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  1. Of course they will. It’s not like the “body positive movement” isn’t going to back the Dems come November, so there’s no reason not to shit on them.

  2. They were at this even before Granny McFallsalot’s most recent tumble. Nude paintings and sculptures by artists who have never seen the subject, depicted of course with a tiny penis. I can’t even deny having been slightly amused by the first one, but after that it was just lame piling-on.
    Anyone remember the helicopter video of Trump hustling up a freeway embankment to get into a venue with a blocked main entrance? I think it was Vegas. I was moderately impressed at the time, because he did it in a suit and dress shoes, with very little assistance, and looked pretty sprightly.

  3. Body shaming is ok if the victim is not “Progressive”. And rape being ok if the rapist is Bill Clinton.

  4. It’s not body shaming to face facts. You have to admit neither one of the major party nominees is close to being as physically fit as our current president, or the six men before him. We’re back to average, dough-body seniors, like the days of LBJ and Nixon.

    That’s also not saying either one couldn’t do the job, but I wouldn’t expect to see the next president in a track suit, jogging.

    • I don’t know why we ever thought we HAD to have one doing so. It’s not a big deal to me. Teddy Roosevelt was HOW big? And was a pretty darned good soldier to boot.

      Size does not indicate your fitness to anything. I know “physically fit” people who are constantly sick. I know fat people who are crazy healthy. People are people. Full stop.

      • I didn’t say anything about size, only fitness. And the standards for it aren’t determined by who either of us “knows”. It’s a variety of baselines including BMI, cholesterol level, blood pressure/cardiac health, liver function (without meds), even brain chemistry. Both these candidates obviously have above-average will, but the job of US President could break them down from the stress.

      • Teddy was also a physical fitness nut, having embarked on a bodybuilding regime back in his childhood to help ameliorate his asthma. He used to abuse advisors and diplomats by insisting they accompany him on his little ‘walks’.

        Despite his actions which directly led to the prog agenda, I admit I always liked him.

  5. How about we judge candidates based on athletic ability? Or maybe have ‘Rollerball’ style competition?

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