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The Kimberlins have filed a response to Aaron Walker’s motion to strike their motion to compel Mrs. Walker to appear as a witness during the motions hearing in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit this Friday. Aaron noted their motion contained a great deal of scandalous, immaterial, and false information about his wife that had no connection to any of the issues before the court. Therefore, he asked that the Kimberlins’ motion be stricken pursuant to Md. Rule 2-322(e). He also noted since the upcoming hearing was not an evidentiary hearing where witnesses could be called, there was no reason to compel his wife’s attendance, and the motion should be denied in any case.

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has doubled down on his use of the false story the has publicly floated via Bill Schmalfeldt’s post at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread (No. I won’t link to it.), but he has done so in a way that contradicts the original motion. I’ll let the detail of that mistake come out at this week’s hearing.

I won’t be posting a copy of the Kimberlins’ response. When I got through redacting defamatory falsehoods, there were too many blank pixels to make it worthwhile to expend bandwidth on posting it.

However, the response contains yet more evidence that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is panicking. Consider this passage.bk_tk-20160922-7Gentle Reader, there’s a significant omission in that passage. Did you catch it? If not, reread the passage again more slowly. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you …

* * * * *

… or dismiss the claims against Brett Kimberlin.

popcorn4bkJust Brett? What about Tetyana? Is he now so panicked that he ready to leave her to defend herself? To throw her under the bus?

The coming week promises to be quite interesting.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  1. Sorry John. Kimberlin is not a careful enough writer that we can infer anything from what he does not say explicitly. Even when he says something explicitly, that may not be close to what he intends. We must not demand prose at a GS-13 level from someone whose most promising years were spent as an incarcerated felon.

    You are assuming that Kimberlin does not view his wife as a chattel, something like a brood mare that speaks English with a pronounced Ukranian accent. If that is his view, her interests are totally subservient to his and certainly need not be regarded. But he may possibly have other views. For example, he may see no need to mention her because, as an independent agent, she needs to speak for herself and because, as a woman, she can do so far better than he can. That surely is the progressive viewpoint and, based on his defense so far, consistent with the empirical evidence.

  2. We have seen how “masterful” Kimberlin is, at getting hostile witnesses to testify in support of his case, at the last trial where the judge directed a verdict against him after his case.

    Such a stupid move can only be the product of the diseased mind of a complete irrational psychopath.

    • Sociopaths live in a world of cardboard cutouts, interesting only so far as they can be manipulated and exploited.

      In PUA theory, so- called gammas are modeled as “secret kings”, always hoping their special snowflake status/divine right to rule will be suddenly obvious and acknowledged by everyone.

      The sociopath takes it to the next level, believing himself a deity with no accountability or obligation to any human. It’s a difference in kind, not degree.

      • And the most tragic examples of him living in that world, are within his own closer connections. And it will take quite a bit of time and distance if ever before the damage done for his own sake is fully understood.

  3. “The story comes to no conclusions about the identity of Mrs. Walker or whether she and the former hostage are one and the same. We prefer to lay out the evidence from both sides (recall we did give Mr. Walker an opportunity to reply before publication) and let the reader decide.”

    it’s funny that in the comment section a guy who has had his large butt handed to him by the lawyer who’s wife he is attacking, fails to mention his 9 restraining orders or the fact that, again there are no facts in the article

  4. The gist of all this seems to be an attempt by Kimberlin to intimidate Walker through his wife. BK wants to interrogate Mrs. Walker about about a scandalous and false story that he and/or Schmalfeldt just made up. This would appear to be “intentional infliction of emotional distress,” since BK’s fantasy story has no connection to the case, except to illustrate his bad faith. Also, BK and BS appear to be trying to incite Islamic extremists against the Walkers for nefarious reasons, think Charlie Hedbo.

    I do hope Kimberlin is returned to prison.

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