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  1. Have you considered the possibility that they mean this as a compliment? I mean they worship an adjudicated pedophile after all.

  2. Not surprised to see it’s a proxy. So yes they’re desperate. I’d keep an eye out for any criminal complaint filed against you.

  3. It is interesting that their first “go to” is child molestation. As though they were extremely familiar with the entire concept.

    From the “pitching” or “catching” side, though, I couldn’t begin to guess.

  4. I remember back when Hoge’s only involvement was reporting on Kimberin’s case against Aaron.

    These guys keep insisting on escalating the situation, then complaining that no one will “leave them alone”.

  5. Notice how it’s “oopsy poopsy” with a y, not the ie like Bill uses.

    Seems the other Team Kimbergarteners are trying to be jackasses, and using Billy as their fall guy.

    Bill, meet underside of bus. Nice “friends” you have there.

      • My gut feeling is it was Ferguson. He got mocked relentlessly yesterday, even his cats were embarrassed of him. But then again on one of Bill’s many memory holed twitter accounts (a year or more ago) I remember looking at who Bill was following and he was following one of the minor Kimberlin children.

        • I’m going to have to stick up for Bill here. (Crazy right??). Yes, he was following the minor child of an adjudicated pedophile, but it’s a female which means she is safe from Bill. After all, his sick twisted fantasy stories about raping young children only involve males.

          • You forgot the anal rape fantasy or confession that got the grotesque ghoul banned from KOS. That one involved a female, and ‘neighbors who just love calling the cops’ which imo indicates a history of domestic violence.

            In the story.

            If it’s a story and not a confession.

            But it reads more like a confession, imo.

          • To be fair, Jane, that “rape” fantasized/described was on a fully grown adult woman. So…

            And I’m sorry, but the fact that we have to SPLIT HAIRS describing who/what was raped/imagined to be raped/etc. is just beyond disgusting. Why, oh WHY would somebody even put stuff like that out there so that people would need to do that? Just so gross. Ugh!

  6. How could any father intentionally involve his daughter in such filth? He made her testify in open Court that she had not been molested by him. Did he even consider how this might affect her? His next scam is to accuse his enemies of molesting her via perjured testimony. While 99.99999% of parents seek to protect their children from ANY type of abuse & tramua, the Kimberlin’s use theirs as a weapon. They have absolutely NO regard how this might negatively affect the child going forward. How can a mother allow this damage to be done to her teenage daughter? They are PURE FILTH!!

    • She’s actually not a bad singer. I don’t know how much auto-tune was involved in her music videos or not, but her voice with a better Dad (not a terrorist) and a better support system had potential.

      Now that her Daddy or his friends want to make a soon adult into a public record – goodbye music dreams.

      I really hope the best for her and she can overcome the world’s worst Dad in the future.

      • I’d be willing to bet that when she turns 18, she’s out of there. Gone. Never to return. Oh, and petitioning the court for a name change.

        • I think she’ll stick around (Stockholm Syndrome) and because without Brett’s financial acumen in stretching $19k a year, how else is she going to be able to continue to:
          – attend school (private or university)
          – attend monthly sessions with music producers\lawyers\etc
          – go on yearly trips to Hawaii
          – believe she has a real chance at a career in music

  7. In my time in law enforcement, I have seen the behavior of criminals who had either greatly sugar coatd their criminal past to their children, or outright denied it. When totally exposed for their kids to see what a monster daddy is, its very upseting and takes time for acceptancea and realizations of the enormity of that devastating reality to set in. Its beyond cruel that criminals try to use children as shields, No one in the arab world shed a tear when S. Hussien, assumed room temperature after he years earlier tried to use children as shields for installatons.

    Brett is a criminal scumbag who is going back to prison, and his followers will be paying a heavy price. Even a liberal appointed sympathetic federal judge in Chicago couldnt get Bretts propaganda minister a trial for damages, not even close.

    Brett, we are enjoying watching you and we ae all laughing at your misery that you brought upon yourself. Good luck, I hear prisoners have some access to the internet, it should be interesting when you can’t buy protection anymore with your “legal” skills and have to survive in gen pop like evry other prisoner.

    • Say, as someone who has worked around law enforcement before, what generally happens to a loud mouth arrogant short man who the other prisoners find out is a pedo? Asking for a friend.

      • An inmate will come up to the front of the range and ask you to go do a patrol which takes a couple minutes; or ask you to get them something that takes you away from your post.
        When you return, the now bleeding pedo is at the bars asking to come out as says he slipped in the shower.
        They are is then housed in protective custody (PC) for the rest of his stay and any future stays in the system.
        In especially heinous cases, we come back and find a body in the middle of the range that has been beaten or ventilated by shanks. The shanks get flushed and a lot of people are taking showers.

  8. The comment section is entertaining, as always! Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I sincerely doubt any actual “complaint” was filed. I’d say it looks like an unhinged loser made an anonymous troll, and his meaning for “they just did” is “hey all the cops read the internet, because they’re so interested in my nonsense, so now they know!”

    Of course it’s idiotic, but it’s easy for rational people to make the mistake of not grasping just how idiotic these trolls are. I do think Bill is correct, they are panicking, and now they’ve gone back to making daily crazy pointless threats on the internet, which of course hurts their own interests, but it’s all they have left now.

    The answer, I think, will be continued mockery, especially when their motions are denied and their latest cases finally collapse for good. They won’t let it go, they can’t, because their entire persona of Justice Warriors falls apart if they let it go. So it’s going to be like watching the Black Knight of Holy Grail fame.

    “I am the Black Knight! I am INVINCIBLE!!!”

    “But you haven’t got any arms or legs left.”

    “Don’t run away, you coward, come back! I’ll Bite you to death! “I am the Black Knight! I am INVINCIBLE!!!”

    “You’re a bloody loony, that’s what you are!”

  9. Six thumbs down as of this posting. So the 3 of them used 2 devices each, or 2 of them used 3 devices each?

    I do not know any of these scumbags except by their actions since I was made aware of BS thanks to ED. The more I see, the more I hope they rot in prison after being made to suffer through the legal system for everything they have caused.


    before finally being sentenced to some real time. its the only reality check for these scumbags that they cant just do what they want and get away with it. I hope it comes soon.

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