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movie popcornThe first half of October will be very interesting as the tables continue to turn on Team Kimberlin. Their last gasp attacks in their campaign of lawfare are failing, and they are now essentially completely on the defensive.

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10 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Losing as the defendant is a bit more costly than walking away scott free as the losing plaintiff. Takes all the fun out of lawfare.

  1. I notice that Oliver Wendell Jones has been keeping himself under the porch where he belongs. That is a good thing. Just stick to rewriting other real journalists work Bill. Less chance of getting thrown in jail that way.

  2. It’s roughly analogous to the Pacific War, post 1943.

    The initiators had counted on a quick capitulation, and had no idea how to cope with a prolonged defensive struggle. They also never imagined that the recipients of their attacks would be able to successively turn the tables on them.

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