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  1. You opposed his “motion” not to appear at the hearing. What does it say about a defendant who is too chicken to argue his case in court?

  2. Say, didn’t LOLSUIT VI get rolling with the plaintiff crowing about the defendants defaulting?

    And then they showed up with an Ivy League lawyer who beat the plaintiff like a lumberjack takes a chainsaw to a piñata?

    Death Threat Eleventy

    And speaking of default, isn’t that where DUMBFUCK is right now in the very same case that he’s talking about?

    • DUMBFUCK AM LAW team says his urn clock stopped … for the additional MTD’s he’s filed….

      … even though the rules say he should have listed them all in the first one …


  3. It is clear that Witless Willie does not grasp what people are chortling about. It is that:

    (1) Willie never had complaints about expense and inconvenience for defendants when he was the plaintiff or the excellent associate of a plaintiff. I seem to remember him finding Milwaukee to be a convenient forum for Ash, who lives in North Carolina, which is further from Milwaukee than Maryland, and has a job to keep and a toddler to raise, whereas he is unemployed and caring for no one.

    (2) Willie could have asked for video conferencing in a more timely manner. Any extra trouble or expense that he incurs in arranging for it at the last minute is his fault.

    (3) Anyone who relies to his detriment on the legal advice purveyed by an Internet site or a convicted felon is ridiculous.

  4. Maybe he’s trying to spare you humiliation.

    Or he could be repaying your side’s attempt at diddling notice and service in a legal manner.

    • Notice of this particular hearing was posted by the COURT quite some time ago. The COURT properly notified all parties in a timely manner. And gave them more than a MONTH to prepare for this hearing.

      Now, what was that about “diddling notice and service”? Did you want to speak up loud enough so that the judge and clerk of the court could hear you?

    • I’m confused. The only person that “diddled” with service is Brent Kimberlin. He admitted in court to forging green cards and a summons. Do you have your court cases mixed up?

      • For all his many, many faults, Bill Schmalfeldt has at least _attempted_ to do proper service. And as far as failures, he might have gotten confused about which complaint should go in the envelope, but at least he didn’t mail it to himself, or forge a greencard or anything.

        He really might be the smart one on the team…

      • “Diddling” seems to be about the only thing he can do effectively in his legal manuvers and elsewhere in his personal life. Did I mention he is an adjudicated Pedophile in the State of Maryland? Hum…

    • Antecedents people!

      Maybe (Hoge)’s trying to spare (Bill) humiliation.

      Or (Hoge) could be repaying (Bill’s) side’s attempt at diddling notice and service in a legal manner.

    • Very unclear comment. Who is “you”? I must admit I read it as referring to Willie.

      John is trying to spare Witless humiliation.

      John is tweaking Willie and his excellent associate on their failures of service (though, to give Witless his due, I don’t think he has intentionally screwed up service).

      Of course , “you” may refer to John, in which case the comment deserves all its down twinkles.

  5. The stupid is breathtaking. Justice delayed is justice denied. Hoping for a speedy resolution is normal. Hoping to drag out the proceedings with idiocy that has no chance of succeeding is vexatious BS, and it’s the reason you’re being counter sued in the first place.

  6. can a “disabled” gs level editor, who claims to be wheelchair bound, except that he isnt, and is writing article after article as an editor, still collect disability?

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