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    • Along with virtually everything else aelf-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower says and does, yes.

    • I have it on good authority that when the docs cracked his skull open for the DBS, they exclaimed, “This thing’s empty!” and send a lab tech out to Home Depot for a couple cans of Great Stuff(tm) expanding foam.

      They destroyed two autoclaves before they decided they didn’t care if it was sterile or not…

  1. Bill thinks you make a plan and only account for one outcome. At least that’s the only way his limited intellectual capacity allows him to plan.
    Other people, like a quantum mechanic for example, know they can ask for things from the court knowing there is a good chance they will be declined and will have plan in place depending on whether their motion is granted or not. These are the kind of people capable of making a flow chart with something other then yes legs. In other words, not DUMBFUCKS.

    • It’s like the difference between a feldtchart (sp?) with all paths pointing to the desired outcome, and an actual, well-constructed flowchart, with a variety of possible outcomes, any or all of which can be planned for.

      Bill doesn’t only not know the rules of the game, he hasn’t any idea what game he’s playing.

      Go fish, fat boy.

  2. There are also reasons why you need to file a motion to dismiss quite separately from expecting that it would go through. Crossing t’s and dotting i’s are important in most endeavors, and more so in the legal arena. Not that I’m going to educate Pauper Biwwy on those reasons.

    • Yep. In the judicial dance, you should do all the steps even if you think you don’t need to. It all comes back later.

      • Exactly. Let’s just say there’s a reason Kimbergarden isn’t doing so well in his appeals process, and leave it at that for the Schmallballz.

  3. Funny thing is that it really could be a ruse. Perhaps our host really hoped with every fiber of his being that he’d get what he wanted, and only managed to hold in his tears until he was out of sight of witnesses.

    But he still managed to get BS to fly into a rage.

    If this was really a major defeat, then he at least turned it a partial victory.

  4. I have trouble understanding his logic:

    Did Bill foresee all his motions would be denied Tuesday? Did he foresee the case not being transferred to Wisconsin or dismissed because Parkinson’s?

    What is his point? Is he a lying sack of shit believing and basically hinting from the above tweets that his motions denied on Tuesday somehow benefit him?

    Pray tell us, wise one, why wasn’t the case dismissed Tuesday.

    • It’s apparent that Bill has never been around an engineer before.

      Engineers meticulously mull over minute details, trying to understand the larger role each detail plays in the big picture, adapting and adjusting where necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

      So, if an engineer had this idea to build and win a civil case while dragging his inept defendants through the mud of humiliation, and taking into consideration their pitiful antics, I would say it’s proceeding as foreseen..

      Oh look, I need more popcorn….

      • Ayup. Engineers do what engineers do. And just stay the hell out of their way while they do it because they aren’t going to change the methods for you just because you don’t think all bases need to be covered.

      • As a life-long Engineer, I do believe our Gentle Host has a Gant Chart and a good Flow Chart with all his predictions on it.

        Y’all are correct, he probably has gamed this out in detail, and knows which way to proceed based on the outcome from the Hearing.

        But I also have to mention, it is not that hard to predict the actions of the PedoBomber and Bwilly the King of STUPID, as their actions are predictable. Their past despicable words/actions are good indications of their future words/actions.

        • There is a key question in the life of your average engineer. One might even call it a guiding principle.

          I don’t know if most engineers are conservatives or not, but if forced to guess I would say they are. Because of the question.

          It is this question that allows an engineer to generate enormous and detailed process flows based on real world possibilities that must always be accounted for.

          It is this same question that, when asked in a critique of most liberal policies, generally leads to one of two inevitable responses:
          1) the policy collapses; or
          2) “some sort of magic occurs.”

          What is this very powerful question?


  5. child pornographers are very stupid to admit to be child pornographers on twitter where future jurors, cell mates can research them. .saw it on a cop show once

  6. wonder what the law firm told the child pornographer about their chances to recover. their embarrassment at being exposed as filthy child rape porn story creators

  7. world stupidest blogger becomes world’s stupidest plaintiff, then transforms into world’s stupidest client, and now is world’s stupidest defendant

  8. Here are two terms that DF has never been familiar with:
    tradeoffs – from engineering, tanstaafl.
    victory conditions – he never has been able to figure out that different people may have different goals, most apparent when tries to tot up number of ruling or cases against someone else to claim victory.

    • Of course he can’t believe that others have different goals. Remember that he seems to measure success in life by the number of books you’ve published and podcasts you’ve put out. That others don’t give a rat’s tuchus about such things and consider running a successful company, raising happy, healthy kids, becoming good at painting, having lots of friends, etc., etc., etc., is what makes for a successful life for them completely eludes him.

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