The Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. Trial, Day Two, Waiting

I’m sitting in the lobby outside Courtroom 8D waiting to be called as a witness. The jurors have not been called in yet and are sitting on the other side of the room. Although I’m scheduled to be called at 9:30, I’ve been told that there may be a delay. I’ll report something when I know something and am free to talk about it.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—The Kimberlins got off the elevator at 9:23 am and entered the courtroom.

UPDATE 2—11:00 am: The court has taken a mid-morning break. I’m still waiting.

UPDATE 3—12:30 pm: The court has taken a break for lunch. I have been told that I will not be called before 1:45 pm.

37 thoughts on “The Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. Trial, Day Two, Waiting

  1. I’m waiting on the Pedobomber’s claim that John is “stalking” his family since he’s sitting outside the courtroom. No, really, I think he would would put that shit out there and his Press Secretary Baghdad Blob would eat it with a spoon.

    • Yes. The jury heard testimony yesterday afternoon and this morning. I haven’t been in the courtroom, so I don’t know what they’ve heard.

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