14 thoughts on “Who Won?

  1. I found watching a rerun on the Western channel of Encore and the Football game more entertaining then watching the debate. In the end, I truly hope the winner of the Debates will be the American People and this Country can return to be God given shining beacon it once was.

  2. Pretty much a nothing burger. Trump spent to much time int eh weeds defending. Hillary opened every response with a personal lie and then gave a canned speech. Then depended on Holt to defend for her. You could tell every time she got scared she cried for her fact checkers. Trump fell for it too much.

  3. someone over at malkin blog had the best line ever

    all Donald had to say was, even your own husband chose anyone but you

  4. It was painful to listen. Trump could have put Clinton away several times but did not.

    These are the worst two candidates ever to run at the same time.

    It makes one long for Millard Fillmore or William Henry Harrison.

  5. It amazes me how someone like Hillary Clinton can publicly advocate re-education camps for our nation’s police officers and people who claim to be “conservative” give her a pass.

    Donald Trump was vital and vigorous, while Hillary Clinton looked like she was sleep walking half the time.

    • He vigorously agreed with her disdain for due process and the Second Amendment. How the NRA endorsed him is beyond me.

      • Very simple, there is a better than 50:50 chance Trump will appoint Justices that will support the 2nd amendment, there is a 0% chance Hillary will.

  6. If you can’t tell who won from watching it yourself, then the Democrat won, because without a clear-cut victor, that’s what the media will tell everyone who didn’t watch.

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