Barack Milhous Obama

Back in 2008, it was fashionable in some quarters of the Blogosphere to predict that Obama’s administration would be like Carter’s second term. There were those of us who suggested that might be a best case scenario.

I don’t want to have to tell you I told you so, but as Scott Johnson has noted over at PowerLine there’s a stench reminiscent of Watergate in the political air. Of course, things have evolved. An 18-minute dropout on tape has become 30,000 or so emails, but we’re still facing the same sort of corrupt beasts.

3 thoughts on “Barack Milhous Obama

    • Quite. Nixon merely mused about using the IRS against people who were powerful. And the media flayed him.

      Obama actively used the IRS to go after grass roots activist groups. And the same media defended him.

  1. Paging Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein; Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein; please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone; you industry needs you.

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