I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

This banner ad is in the ad rotation at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unreadbuad201610080127z

UPDATE—I see this post generated some interest from the Cabin Boy™, and he has commented in a way that demonstrates his lack of reading comprehension and his amazing ability to jump to unwarranted conclusions.

kl201610080433zYes, this post was put up in the Humor category. I find it ironically funny that a site whose editor is admittedly demented would have that particular banner ad sprawled across the top of its home page. However, there’s nothing in this post that deals with Alzheimer’s Disease or that pokes fun or makes light of that disease or other ailments that cause Dementia. The point of the post was to engage in PLM resulting from the Cabin Boy’s™ lack of proper editorial control over Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread. The site never was particularly successful, but its traffic has been dropping precipitously since the Cabin Boy™ took over.

So with his tweet, the Cabin Boy™ has given all my Lickspittles yet another opportunity for pointage, laughery, and mockification.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

18 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. It could’ve been a Johnnie Walker red ad. Y’know, with their being a new sheriff in town over there.

  2. You know the things BS thinks are so funny that he has written “satires” and “parodies” of them?
    Anal rape of women
    Urinating in children
    Sexual assault of cub scouts
    Learning disabilities
    A wife with cancer
    What did I leave out?

    • Homophobia, bigotry and racism appear frequently in the prose of Krendler’s bitch, whether or not intended (and inevitably failing) as comedy. Krendler’s bitch also attacks religion. Here is one example.

      • I could actually have done without knowing that even existed. Having said that, it was interesting to note that the DF evidently can’t even write a “transcript” that doesn’t have multiple errors.

  3. Oh, really?

    Our Gentle Host made a joke that put DUMBFUCK’S grannypanties in a bunch?

    If only there were some sort of preventive action he could take to avoid “dealing with” people who are soooooo goddamn funny that he just doesn’t have the brainpower to keep up…

    Oh. Wait.

    What about this?

    “please don’t read it if you’re going to be offended by it. If you read it and are offended by it, you have been warned. In fact, if you read it and are offended by it after being warned, then it is YOUR fault you were offended. Not mine.”

    If DUMBFUCK is offended, whose fault is that? Even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then, but what he does with it I don’t know. Barter with a squirrel I guess.

    Anyway, DUMBFUCK’S ought-to-be-painful idiocy, tearful hypersensitivity and general immunity to actual humor have earned him The Thinking Man’s Zombie Giant Excavator of Disapproval!

    [image redacted—It’s funny, but the language is a little too coarse for this site. If the Gentle Reader wants to see it, click here.—wjjhoge]

    • He’s far too sensitive [to his own butthurt] to be the effective bully he’d like to be. He really should be examined by really competent psychiatrists. They could learn a lot I would think.
      It’s like watching someone being told “Stop hitting yourself” where the would-be bully is actually hitting himself repeatedly.

  4. Do you know what I find humorous?

    I find it humorous the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt thought it a good idea to take over as editor of “Bunny Boy Unread” considering (1) he is using his new position to post defamation (2) on a website well-known for its defamation (3) while he in the process of being sued for defamation (4) along with his associates for their previously-posted defamation (5) which has resulted in the *former* editor (Matt “The Child Porn Wasn’t That Bad” Osborne) trying his damnedest to avoid being served (5) while curiously ditching *his* role as editor (6) only to have passed that role along to his co-duhfendant Bill Schmalfeldt (8) who evidently is too stupid to realize that his newly-acquired title is really not “Editor” – but, “Patsy.”

    Now, THAT’S funny. PLM, indeed!

    • People told Bill for months to get medical attention for his wife and he let her waste away until it was too late. People told him over and over why his lawsuites were doomed and he scoffed at them until his lawsuits got tossed for the exact reasons people told them they would. What makes you think he’s smart enough to listen when we tell him he’s nothing but a useful idiot and pet monkey dancer for Kimberlin?

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