During the Kimberlin v. Hunton & Williams LLP, et al. (II) RICO 2 Retread LOLsuit hearing this morning, Judge Mason ruled as follows—

The Mantech/HB Gary defendants were dismissed with prejudice for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.

Bill Nickless was dismissed for failure of service of process and lack of personal jurisdiction, but The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin was given leave to amend his complaint and re-serve it within 20 days.

PNNL was dismissed because it is not a legal entity and, as such, cannot be sued. TDPK lied to the judge about being put on notice of that error in the federal RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit, and was caught when PNNL’s lawyer produced a copy of her federal filing which put TDPK on notice. Kimberlin was also given leave to amend his complaint to name a proper defendant and re-serve it within 20 days.

There was also a pretrial hearing for the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. Decisions on all of the substantive motions were deferred until the motions hearing scheduled for the 30th.

34 thoughts on “Qapla’

    • Alright Mr. Hoge; what aren’t you telling us. I know we’re just sensitive little Lickspittles; but we can take it. Give us the whole ugly truth.


    • “Judge Mason is totally prejudice against that pedophile, I mean, our boss Brett the Coleman Speedway Bomber Kimberlin. He should have recused himself!”

  1. How busted was BK? Did he fuss about not getting notice? How did react to proof being presented to the contrary? Did the judge even notice the fib?

  2. It’s not about winning. It’s about LOLsuits for the rest of their lives, and making them suffer through a mountain of frivolous motions, and making them spend a whole lot of money because they want to be able to tell the world who Brett is. Or because they defended someone who wanted to tell the world who Brett is. Or because they represented the Law Group who represented the person who wanted to tell the world who Brett is. Or because they represented the…

    Just like his projection is accusing Aaron and his paralegal of doing in their separate cases against him.

    • Who Brett is?

      Brett Coleman Kimberlin, the “Speedway Bomber”?

      Who earned that moniker for having set off a series of bombs around the town of Speedway, IN.

      Which bombs were apparently intended to distract local police from their investigation of Julia Scyphers; only the second murder victim ever in the small suburb of Indianapolis. (except on Memorial Day weekend when the population swells above a quarter million)

      The same Julia Scyphers who objected to her very young (think barely double digits) grand-daughter having such a … significant… relationship with; you guessed it, the much older (like mid-twenties) Brett Coleman Kimberlin.

      Or did you mean the drug running, convicted perjurer who knows the exact flavor of the seal of the President of the United States, Brett Coleman Kimberlin? Nevermind, same guy.

      • Gus, don’t forget that the 8th bomb exploded when Carl David Delong picked up a gym bag outside a high school football game, and he lost his leg as a result. He was arrested when he tried to get a copy shop to make fake identification cards, and – get this – bomb-making items (timers) were found in his car. Delong suffered years of pain, and a court decided that his suicide was a result of the bombing. Brett later unsuccessfully plotted the death of a federal prosecutor.
        That’s the guy. Still on parole.

  3. First Schmalfeldt’s lawyer torpedoes his case due to…well due to Bill is a DUMBFUCK and now the Pedo gets hammered. A good day. The only shadow is that the judge didn’t hammer the tiny pedo in the Walker case, but that will come in just a few weeks.*

    *But MD

  4. On another note, I see that Bunny Boy Unread is scrubbing any comment that doesn’t toe the party line over there. How pathetic is it that the band of boy wonders that run that joint can’t intelligently respond to pertinent questions or suffer some mild criticism? I wonder what they are afraid of?
    As a great journalist once said, “Sack up”. Mewling little cowards.

  5. Given BK’s complete confusion on how to defend a case, I believe it would be good tactics to counter-sue whenever sued by him.

      • Furthermore, there may be evidence that he brings lawsuits in his capacity as an agent of certain charities. Interesting tactical opportunities to be explored about defendants with actual assets.

    • Like I said, Brett likes to drive the bus at people. He doesn’t like it when they drive the bus at him.

      The system is really set up for plaintiffs. They can complain all they want. The defendant can only swat the complaints down. Brett is good at complaining. He can say anything he wants, and makes people work to swat the complaints away.

      He is no good at swatting complaints directed at him, because they are usually true, and they stick to him.

      “I have filed hundreds of lawsuits….” That fine. How many has he won as a defendant? That’s an honest question. We know a few big ones he lost….

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