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There’s a motions hearing scheduled for next Tuesday in the Circuit Court for Carroll County in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

A quick look at various airline sites late yesterday evening showed that all the cheap seats from Sacramento or Fresno to Baltimore are sold out. Still, Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson has a couple of days left to see if Judge Hecker will grant his request to appear by telephone.

Considering that the Cabin Boy’s™ request to phone it in was denied, Ferguson’s best case scenario is probably permission to appear by video, but given three business days for mail to move from Westminster to Live Oak, he may not find out the details of such an order in time to make any arrangements, even if such an order were granted and mailed today.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

35 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Ahem. {cough.} (Snerk.) (giggle-snerk.)


    I mean, um, Ahem. {cough.} (Snerk.) (giggle-snerk.)


    Um, yeah. Heh.

    “Leaving on a jet plane! Don’t know if I’ll get cheap fares or not!”

    Like it mattered to any of them when Brett hauled people in, when Grady flew in for Bill, or when Bill was demanding people go to Maryland, or later Wisconsin, to face his wrath. Fifi was cheerleading with the rest.

    Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas if you’re lucky, Bill as a probably (but not provably!) worst case.

    The wurst case is the worst.


  2. It may be difficult arrange the video conferencing when you are a working stiff who can’t get time off with pay to do arranging.

  3. I’m sure Brett will pay for FiFis ticket. That’s what friends are for. Or, he’ll pay for Fifi’s fines for being in contempt. Regardless, you can trust Brett, wee willie. It’s not like he’s a legit sociopath or anything.

    • Brett has the money too.

      Approx. $400K in to his non-profits over the last couple of years that we know of-

      All of Team Pedobomber should be asking themselves why their boss doesn’t cover them by paying for (their) counsel.

      Especially since all this legal stuff is a slam dunk in favor of all the non-Marylanders…


    Actually, what it says is the overconfidence of the defendants.

    I remember a certain DF that always seemed to bloviate about how one should conduct themselves when being sued – specifically, keeping quiet and taking everything seriously.

    Ironic that DF, nor his own co-conspirators followed those warnings for themselves – and despite their constant claims: the case is over, will be dismissed, HOW DARE YOU FILE AN OPPOSITION TO ALLOW ME TO APPEAR TELEPHONICALLY, and that the plaintiff has somehow lost his marbles – Mr. Hoge, the plaintiff, has you all scrambling to attend a motions hearing. If plaintiff’s case is such a lost cause, why are you guys complaining while trying to find ways to attend?

    Oh yeah, I forgot – its because you’re here to provide Team Free Speech with fine Three Stooges style entertainment.

    Excuse me while I order some more popcorn.

    • I remember when a certain dumbfuck was gloating about going to win his cases by taking their homes, their wives, etc. Did that happen? Nope! Runs away like the pedophiliac coward he is.


    Hoping? We already know you aren’t going to make an appearance in person. We already know that FiFi can’t simply phone it in from his bed. Have you already made a reservation with the approved court methods of calling in? Or are you too stupid to figure that out? I’m going with the latter as usual.

    Dumbfuck’s gotta dumbfuck.

    • You would think certain individuals would be spending what little precious time they have left getting the arrangements completed and testing their connections to a certain courthouse so they could hear what happens in the courtroom.

      How are you going to impress the judge with your conspiracy theories from a blank video screen?

  6. BS just wrote another typical defamatory post about Instapundit, filled with lies, distortions, and defamation. I’ll fisk a bit.
    1. Reynolds is a libertarian, not alt-right, but these days, BS loves to use his new buzz word.
    2. Unlike BS, he is a lawyer and a Constitutional law professor. He may actually know a bit about “murder” and First Amendment rights. For example, unlike BS, he probably doesn’t file motions referring to “Oliver Wendell Jones.”
    3. These were not protesters, they were rioters. Martin Luther King was a protester. Pro tip: you can tell the difference because he didn’t shoot, loot, burn, try to throw an unconscious reporter into a fire, or steal hair weave supplies. I think it is rather racist to write off criminal behavior because someone is black. You know, non-racist believe that bit about judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.
    4. The rioters were not “inconveniencing” drivers – they were threatening them, like they did the night before when they burned their vehicles after looting them. Self defense does not equal murder. “Protests” have something called “time, place, and manner” restrictions, and surrounding drivers on the highway, at night, while ignoring police orders doesn’t meet those standards. You know who said that? A bunch of other lawyers called the United States Supreme Court.
    5. Black man approaches black cop, gun in hand, black cop shoots black man, black chief of police runs the show. But dum-dum at BU blams whitey. Hic!
    6. The part about “sexual respect” was really priceless: BS’s trademark is referring to women as whores, c*nts, tw*ts, “c*m-soaked,” AIDS-infected, etc. He likes to photoshop them onto penises, or with spikes through their foreheads. I’ll bet that Reynolds never “respected” a woman by performing in a sex show on stage in Japan, only to later confess that his part of the erformance was over quickly. Cringeworthy, really.

    • Well, in fairness; only one of the four would historically consider that aberrant; principally on gender lines.

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