I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

Voting for Donald Trump will cause global warming. Mother Jones says so. It has a post up titled Why a Donald Trump Victory Could Make Climate Catastrophe Inevitable.

Global geopolitics and the possible rightward lurch of many countries (including a potential deal-breaking election in the United States that could put a climate denier in the White House) spell bad news for the fate of the Earth.

Read the whole thing. It’s an interesting analysis. Wrong. But interesting.

13 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know


    Uh, no. It’s the Commies that have a track record of killing nearly 100 million people over the last century. The D’s have far more in common with that bunch than the R’s do. Morons.

    • Environmentally, the disasters left by the fascist-communist USSR throughout Asia and Eastern Europe are what happen when a small subset of people rule over everyone else for the supposed benefit of everyone. The man-made demise of the Aral and Caspian seas, the sunken nuclear vessels throughout the arctic ocean, the disastrous crop production techniques that destroyed millions of acres of arable land – all resulted from the utopian thinking of a few people imposed on the rest of the population. And to move the plan along when it wasn’t working right, millions of people needed to be killed. Progressives think stuff like this is a good idea. Which is understandable, as Progressives see “others” as inherently evil and therefore something to get rid of (see: Margaret Sanger and eugenics).

      Government is just other people. When people in a government are not held in check or held accountable, or are given free rein (Heh: free reign?) to do whatever they please, bad things happen to everybody and everything.

    • A new ice age will be infinitely more detrimental than a few degrees of warming to not only the human species but many of the other forms of flora and fauna that currently inhabit this planet. Since the loss of a single species is considered to be a catastrophe of global proportions, wouldn’t they want to go with the option which loses the fewest members of the current ecosystem? /yes, rhertical question, we all know the answer. Every single human could disappear tomorrow and the world would continue to warm and cool, and species would continue to die out and be replaced by new ones.

  2. Mother Jones is racist. The rise of the oceans stopped when Barack was nominated in 2008. He said so in his speech.

  3. Sorry, I don’t sleep with loose women, and I don’t click links from adjudicated yellow journalists Mother Jones.

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