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25 thoughts on “Logins

      • If he had a membership to the extent that he understood their code [not at all, probably] he would have ignored it. Such to him are merely weapons to be used against his many, many, many, many enemies.

    • What about the clause about “…unless you’re really, really MAD (both kinds), and have been totally impotent in getting any revenge against your self-claimed and self-created enemies, and even when given a captive lawyer can’t make a civil case against any of them…”

  1. Do you know someone who gamed the taxpayers disability system, meant for honorable people who truly cannot pursue their chosen field? Is some scumbag even more so using taxpayers generosity to acquire subsidized housing as well? If you see something, say something, call today. The government has investigators standing by

    • Do you mean like if I know of someone who was “working” from home mostly commenting on xmfan, but also occasionally doing podcasts and light blogging or terrible press releases, who retired on disability and now spends much more time blogging and doing podcasts than they did when collecting a salary for it?

  2. A propos…
    “I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.” –Harry S. Truman

  3. Oh lookie, Dumbfuck isn’t pretending to be Leonidas anymore. He calls himself a “Chubby, Jolly, Progressive Dumbfuck.” and that he says “I wield a mighty keyboard.” So basically you’re saying you’re good at writing forgeries, dumbfuck? Good for you.

  4. This is an example why BS, and the rest of the left, are ignoramuses:
    Fascist? But I thought he was Hitler and a communist in league with Putin! Oh, and the secret leader if the alt-right. Fascism, national socialism, and communism are not the same, and are leftist ideologies, to boot. Bonus: the left is not the right. People usually learn that by the time they’re 2-3.

    He just throws out terms like a hysteric, and he has no idea what they mean.

    • I’d prefer not to be lectured on tax cuts by a man who had, for a few years, a federal govt job, doing nothing, for an astounding amount of money, and blew it all on nothing. AND who gets a minuscule life insurance payout and considers himself “set for life”.

      Among so many other things, Bill is completely ignorant of financial issues.

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