury deliberated more than 10 minutes and everyone is either at the post-trial celebration or stuck in traffic.

    The suspense is killing me.

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