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35 thoughts on “Logins

  1. I wish I had such luxury. Having absolutely nothing to do all day but sit at a computer and rant on the internet. And then constantly refresh websites where people mock my internet rants. Oh what a glorious and rewarding life that must be. I am soooo jealous.

      • I’m a vet and we had names and terms for the schmalfeldts in the military. Not very nice ones, but . . . Prime candidate for a blanket party.
        I’m kind of amazed he got out in one piece, but probably he hadn’t fully metastasized at that time.

  2. Maybe they asked you not to respond because, like your kids, they really, really, really never ever, ever want to hear from you again. Maybe this would be a good time to quite telling lies on the internet and have a few weeks of introspection. If realizing what a vile creature you have become doesn’t send you into a catatonic state you can start working on not being an asshole to everyone, stop your lying, and start sincerely asking for forgiveness both from those you have wronged over the years and our Lord.


  3. Interesting that King Pee-on-idas dropped the pretense and is now posting under his own inherently disreputable name over at Bunnyboy Unread. You would think he would have learned from his Most Excellent Friend, Whoisnumbernone, AKA Pedobomber, to never admit his true identity, despite laughably obvious tells.

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