Kimberlin v. Allen News

Kimberlin v. Allen? Wasn’t that case decided over four years ago? Yes, it was, but part of it was sealed at Aaron Walker’s request, and Aaron has moved to have some things relating to him unsealed. There was a hearing this morning on that motion before Judge Marielsa Bernard.

At one point, the judge recessed the hearing to consult with Judge Mason. During the recess, Brett Kimberlin left the courtroom, and he did not return when the hearing resumed. I’ll bet that he will not be pleased with the result of the hearing.

I’ll report more when appropriate.

37 thoughts on “Kimberlin v. Allen News

  1. Those who know what happened, shouldn’t say. It’s better if it’s a surprise…

    Case first, blog second

  2. This is starting, in a small way, to feel like what happened to the “Fine Citizens” at Prenda Law. All of the years of threats, lawsuits, and harassment and then slowly, bit by bit it caught up to them and when it did….BOOM!

    • Getting the same feeling here. Wonder if we’ll get a decision laden with ‘Star Trek’ references like the one Judge Otis Wright handed down on Prenda?

      (Seriously, I saw that thing go up on Popehat, and was in AWE.)

        • There was another awesome one out of Texas in a totally different case that was even better in my book. Can’t remember it at the moment but it was perfection. Some of these judges are complete crackups.

          • I remember that one. It was in response to a change of venue motion by some fancy NYC lawyers. The judge mentioned that they had electric lights and indoor plumbing in Texas.

  3. Well, I know the obvious thing would be just to have the motion granted, so this is more than the obvious.

    The list of things K. could dislike otherwise is delightful to contemplate.

  4. “During the recess, Brett Kimberlin left the courtroom, and he did not return when the hearing resumed.”

    Maybe he decided to take a a hasty overseas holiday?

  5. So he left not to return. Perhaps handcuffs were waiting? Or a contempt charge? Or maybe he just needed to get home to his telescope since the middle school up the street was going to be letting out for the day?

  6. IIRC, His win against Mr. Allen was his only “victory” in his lawfare attacks

    Hoping that is no longer the case

  7. I’m sure he’ll find out soon enough, when it is posted on the docket, or sent to him as an interested party by mail.

    But it’s probably good he doesn’t have a related hearing tomorrow, because that would really suck for him. I’m assuming something “interesting” happened, and I look forward to hearing it tomorrow night or saturday, in a “and Brett was gobsmacked to learn that the judge ruled…”

    But if I don’t find out this weekend, that’s cool. Case first, and all.

    “I hate waiting.” – Inigo Montoya

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