The Panic Is Pretty Obvious

Dave Alexander has a post over at The Artisan Craft Blog debunking a recent bit of defamation against Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Walker that appeared with the Cabin Boy’s™ byline over at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread. (No, I won’t link to it, and maybe we should find a new name for that site since it appears that Bunny Boy has bailed.)

Among the deficiencies Dave calls out is the use of a crudely forged document that is supposedly from the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation.

We’ve learned a few things here:

Bill Schmalfeldt was able to obtain a clean, digital copy of a Phillipine NBI report.  Not a scanned photocopy.  Clean.
The Philippine National Bureau of Investigation uses a really artsy font, though they type in all caps.
There is something called an INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER FILE. You can put rape victim’s names in it.  It’s a true thing.
The Philippines National Bureau of Investigation writes in broken English. They can’t spell target.
Apparently the NBI also tracks victims really closely.
If you use the words “…this document purports to be…” then it’s probably accurate.  No. Totally accurate.
If someone is reportedly aware of a document or a lie, and to our knowledge they have never disavowed it’s authenticity, then that really, really proves it’s true.

I’ll also add that the NBI probably doesn’t keep many of its internal documents in English. I suspect that almost all of them are in Filipino, the dialect of Tagalog that is the official national language.

Of course, the Cabin Boy’s™ actual source of the document was most likely Brett Kimberlin. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin included a copy of the forged document in his response to one of the requests for production of documents in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. Now, that lawsuit is principally about whether Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin filed false criminal charges against Aaron in 2013 and 2015 for harassing Brett (2013) and Tetyana’s daughter (2015). It’s obvious that an false tale about something happening to Mrs. Walker years earlier would have no bearing on whether the Kimberlin’s actually filed Applications for Statement of Charges that falsely accused Aaron of crimes.

However, the lawsuit also seeks an injunction against Brett Kimberlin to keep him from further harassment and stalking of the Walkers and their extended families, and Mrs. Walker is a witness to TDPK’s stalking of her on 1 March, 2013. Publishing a story such as the piece the Cabin Boy™ has written certainly has the look and feel of an attempt to intimidate a witness.

The Kimberlin’s inadvertently told the truth when they said that they had no witnesses or evidence to support their defense in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. case. As a resolution to the case comes nearer, their panic is driving them to make ever more foolish mistakes.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

51 thoughts on “The Panic Is Pretty Obvious

  1. The depth of their depravity know no bounds.

    I pray that Aaron wins big, and shows them that their depravity has a price tag.

    • Ridiculous, indeed. And, not only is the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt a big, fat liar… he is a big, fat, mentally-challenged, sloppy liar at that.

      The “Natural” Bureau of Investigation? Seriously? *smh*

      And, the dumbass couldn’t even manage to correctly spell the first name of the man his boss (Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin) instructed BS to defame and attack.

      Tis no wonder the fedruhl gubmint looked for, and created, any excuse they could use to usher Blob’s ginormous, lazy ass out the door. GS-13 writer? It’s just gotta stand for Gross and Stupid.

      Fucking idiot.

  2. I thought that “document” a particularly feculent example of Team Kimberlin’s ouvre: Both stupid and evil.

    Who did the author and publisher think to gain by it? It’s too crude a fabrication to be believable, even to an intellect as limited as Bill Schmalfeldt’s.

    It’s Saturday. I’m only using my phone because I am not at home. Go figure.

  3. I wonder what the Philippines NBI would think about someone forging documents in their name? I wonder if it’s a crime to do that?

  4. I did notice bunnyboy was promoting a story written in the revolting style of demented parkinsons patients and their sadistically inclined friends the other day, as if it were true. Osborne himself has published cretinously violent fantasies before so I can’t necessarily pin it on BS, though it’s ugly enough to be his.

    • (It was copied from a National Report hoax site article, cut an paste, from a couple of years ago. I still have suspicions about the author.

  5. I’m going to try to keep this in the hypothetical realm. Despite associating with a known bomber and likely psychopath these idiots don’t seem to realize the possibility of eventually pressing the buttons of someone who might end up making them dead. To date just about everyone they’ve harassed (all, so far as I know) have been normal human beings who have reacted without violence or apparently even a thought of violence.

    I grew up in an area where the potential of violence was always pretty high compared to most of this country. I knew people then and I know people now who would almost certainly, were they attacked in the manner described here, react by visiting the ultimate violence on those who attacked them and theirs. I figure the entire Team Kimberlin really should take that under consideration. Keep it up and they’re likely to run into someone who decides to decisively end the problem rather than drag it through multiple court sessions. Lawsuits for the rest of your (or someone’s) life can be ended.

    Like I said, this is a kind of hypothetical thought process on my part and I’m certainly not advocating any kind of violence on anyone by anyone else. I am merely considering a part of the world I know and suggesting it is wise to stay out of that part.

    John, please remove this if you find it in any way objectionable.

    • Kimberlin and co. have been lucky in that the people they harass are sane, law-abiding individuals. Imagine if they ran across someone who was as much of a sociopath with as little to lose as them?

      • We’ve pointed this out to them before. Bill fail-doxed Kyle as someone with a record in Florida. Suggestions were made that the Florida Kyle should be made aware of what Bill was doing, and Bill immediately took that as a death threat and did his usual freaking. He also faildoxed another lickspittle as a gentleman from New Jersey who turned out to have ties to the unions and (I believe) the dockworkers. People pointed out that folks who go after members of those particular groups sometimes have unfortunate accidents. People also suggested that the nice man from New Jersey should be made aware of Bill’s actions. Again, Bill assumed this meant he was going to die.

        What they fail to realize is that anyone who actually would act wouldn’t put it out there that way, they’d just do it (or have it done).

        • “they’d just do it (or have it done)” — Yes. Where I come from it could go either way, mostly depending on a) how personally aggrieved they felt (sometimes “it’s just business”), and b) how worried they might be about getting caught.

        • You never know, with all the people they have hurt, maybe they actually did get someone who was as much of a criminal bastard as they are. Said evil person naturally wouldn’t say something in public about it. They could be plotting their revenge right now…

          Sleep soundly, Team Pedobear.

    • Even God is hoping the finally press the right ‘button’.
      He can’t wait to get his hands on them. And I for one, can’t wait for it to finally happen.

  6. So William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt had once again published something handed to him by a convicted bomber who is responsible for a man’s death without vetting it. How stupid can one man be? Oh right, this is the guy who rights fantasies about anally raping cub scouts and urination on children. From the looks of it stupid would be a step up for him. Vile and Evil describe him perfectly though.

    • since it’s been an hour since you made this comment, he must have forged it and created the document out of thin air ……

  7. Nobody has mentioned that in Bill’s “article” at BU, he has published the name of an alleged rape victim.

    Uh, that’s a really bad thing all on its own, isn’t it?

  8. This sounds like something that the Wisconsin DOJ/DCI might be interested in. Maybe even Homeland Security.

  9. Philippines will store documents in English, preferring it over Tagalog in many instances.
    Not everyone in the Philippines knows Tagalog. Some speak Waray or Ilocano or Cebuano or a myriad other languages.
    Even when Filipinos cannot speak English fluently, they also generally cannot read Tagalog-only text. They say “the Tagalog is too deep” for them to understand it.
    Filipinos will speak Taglish or its equivalent even when they don’t know English, mixing English words in with their Filipino languages. Even to the extent of using 3 Filipino languages plus English in a single sentence.
    There are multiple English words and phrases that the Filipino people use incorrectly even though English is an official language and English is taught from grade school through college.
    My fiancee lives in Pangasinan province half the time and Taguig, part of Metro Manila the other half the time, and speaks Ilocano first, Tagalog second, and English third.

    That said, “target” won’t be misspelled on an NBI sheet. I looked at a CENOMAR I have on-hand and a Philippine birth certificate I have on-hand, and there is no broken English. It’s excellent. The CENOMAR is typed, names are all-cajps but the rest isn’t. The birth certificate is a form that is a standard blank form that the attending (usually a mid-wife delivers the baby, not a doctor or nurse) fills out by hand. The paper itself has a specifically colored background.

    • Looking at what purports to be from NBI and comparing it to official Philippine documents in my possession, I can guarantee that did not at all come from any Philippine official.

      Also, when you call technical support or a credit card company calls you because you’re late on your payment, and the person speaks perfect English, there is a strong chance that person is a Filipino who has never traveled away from the Philippines.

      • That would only be done by someone who was so unfamiliar with things that he would use DD-MM-YYYY dating on an NBI document when the agency uses the MM-DD-YYYY format.

      • It’s very obvious to me, someone who actually has Official Philipine Government documents on hand, that the whole document is a complete fake. It’s not even good enough to qualify as a forgery. Philippine Government documents are very precise in their English. Nearly every job involving interactions with people requires the Filipino to be fluent in English. Not only that, but if you’re a phone-bank type employee, you need to speak fluently with an American accent. So much more for an intelligence job for the Government.

  10. I’ll cut to the chase because I can’t keep up with all the legal twist and turns.
    (Wish I could but I’m a lower-tier taxpayer. Meaning I work twice as hard to keep the checks going to BLM folk and various other dependents, and third world dictators)

    When are any one of these SWINE either going to pay hefty damages to their victims, or get their ass thrown in Jail? Is there ANY sort of ETA?
    What happened to DPZ’s judgment? I thought they could go after Bill for the Bills?

    But again, thanks to John, Sarah, Paul, and the rest. You’re truly Dragon Slayers.

    • If you were referring to the possibility of Rule 11 sanctions in the case Schmally filed in WI, the judge-magistrate in question closed the case without granting [or specifically denying] leave to file for said sanctions, and there has not yet been a motion filed to re-open the case for that purpose.

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