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10 thoughts on “Login

  1. Hilarious description of Bill pleading to a judge. Welcome to Maryland. Should have told him you Rd a fed.

  2. I would hire a lawyer and negotiate a settlement immediately. seriously it’s over for you. You do not want to be in front of a jury with your child porn, your filth, your unrelenting harassment of good people.

    Time to pay up, but you have the chance to minimize your losses and maybe make amends to those you have harmed

    • BPO, this makes me laugh so hard! He didn’t take the very sound advice that his forum non conveniens argument was DOA. What would give you the idea that this new piece of very good advice would penetrate his thick skull?

      • the choices he has and the time he has is very limited. Already, Brett was in tears, crying in court, facing his ruin brought on by his actions. Bill can avoid this, but yuck ING it up with someone last night on twitter, especially a person who isn’t in the clear yet, Bill needs to make a cask settlement

        • Otto corrected me again, as I live in the deep woods, i’very gone full android now that I can get unlimited bandwidth through the cell towers

          but bill needs to start thinking of a monthly figure, for the next 10 years

          • I know what you meant, I just thought it was too good a typo to pass up.

            Oh, and autocorrupt delenda est.

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