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    • So he will not be phoning in from his bed. Gonna cost extra for the video people to get up early.

      I bet the court is not happy with this waiting to the last minute to request special consideration.

    • I’m confident the judge read that bit as indicative of the respect fifi has for the court, and will treat him accordingly. Make no mistake – – the assistant or clerk who previews pleadings highlighted that passage for the judge.

  1. You got four choices, FiFi:
    1. Show up in person as pro se
    2. Get a lawyer to represent you
    3. Settle
    4. Accept default

    Well there is a 5th choice. Keep sending more filings within the next 4 days or with the two business days you have left which I doubt you would get a ruling on it.

  2. Serious question from a non lawyer type.
    It says “testimony” is that limiting, or is it just a general term for “talk” in court speak.
    Because much of what they want has nothing to do with testimony.

  3. Video needs to establish the veracity of the claims he put forward. Therefore, he should be prepared to show his bed is empty save himself and his state of poverty due to being an utter failure in the music business. I suggest wearing his cleanest underoos.

  4. Speaking of mouthy defendants –


    All I will say is that John never said it would be costly or expensive – only that, if you are requesting to appear via video, all costs are borne by you. Only an imp would misread it into a lie about it being costly.

    Of course, were you lying about the 35 illegals in your closet?

      • This is going to be fun when realization sinks in.

        Which means it probably won’t ever be fun. Can’t fix stupid.

    • To be fair, there have been plenty of commenters that have implied that this is not going to be a cheap service, especially since this is very last minute and it has be be done professionally. I did a couple minutes googling around and couldn’t find the general rules for Maryland, though I did find a FAQ for the federal court in DC. They specify enterprise level video conferencing, and specifically deny the ability to use Skype or Facetime. They also required a test done before the day of the hearing. While I’m sure that this varies from place to place, I doubt that it’s going to be that different.

      I also couldn’t find (mostly couldn’t be bothered to dig all that far) a service in the US with a posted cost. The only clue that I could find to costs was a service in the UK that charged an hourly rate of about $75/hour (depending on exchange rate). Again, hardly a benchmark for the US cost, but probably gives a hint.

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