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I found this email in my inbox yesterday morning—waf201609130229zHere’s the pdf that was attached—

Nothing related to this had shown up on the case docket as of close of business yesterday. If it has been mailed, I suppose the court will treat it in the same way as it did Schmalfeldt’s letter asking to appear by telephone. If it is docketed, I’ll file an opposition, and I don’t intend to make any further public comment on Ferguson’s request except in that filing until after the court has ruled.

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  1. FeFe obviously didn’t read our Esteemed Host’s opposition to Teh Blob’s attempt. Untimely and missing required information….

    What a maroon.

  2. Hey, judge, while I freely defame good people whenever I wish, I don’t have the time to deal with going to court to defend my actions, so don’t bother trying to force me to live by the same standards as the little people.

    someone more important than you

  3. I am sure that Brett can give him the cash. Hell, Brett stretches that $19,000 a year income to allow family trips to Hawaiil, monthly trips to Nashville; private schools; music lawyers, recording work; etc. etc. etc.

    Can’t Breitbart Unmasked with its gazillion followers pay for him to attend so put his journalistic skills to work?

  4. Well, the most astonishing news in that email is that the twit has figured out that he has been sued. That’s an accomplishment for the drug-addled moron.

  5. call a lawyer you lazy slob. what an asshole, funny, he writes as a special snowflake, and no, you don’t have the right to email, get on your pink vespa and go to the bong store buy a stamp, and mail it. snowflake

  6. Starbucks gives time off for Jury Duty. Get your barista ass to Maryland to be sued and bitch-slapped like a man.

  7. LMAO. I love the instantly hostile petulant child routine before accusing someone ELSE of acting like a special snowflake. Priceless. Fingers crossed, he continues to diddle with service and the judge gives him a benchslap to match the midget’s.

  8. I wasn’t gonna comment on any of this, but I do have a question. If he can’t take off of work, how is he going to make a telephonic appearance? He does realize that he can’t just call Maryland on a lunch break right? I mean, to my understanding, he’d still have to show up at a local court house and arrange to be sworn in with a court clerk at the time when the call is put through to Maryland. He and Schmalfeldt do understand about identity authentication, don’t they? Anyone can call up and claim to be either of those two.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if he was as wholly know the dark as that…but one day off at the local courthouse is still less than several days of travel and accommodations. If only this dummy had taken the suit seriously, and made a timely request in the manner required by the rules…

    • Oh, now that would be funny!

      Seven Bill Schmalfeldts testifying by phone at the same time! Three confessing to everything, three laying it all at Kimberlin’s feet, and one just shouting “HEEEEEEENGH!” at the top of his lungs.

    • When I called in for a hearing in California, I had to use a service that contracted with the jurisdiction there to provide that kind of service. To be able to use that service, you HAD to have an authorization provided by your lawyer who would be representing you in that jurisdiction. You called the number, punched in your authorization code, then a routing code to get to the correct court and joined a group call at the courthouse. You were routed to the courtroom from there as appropriate.

      It is not a free process either. It was $80 for the call.

      But notice the steps I had to take here. Lawyer representation in the courtroom. Special service to process the phone call. Authorization code and then a routing code. It’s not as easy as you think.

      And, when you inquire at the courthouse, all the clerk tells you is that yes, it is possible for you to call into a hearing…

      • Remember when bill had his telephone hearing in his suit in Wisconsin that is what happened, bill and Arron had to call-in with an Authorization code provided by the clerk. IIRC

        Speaking of rules did Ferguson not read the one about how motions are to be formated, what is with the non standard font he used?

    • Apparently ID can be authenticated by posting a picture of your telephone because only you could take a picture of your phone and post it therefore it must be you.

      Man I love schmalfedltian logic. It leads to the strangest places.

  9. I can’t keep track of team pedophile but isn’t he some kind of on-line ‘journalist’/’editor’? He should be able to do his job anywhere that has wifi.

    Regardless, this is Maryland, my money says the court will allow them to telephonically attend.

    • he was an intermittent internet ankle biter, you know, like in a fight he would be the guy to kick someone after they were unconcious and scream at them to get up

  10. First let me express how sad it is that his almost best friend William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt didn’t let him know about being able to testify by phone. Poor William “I want to screw 14 year olds” Ferguson probably found out the same way Obama did… reading it in the papers.

    I am interested in which of his two employers are so heartless they won’t give him any time off. According to FiFi he works for Sub-Aetha and Breitbart Unmasked. What scumbags those people must be.

    Artist, engineer and producer for the electronic rock band Sub-Aetha. Writer for Breitbart Unmasked.

  11. Hey, doesn’t California have a mandated vacation, PTO policy for all employees in the state? Hard to believe that an enlighted bastion of liberalism like CA would not have that mandated benefit.

  12. No way can he just drop everything and go to Maryland for a hearing.
    That screechy, qua-cover mutated soi disant “music” ain’t gonna make itself after all.
    I usually visualize him as a sort of Dunkin Donuts chef of the really bad electro noise sub-culture, “time to make the godawful noise” kind of guy.

    • Yep. Hoge has more mature tastes and more mature friends. But that isn’t saying much. The vast majority of people who have attained the age of accountability have more mature tastes and friends.

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