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14 thoughts on “Login

  1. FiFi sure is kicking out the jams on his tweets trying to gloat over AW and WJJH. Looks like getting dismissed was a huge relief for him. Not sure what AW has to do with this particular dismissal, but then again this is from a guy that thinks tweets are still some kind of a thing.

    • Tout à fait amusant! the huge pusspuss has blocked me so that I may not view his manly and victorious tweet gloats. Isn’t it always that way when anyone wins a huge victory? Don’t they always want to hide their victory laps behind the curtain? Didn’t Achilles drive 30 km away from Troy before dragging his body around? Or maybe some other principle is in play here. Must ponder.

      • “Or maybe some other principle is in play here. Must ponder.”

        Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

        I think so, Brain… oops… I mean… I think so, Kyle the Felon… while pondering the possible in-play principles pertaining to pusspuss one must do due diligence to the plethora of principles that may apply, such as: The Principle of Bitchativity, The Principle of Bitchology, The Principle of Bitchism, The Principle of Bitchification, The Principle of Bitchonomy, etc.

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