8 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

    • poor is votes, they have never had any intenton of making the poor pay taxes by improving the economy, expanding job growth, and having the “poor” make so much money that they pay taxes. people who pay income tax, real income tax dont tend to vote democrat in large numbers

      so my msg to the poor is , elect hillary, if you want to stay that way

    • I wish I could get a cushy academic job, but even though I’m almost done with my PhD, it seems my resume lacks the requisite violent acts and antisemitism to get a university job these days.

      • I have an academic job. That market is rapidly going away unless you’ve earned your PhD from a top 25 or so university, or [like me] teach something necessary that very, very few want to learn well enough to teach it.
        I feel sorry, sort of, for anyone who pursued a PhD in any of the “soft subjects”. [Mine is not as “squishy as a duck’s behind” but it’s not that hard, either.]
        Oh, and I spend several years in poverty. Nothing Hillary will do now would have gotten me out then.

  1. We will have more regulations until the jobs start paying better.
    We’ll have higher taxes on the job creators until they start creating more jobs.
    We’ll increase the penalty tax on all money coming back into the US until all the money is back in the US.
    We’ll make Martha’s Vineyard have 25 percent of its housing set aside for Section 8… Wait, no that’s where we vacay… Can’t let the scrubs in there. We might have to actually interact with them.

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