The Verdict

The jury found that both Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin lied and omitted facts in both of their Applications for Statement of Charges. They were required to list the false statements and omitted facts. When the lies were stricken and the omitted facts were added to the Applications, the judge found that there was still enough remaining in each Application for the Commissioners to have found probable cause. Therefore, the court found in the Kimberlins favor.

A mixed verdict. The jury found that the Kimberlins lied, but not enough to make their Applications defective.

Judge Mason said that he will issue an order to all of the parties directing them to show cause why they should not be ordered not to file any other pro se court actions against each other arising out of the same facts and incidents. This is the beginning of tagging Brett Kimberlin as a vexatious litigant.

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  1. So apparently it’s OK to lie to the court in MD, just as long as you lie just underneath whatever unpublished threshold they set. SMH, Maryland really is a completely screwed up state.

    • I’m interested to see which statements were stricken and of those allowed to remain which ones constitute probable cause.

    • .That struck me as a bit bizarre as well. So now I can lie to judicial authorities as long as I don’t lie TOO much? Wow, I’d love to try THAT one in another state’s courtroom.

  2. Total WAG on my part but perhaps the jury came to its decision out of sympathy for TK. A woman ‘married to a horrid man and just trying to protect her kids from him and his enemies’,

    • Except the jury found they lied, the court found it wasn’t enough.
      More Maryland trying to split the baby, imho. Or shuffle things out of sight so they don’t have to deal with it.

    • Shakes got destroyed by Aaron in a Wisconsin court. What would the Donald Trump of the left and unread be yapping about?

    • And here all this time, I thought Shakes proclaimed that he and Brett aren’t friends and that he will not get involved in any BK suit.

      Of course, he can’t help but have a “legal” opinion. He has yet to have actually a correct opinion, or even prognostication – especially in his own Pro Se Plaintiff adventures.

  3. That’s the law biz for you. Every lawyer who’s worked much has the perfect case that ends up lost for, who knows why, the jury didn’t like you that day or whatever. It’s why most people try to avoid taking anything except an absolute slam dunk case all the way through to the end; it’s always a crapshoot, and not just in Maryland.

    Personally, I though Aaron was going to win, but get a very nominal amount for damages, since establishing actual monetary damage relating to the charges was always going to be extremely difficult, as they were dropped so quickly.

    And punitive damages are fine in theory, but rarely happen unless there’s some corporate defendant that the jury thinks needs to be punished. You just don’t see them very much, especially not in a case that has devolved into a bunch of nanny-nanny-boo-boo stuff like this one has.

  4. Request a written ruling and appeal it. It’s good a to have a ruling on the merits they lied and omitted facts but I don’t think accidentally hitting a button and following someone on twitter for a few minutes is reasonable grounds to any reasonable person to file charges. I think maybe it could give Aaron standing to challenge the law too. But whatever Aaron decides I’ll respect his decision.

    The transcripts/audio will be a laugh fest I’m sure.

    • “Probable Cause” is a very low bar, that’s not going to change on appeal. If I were advising a client, I would advise “walk away, walk away cleanly, don’t look back.”

      • “information sufficient to warrant a prudent person’s belief that the wanted individual had committed a crime.”

        Following someone for a few minutes on twitter isn’t a prudent belief of a crime in my opinion even using a very low bar. Nearly everyone on twitter would be guilty of a crime. Example: Bill Schmalfeldt on one of his past twitter accounts was following Brett’s daughter and would be guilty of probable cause stalking Kimberlin’s daughter.

  5. Not that I had any interest in moving to Maryland, but now I think I’ll even do my damndest to avoid driving through it. How can you think you might get a fair shake if something goes wrong (like some idiot side swipes you and drives you off the road) when it’s obvious the judiciary works under the Rule of Man rather than the Rule of Law. I guess if there is no way to avoid it, I’ll go west to the panhandle for the absolute shortest route, and then make sure to simply pace traffic in the right hand lane from one state border to the other.

      • after a brief experience with MD 20 years ago, I make a point of never spending a single dime in that state. I’ve used 81 often but when I was on the east side of PA Id always fill up and do the speed limit to make sure MD never got a single dime of my money.

        • I do the same thing to Massachussetts. Fill up in Connecticut or New Hampshire before entering the state.

          • As much as Ma sucks, Ct has and always has had criminal amounts of state tax on a gallon of gas. Doing a NH/NJ run because of family makes one fully aware of that. A few weeks ago, NJ $1.84/gal of 89 octane and they pumped it.

    • Sure sounds like a jury ruled Kimberlin has once again committed perjury. It’s too bad the State doesn’t mind being lied to.

  6. I was afraid of this. The judge just wanted it over, and saw to it that it was.

    However if getting BK declared a vexatious litigants is accomplished it is not a total loss.

  7. I don’t know where I heard this before, but: someday Maryland will rue the precedents it is setting with this lying in court business.

  8. But when did The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber bring up “Everyone Blog About Mohammed Day?” He was specifically told not to by the judge, so that pretty much guarantees that he did.

    I never got my betting pool going, so I’ll end up having to pay off myself, but still… ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!!!!

  9. F*ck Maryland.

    With a 4×4 of knotty pine. Lovingly rubbed with fresh Ghost peppers. And wrapped in razor wire.

    While I have every sympathy for those that oppose the worthless derp-weasels of Team Kimberlin, this is yet another example of why I refuse to become emotionally invested in the endless soap opera.

    The lesson to be learned here is, again, to vigorously maintain your anonymity, and if your identity is breached you can either suffer whatever IRL harassment vile scumbags like Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt can dream up, or take matters into your own hands.

    • Yep.

      On the off chance that any of these sleaze weasels ever sussed out my real life info…

      I will not count on the legal system to make things right and just….

      I will count on myself to deliver that verdict.

  10. If Brett isn’t certified as a vexatious litigation, just think of the appeal that Aaron can launch.
    It’s going to be endless lawsuits for the rest of Brett’s life.
    Get that into ya, ya pipsqueak little bastard

  11. Judge Mason might not be done with the Pedo bomber just yet. He still just might deal with sanctions for lying to his court on multiple occasions.

  12. The only way BK was ever going to go down was at the hands of the IRS and if they haven’t acted by now they probably never will…. But good luck John.

  13. Wow! It is okay to lie, a lot, and get patently and obviously false charges filed against someone you don’t like to shut them up. At least in Maryland, much of the time.

    I drove through Maryland once last year on my way to Philly. That may be my last trip to or through the People’s Republic. I prefer to remain south of the river in a free state.

    I am not shocked. I have frequently seen justice denied in courts and not always in Maryland.

  14. This was a match between an idiot stunted growth (literally and mentally) person vs two pissed off people. A Yale law school graduate, and a semi-retired NASA engineer. Who would have never met if it weren’t for the Internet, and noticing Brett’s antics.

    Brett threatened “lawsuits for the rest of their lives”. I don’t think he understands that other people have fists, and can fight, too.

    It’s just a matter of time.

  15. Actually, the jury found for the plaintiff — BK made false statement. They were judging the facts in the case. It was the judge who found for the defendant. His decision was a discretionary call — was it enough to make the Applications for Statement of Charges unwarranted. That is the “Hey, Maryland” part of the verdict. An appeal of the decision is justified in this case.

  16. Why is Krendler’s Bitch(KB) tweeting about Mr Hoge tonite, when it was AARON’s case? He needs to keep his focus on cases that actually involve him.

  17. So the jury found them guilty, but the “judge” ruled “no harm, no foul”?

    Sounds like Maryland needs to remove another judge from the bench.

    • That was not the nature of the judge’s ruling. Given what the jury struck from the Applications for Statement of Charges and said should be added in Aaron’s interest, Judge Mason found that there was still enough meat on their bones for probable cause to have existed. Remember that the standard for probable cause is very low

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