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14 thoughts on “Logins

  1. https://twitter.com/Leonidas_BU/status/779869874067759104

    Taking the cure is not a death threat, you dumbfuck.


    The problem is you’re a stupid dumbfuck that doesn’t realize that the shit you wrote with a fake “document” is already defamatory. Topped that with demanding that Walker prove it wrong when he doesn’t need to. Your writing is all the proof he needs that the “document” is a fake.

    Now the question is: Who made up that “document”? You? Brett Pedophile Kimberlin? FiFi?

  2. The Kitteh Hating, Cub Scout Loving, Fat Fingered, GS-13 “Editor” is really busy checking up of our Gentle Host today.

    Shouldn’t he be spending his time forging reports from the Philippines or making up more homoerotic stories about children?

    • Second lesson for you dumbfuck. There was no “smearing” of your wife because she never took action to label it as a smear. Now that she’s dead, you can’t smear the dead so I can say whatever I want about her and you can’t do shit about it just like Paul Krendler did after she expired when you were liveblogging her death.

      • She was never anything more than a prop to him… to be used as both a sword and a shield when it proved to be helpful and convenient for him.

        Disgusting, evil POS.

    • Bill, you idiot.

      One is a tasteless stunt, that even most of us, including those who you attacked and sued, didn’t participate in. INCLUDING THE PERSON YOU WENT AFTER IN YOUR “ARTICLE”.

      The second, outing a rape victim, is expressly forbidden by journalistic standards, and possibly a violation of law. Not that you’ve ever let that stop you before.

      If you cannot determine the difference in the two, you’re brain damaged beyond hope.

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