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8 thoughts on “Login

  1. chd pornographers, who roll their own filth, some can be obsessive… saw that on a cop show once

  2. Bill! Shut OFF the computer! Go outside while the weather is still nice! The Internet is killing you! You are in a Death Spiral! You know it! Break away! Find another hobby! This is Free Advice! Take it for once in your miserable life! I’m Dead Serious! Go find a life outside the Licksptttles and Zombies! I’m warning you! You are on a path you do NOT want to follow! This is not a statement from a fan of anybody! This is a warning from somebody who has seen you on the Internet for quite a while.

    Take a break. Open your eyes to something that is not a rectangular computer screen. Decide that THIS is the day that you will NOT turn on the computer. Clean up the apartment. Take out the trash. Go for a walk. You live in a building with lots of other people. Meet and befriend some. Try to start a life that does not involve the Internet. Many generations of people did it before you. You can too.

    Sitting in a chair and refreshing webpages all day is not a way to live. There is so much more to life than that. And I think deep down you know it.

    I know many people have tried to help you. I am trying to help you. But if you keep being an idiot on the Internet, I will start using exclamation points again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nah. Not going to happen. I myself have tried to copy the guy by pointing him to Kindle books and Netflix.

      Stupid is as Stupid does. And his Mac is reporting on him which you can see if you look at https://hogewash.com/2016/10/01/logins-207/

      Krendler has told Bill how to get out of all this: STFU. Go quiet. Go away.

      Schmalfeldt can’t help himself. He can’t stop. It’s personal, for Bill, and he has nothing else in his life.


      Else why would anybody (else) behave like this.?

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