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8 thoughts on “Logins

    • Eight Star Jim Beam is pretty cheap. He is according to court papers a pauper, see Bill Schmalfeldt’s In forma pauperis filings for proof. I can understand why a very poor person as the dictionary defines a pauper would switch to cheap bourbon.

      Advice to Bill and take it for what it’s worth – please stay away from Southern Comfort. As a drinker myself, of all the whiskey, bourbons and other spirits I’ve drank there really are evil spirits in Southern Comfort.

      Stay away from MD 20/20 too if your pauper status gets worse. With your bowel movements and habit of smelling your own shit, the next day after Mad Dog will kill you. Ooops, drink MD 20/20 it’s good stuff.

  1. Leonidas best lay off the sauce – he’s writing about an incident that occurred in MARCH as if it happened this week. Of course, he is citing initial reports, ignoring that she admitted that she deserved what she got, the man was cleared, and the cops were considering pressing charges against her.
    Leonides is a liar and one crap “reporter.” His next breaking story will be the Biblical flood.

    • No kidding! I remember watching that video back in March.
      I’m sure we will see a correction at Bunny Boy Unread any time now.
      (Does that really need the /sarc tag?)

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