To Phone Or Not To Phone

This was filed today—

My opposition speaks for itself, and I do not intend to make any further substantive comment on this matter until the court has ruled.

Also, this appeared on the docket—wjjhvbketal-di72_0So the Cabin Boy™ can trade off the cost of testifying by video against the cost of travel.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ is tweeting that he thinks he can simply Skype it in. I haven’t seen Judge Hecker’s order yet, but according to the Clerk’s Office, he will have specified a particular court conferencing service to be used, and it will be the Cabin Boy’s™ responsibility to book the arrangements for his appearance and to pay the costs involved.

UPDATE 2—I sent a messenger to the Circuit Courthouse to pick up my copy of the order. I haven’t seen it yet, but it was read to me over the phone. First, it denies the Cabin Boy’s™ request to appear by telephone. Second, it permits him to appear by video using a method that may provide him with a low-cost alternative to traveling to Westminster—if he can meet the technical requirements for audio and video quality. The order also sets some other limitations on what will be permissible during a video appearance.

I’ll wait for the Cabin Boy™ to acknowledge receipt of the order before posting it.

97 thoughts on “To Phone Or Not To Phone

  1. Won’t be long before Schmalfeldt is screaming about his pauper/widower/Parkinsons status and saying he can’t afford to pay for the video service and the judge is a big meanie head who hates paupers/widowers/Parkinson people.

    • Lee Stranahan wasn’t exactly a wealthy Texan when Brett Kimberlin sued him pro se in Maryland. I don’t recall Bill Schmalfeldt ever being sympathetic to Lee’s circumstances. I do recall Bill Schmalfeldt posting his home address when Lee was away from the Mrs. and their children.

      • That reminds me, didn’t he post Lee’s address and a video of the layout of his house in response to a post by one of his fellow progressives saying someone should go rape Lee’s wife while Lee was away? What a scumbag Schmalfeldt is. I hope he never has to live through someone he loves being threatened like that. Oh right, he couldn’t even get off the internet to be with his beloved when she passed. He doens’t love ANYONE as much as himself.

  2. Nice to see the dumbfuck not trying to hide himself anymore. He must have restocked his supply of Johnnie Walker Red.

  3. In honor of Bill memory-holing all his tweets crowing about “phoning it in”:

    King Leonidas ‏@Leonidas_BU 19m19 minutes ago

    Someone should explain to @wjjhoge the cost of appearing by video = $0. Apparently never heard of Skype. Or FaceTime. Or Callnote. #idiot

  4. Observation:
    Maryland setting precedent to allow people to just phone into everything is not a precedent the traffic law lawyers want set, so I doubt it’ll happen.
    Think about it, if everybody could suddenly call into contest their tickets, traffic lawyers would lose a chunk of business 😛

  5. I’m going to be very careful with this comment, but Judge Hecker might be very liberal and progressive when it comes to this topic.

  6. So if he is responsible for setting this up, and usually there is much more lead time than he seems to have, what happens if he is unable to get it together in time? Does he whine to the judge for a continuance?

    • I’m hopeful there will be significant extra expense in trying to set up something like this on such short notice. I doubt exorbitant fees due to the blubbering buffoon’s delay would justify a continuance, but anything is possible.

  7. many video service firms accept unused electrodes or 8 carat electroplated midnight boogie special chains as forms of payment.

  8. Uhm, did anyone notice that this hearing on the 27th is a “Motions” hearing? I wonder if these particular motions will make it to the docket for consideration?

  9. some video conferencing services are bookd up in his area, btw, whichever one of you did that, you have my deepest admiraton

  10. bill should just inform the judge as the fomrer demoted to customer service rep gs 13 that there is a fed to fed understanding that he could just phone it in on xmfan…

  11. so is there. drinking game as to how many times the judge has to cut his feed during the hearing, or will it last 6 minutes, Bill had to spend 100’s of dollars to hear what we had all been telling him like in his last several failsuits

    on a side note, the courts here do not allow testimony by phone, mail, podcast, child porn, also another judge in my county sentenced a guy to 8 months in prison for writing he had 3 purple hearts when he only had one.


  12. time to ask for a monthly number from john. before someone goes down the road to ruin, stop write the check. im sure the cutting edge articles on bu are just about to erupt and get a paid advertizer, and like fat rolls on a fake parkinsons patient, those revenues keep on growing.

    • Why is Ferguson obsessing about race? Does it matter what race an inventor, writer or singer is? It seems that Ferguson is a racist, feeling the need to define race for everyone else.

    • Color doesn’t matter so much as economic system. Poverty can be overcome anywhere regardless of skin with only the rule of law a functioning market, and a few generations to make it all work. A free market will out perform any form of socialism. Even I giant diamond mine or plentiful oil reserves won’t change that, just ask the Soviet Union and or Venezuela. China too, the only places that are successful are the ones they free from state control of the means of production, in proportion to how much they free it.

    • I cannot let this go by without a HHGG quote authored by the late, great Douglas Adams:

      “… a planet populated by a species so primitive that they still think that Digital Watches are a good idea!”.

      RIP DA; HHGG is a Thing of Beauty and a Joy Forever.

  13. Even with The Laaardvark of St Francis attending by video conference the time zone difference will make things quite amusing… 9 AM in Maryland means the ‘Vark has to be up and running at 8 AM his time, so an early (possibly overtime) start at his end, he may even need to get out of bed before 6 AM!

    1 PM in Maryland means The Blab must have his over-ample behind planted in the video suite chair at noon.. Oh Noes! He might have to eat lunch late!!!!

    • Can Hoge schedule preprogrammed blog posts?

      Could we have the night of the hourly TK update?

      Could poor weary Bill log in at 5 AM local to find out this update is just another Pinky and the Brain?

      Inquiring sadistic minds want to know!

  14. I f5cking hate Maryland. Sorry but this is bullshit. late filing, not even a motion, evidence to the contrary about his ability to travel.

    The ONE time I went to Maryland I thought it was full of fail. With the exception of Hoge, turns out I was right in my assessment.

  15. I think we are getting a little carried away. It is not at all surprising that, in the apparent interests of justice, a judge permitted a person, who is receiving disability payments and residing about a thousand miles away, to attend a hearing on MOTIONS by phone even if there were failures to make the request in a timely and proper manner.

    For one thing, I suspect the judge can’t wait to hear Willie give his forum non conveniens argument. After all, that will truly be a comedy special. Based on what I have heard about other arguments Witless has made in court, I would not be surprised to hear some snickers from BK himself.

    I fully get why our host is arguing every procedural technicality. But I also doubt that he is horribly surprised when some do not go his way.

        • advice, for your video appearance

          1. dont do the chin in the hand thinking man pose, its creepy
          2. wash your hair
          3 . then comb it
          4. dont brandish your participation trophy/awards
          5. move the whiskey bottles and used depends out of the camera angles
          6. moving closer to the screen for dramatic effect doesnt have the effect you were hoping, but does affect, hilarity in the courtroom.
          7. dont show your dimpled ass, its tough, you know you want to, but dont. really, dont, you are not the bad ass you think you are. when the trannies called you a bad ass, they didnt mean tough, they just meant, unattractive.
          8. try, try not to litigate the case, focus….
          9. explain the cutting edge humor
          10. dont explain why you are disabled, cause no one believes you after reading your books where you explain you are not really disabled,
          11. be sure to explain your last duties answering customer center calls

          • What are your thoughts on wearing one of his shirts with his name emblazoned on it? Too much?

          • at least one that’s spelled correctly and is free of “questionable” stains

  16. It is both presumptuous and inaccurate of Mr. Schamfeldt to call himself ‘Leonidas.’ Pyrrhus would be a far more appropriate choice.

  17. I don’t understand, legal experts in St.Francis assured me the case would be held in Wisconsin rather than Maryland.

  18. Will BS get a video feed of the courtroom in Maryland? If not, it seems that BS will put himself at a disadvantage being unable to pick up on visual clues of where the court is in process. How will the court deal with procedural actions by BS such as Objections? Will BS get to talk over others during the hearing?

    • “Your Honor, is that laughter in the background?”

      “No, that was, um, just the um, Clerk, um, shuffliing papers.”

      “Because it sounded like laughter.”

      “Clerk. Papers. Move on.”

      “Now about my motion to transfer this Maryland state case to a court in Wisconsin…”

      “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! um, I mean, darned clumsly clerk…”

    • Is it possible for a spectator to turn on his phone’s camera and have the lens sticking out of his (or her) shirt pocket and not blocked and send the feed live to a YouTube account for something similar? A friend was askin’.

    • I expect, since we’re talking about dishonest people here, we won’t see them trying very hard to meet any requirements they can get away with ignoring.

      • they dont have the cash to bump someone to get this done before tge 27th, and they maybe running out of time to make affordable travel plans.

        i remember someone writing once that he was wondering if john could manage all his lawsuits, well, wonder no more

  19. I wonder whether Kimberlin told Witless Willie about appearance by phone but “forgot” to explain the costs to him. That would be quite funny.

  20. “The order also sets some other limitations on what will be permissible during a video appearance.”

    Does it read, “[to Bill Schmalfeldt] You shall not be an asshole?”

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