Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I’m still slogging through two-and-a-half days of testimony and argument that I missed while cooling my heels in the lobby outside the courtroom where the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. case is being tried. Aaron has asked that I hold off on publishing any details until the case goes to the jury.

I will say that Aaron’s tweet—aw201610130026z—describes my reaction to some of the testimony and evidence as well. I need to go take a shower.

Meanwhile, I expect the jury to begin deliberations around noon, and I’ll post a first installment when they retire to deliberate.

Stay tuned.

42 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • I expect the same old, same old. I’m sure he got into,the weeds with slurs and what not, Dragged other people,into his personal dramas and grievances,whined and accused, and is a murderer. What’s as new under the sun?

  1. On lowering opinions, there is not greatest, only greater. Just because something is really high or really low generally doesn’t preclude it being higher or lower.

  2. Well, frankly, I am pretty sure that Kimberlin can’t lower _my_ opinion of him. Because I think the little psychopath is capable of anything. Anything that requires animal cunning, a blackened heart, criminal immorality and a contempt for all humanity.

    Anything requiring actual courage, not so much.

    • I have a feeling he testified against and cross-examined his wife, and tried to lay the whole thing at her feet, and possibly their daughter’s, too. He did all of this out of love and service for them, you know.

      Goodness knows she wasn’t allowed to ever talk to an attorney about this case.

      Not that this would necessary lower anyone’s opinion of Brett Kimberlin, but it’s still disgusting to see evil and depravity in action.

      • I’ve got several theories:

        1) Brett mentioned EBAM (thus the 1202 allusion to MD §1-202: Contempt of Court)

        2) Brett put TK on the stand to ask her if he was a pedophile

        3) Brett threw TK’s eldest daughter under the bus (bad grades, disciplinary issues, etc) to have something, anything, to accuse Aaron with.

        4) Brett threw TK under the bus, (mental illness, inability to distinguish right from wrong thus not competent to stand trial)

        5) Ramped up unfounded, impertinent, and scandalous accusations to 11 as court proceedings are protected from defamation (but perhaps not the aforementioned Contempt of Court repercussions)

        6) Sleepovers!!!

        • What would be new or unexpected about 5, though. That’s in absolutely predictable territory. We already know what stories they’ve concocted and put out, it would be hard to top anything already signaled clearly.

          And to lie under oath? Attack Aaron and his dyslexia or his family? Bindun, with high enthusiasm. So I wonder what he did this time.

          • I don’t know. Maybe Aaron’s reminding him of his pedophilia has rendered him unable to perform his husbandly duties as his wife is so obviously not a teenager anymore.

            HE’S RUINING MY SEX LIFE!!!

    • I have never had a particularly high opinion of the ruck and run of humanity in general, but the PedoBomber has shown me depths I never suspected. I’ve known two actual sociopaths [and once had a house-mate who committed a murder about six months after I moved out from living with him] and truly none were as vile as Kimberlin.

      • I will never forget a man I met once, who 6 months later was charged with murdering a child and was sent to death row. The story of how we ran into each other is unimportant, but even at the time I knew he was a gangster, so I was quite cautious around him. And yet he was very formal, respectful, well spoken – only because it suited his purpose at the time to be so. And yet so cold! I remember looking into his eyes, and even though he was being friendly, it was like looking into the frozen heart of hell itself, and you knew he could do anything without even the slightest hint of emotion or hesitation. (The child murder was the worst of his crimes, but far from the only murder he’d done)

        I was certainly not surprised to see him hit the headlines a few months later. I should add, on the scale of evil – a man like that, who was the real deal, would eat someone like BK for a light morning snack and forget about it by lunchtime.

        • Certainly if he thought it was in his interest. So would either of the sociopaths I knew. They weren’t even particularly polite or nice to anyone, but they didn’t really go looking for people to hurt the way Kimberlin seems to. They stuck to the people who got directly in the way of their preferred activities.
          The guy who committed murder essentially did it at the behest of a woman. While he always seemed like a decent person to me, I don’t see how you could kill in cold blood just because someone else urged it unless you were already willing to do so.

  3. I wonder if “The Fat Man” (ugh) will be as aghast about his excellent friends unseemly evidence/testimony as he is about Trump??

    Of course he is totally ignoring that he himself loves to call women misogynistic names and deride women who don’t agree with him.

    I personally plan to verbally kick Fatboy’s ass with the Pedomidget’s own words 24/7.

    • It won’t matter to Baghdad Blob. He’s all in on Kimberlin. There seems to be something about a perjuring, bombing, pedophile that Schmalfeldt just loves. So if Kimberlin or Schmalfeldt says it, it’s gold. For anyone else it’s the crime of the century

  4. I’m kind of interested in whether Aaron was able to make his case within the restraints imposed by the court on telling the big picture, and whether BK’s ickiness and false dealing leaked through to the jury, or whether he might have been so over the top they figured no one would ever lie about anything so terrible.

    • From what’s been posted, I believe the limitations on testimony and evidence were entirely appropriate for this kind of case, and paint a picture of the Judge as a level headed, conservative (with a small “c”) justice.

      Plaintiffs and Defendants always want to get into wrangling about the “big picture”, but it’s the Court’s job to determine the veracity of only the particular claims in front of it, and then to determine what judgment is to be made based on the truth or falsehood of those claims. The “big picture”, in the Court’s eyes, is usually superfluous at best.

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