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35 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Now that self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower has chosen to humiliate its vile self by again dismissing yet another FAILsuit after months of hubris and threats, the ludicrous lying laardvark will have more time to stalk TFS.

  2. King Leonidas  RogerS8 hours ago

    I’ve been doing some further digging, and we might just be scratching the surface here. I can say no more at present.

    Attacking a woman, who knew right? How did your explanations of child porn
    go over with the former prosecutor?

    • In other words you’ve found nothing but oh no maybe a visit to the st francis police department. remember, under wisconsin law getting a local restraining order can trigger 704 statutes. you might want to read them, and have some packing tape ready. So the former customer service rep for the NIH stylized as an editor cannot divulge stuff, billshit, put it up or shut up you lying scumbag, pornographer sleazy creep. comeon show us that warrior spirit thats dribbled fear pee all ovr the country now

      • this isnt the first time you’ve attacked a woman over the posiblilty of being a rape victim. the mandy nagy reenactment tape you made is still out there somewhere isnt it. you shouldnt podcast drunk, i think you forget all the crap you put out there.

        i hope aaron sues your lying ass into the stoneage, welcome to virginia you stupid sleazy child porn riddled idiot.

      • “Former customer service rip for the NIH.”

        You are hereby issued notice, legal, binding and all that other stuff, that I’m totally stealing that line. Govern yourself accordingly.

      • He’s taking his lawyer’s good advice the wrong way. He was trying to set you down gently, old fool. I’m sure he brought up the thinness of your complaint, but He didn’t mean try to wrangle up more butthurt episodes and you might get somewhere. He meant you are the most unsympathic and unworthy plaintiff ever, attention whoring, oversharing and hypocritical as well as ugly and malicious, and people have a right to despise you and emphasize your screw-up nature. you can’t get anywhere ever with your outrage, no lawyer can ever help you except to talk you down, and you need to get a new hobby.

    • Leonidas’ “digging” is nothing more than making flawed and salacious inferences from disparate facts in order to support his confirmation biases. Thus, a photographer’s erotic photos with adults, some of whom were married to each other, makes the photographer a “pornographer” who “pimps his wife.”

  3. I was wondering what excuse BS is going to concoct this time. Last time, after David Edgren challenged BS’s pauperis claim and asked for a hearing on the issue of his assets, he dropped the suit like a hot potato, with prejudice, and high-tailed it to Wisconsin. Afterwards, he claimed that he did so to “flee” from Hoge, etc., etc. What’s the excuse going to be this time, since he was represented for free, by a man he described as a highly competent lawyer?

    • Close. He actually said, “Hoge: I must break you!” This kind of reads like “and then, and then, and then, at band camp….” Buckle up for the cray cray:

      “Posted on July 27, 2014 The Lawsuit Video

      UPDATE: Proving once again that there is no concept so simple that the DIMWITS AT HOGEWASH can’t misunderstand… Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.30.09 PMYou poor, stupid people. This is largely the same information I sent via Snail Mail to Hoge yesterday, by e-mail to him and the judge earlier today, and to Hoge tonight.
      Now, which part of this demonstrates “bad faith”? My unwillingness to roll over and let Hoge win because he WANNA? Am I demonstrating “bad faith” by FIGHTING BACK AGAINST A VINDICTIVE, VEXATIOUS, CRAZY OLD MAN who is SUING WITHOUT STANDING TO SUE? Is that the kind of bad faith you Dimwits are talking about?
      Here’s a thought. Get back to your knitting and MYOFB. OK? This is between ME and HOGE and KRENDLER and NONE OF YOU HAVE A FUCKING THING TO DO WITH IT.
      Got it? Good. Now STFU.
      Now, Hoge. I am going to send you this via-email. You will receive a similar letter tomorrow. I am going to send this note according to MY terms. You can read it or ignore it. If you ignore it, you will not be ready for what is going to happen if we actually get so far as the ADR settlement on August 14.
      You have nothing to offer me. Therefore, there can be no “Settlement”.

      This will not be the first time you’ve heard this. But your pigheaded nature, your hubris and sense of untouchability, your foolish belief that you are always right? If we have to meet with this judge, I am not only going to not negotiate with you, I am going to point out what a fool you are, what a fool you’ve been and how foolish it was for you to listen to the advice of Aaron Walker, perhaps the worst lawyer ever to don the cap and gown ad a law school commencement ceremony.
      Throw out the pretense of politeness, Hoge. You brought this on yourself. I am, within the bounds of civil decency, going to point out to this judge what a foolish old man you are.
      Are you aware of the concept of “manufacturing standing?” It’s a no no. You did not have standing to file a copyright infringement suit on May 27, 2014 because you hadn’t registered your copyright applications yet. You amended your copyright complaint on June 16, after offering that blatherscype about my ability to pay the settlement you are “most certainly due.”
      You get nothing. Your case will be dismissed on FRCP 12(b)6 grounds as you did not have standing to file on May 27. THERE IS NO RETROACTIVE FORCE FOUND IN LAW THAT ALLOWS YOU TO “RESET” YOUR INFRINGMENT CASE BY FILING AN AMENDED COMPLAINT AFTER FILING YOUR COPYRIGHT APPLICATIONS. The only thing the judge can consider — DID YOU HAVE STANDING TO FILE A COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT CASE ON MAY 27, 2014? No. You did not. Read 17USC411(a) again.
      no civil action for infringement of the copyright in any United States work shall be instituted until preregistration or registration of the copyright claim has been made in accordance with this title.
      Since you had no registration, preregistration, semi registration, quadric registration or double secret probation registration with the US Copyright office on the day you filed your suit, May 27, and did not file for copyright protection until June 5 and 7, YOU DO NOT HAVE STANDING TO FILE A COPYRIGHT SUIT!
      I don’t know if Judge Sullivan can dismiss the case on FRCP 12(b)(6) grounds, but I’m sure gonna try. And I am going to be loud, and not very nice to you. I am going to point out to the judge that a SMART person, like you pretend to be, would have researched what is needed to file a proper copyright infringement suit, instead of having a premature ejaculation like you did. You saw a chance to hammer me, to further punish me for the crime of not hating Brett Kimberlin and you grabbed at it with your usual hubris, thinking that because Hoge THINKS it is so, then it MUST be so.
      I am going to humiliate you, and this will go down in the records of jurisprudence. When future scholars look up cases of “copy fraud” filed by “copyright trolls”, they will see the name WJJ Hoge III as a copyright troll.
      If you do not have as signed legal agreement with Krendler, I will press charges against both of you by asking the judge to submit you both for Fraud on the Copyright Office of the United States.
      And I am going to show the judge the products of today’s blogging, Hoge. My genuine and heartfelt sadness over the death of Michael and you allowed… you permitted… you MODERATED your comments to allow garbage like this.
      Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 4.39.10 PM
      That’s what the moderate button is for, Hoge. To keep trash like this from showing up on your blog.
      Then, when I’m done humiliating you for not meeting the prerequisite for filing a copyright infringement suit, I will taunt you in front of the judge for not doing your due diligence in determining what category to file your three months of Hogewash. DAILY NEWSPAPER? Did you bother to READ the INSTRUCTIONS as to what constitutes a Daily Newspaper in US Copyright law?
      Or will the abandon the rules because — SCHMALFELDT is EVIL?
      Your case is more hole than substance, Hoge, like a fine Swiss cheese but twice as smelly.
      You were given chance after chance to realize the folly of pursuing this. You look back fondly at your tainted Victory in the Carroll County District Court where you lied to a judge and he believed you. These Federal Judges, Hoge. They didn’t get there by winning elections. They are there because they know the laws.
      I am going to paint you as a vexatious litigant. That little “Peace Order” stunt you pulled on July 17 should do the trick, plus the fact that you appealed the District Court’s decision. The 367 criminal charges. Oh, yeah. I think by the time I’m done with you the word “vexatious” will have your picture next to it in the dictionary.
      And your reasons for this, for the way you have harassed me and tormented me and made my life a misery since Feb. 2013? If you HAVE a reason, it won’t even enter the case. Despite your ham-fisted and rejected attempt to throw Stranahan and Causey into the stew at the Preliminary Injunction Hearing, you saw how well that worked with Judge Hollander.
      This is not a settlement letter. This is not a negotiation. This is me telling a foolish old man that by the time I’m done with you that there will not be a conservative reader on the Eastern Seaboard who doesn’t see you for the doddering old fool you are.
      When you strike an enemy Hoge, you’d better kill him. Because otherwise the enemy will rise and be the cause of your doom. Metaphorically speaking.
      I have had it with you. You are a monster. You and Walker need to be shut down once and for all. And as God is my witness, I am going to give it my level best to be the one to make you answer for your many, many crimes against the state of Maryland and the United States of America.
      I will post a copy of this on my blog so your readers can see the complete and utter contempt I hold for you, and I look forward to the day when I can stand in your presence, point a tremulous finger at you and ask the judge to declare you what you are. A Vexatious Litigant who must get court approval before ever filing another action as long as God permits you to foul our air.
      Now, if you truly believe you are above the law? Wonderful. 17 USC 411(a) has a HOGE EXCLUSION that only you can see? I look forward to your argument. You can file as a daily newspaper even though the Copyright Office says you can’t because you’re WJJ HOGE? That will be a history making argument. And you can claim copyright ownership even though you do NOT own all the rights to Krendler’s work, and haven’t even attempted to prove a legal, valid, signed agreement? More power to you.
      Then, I will ask the judge to consider whether you are guilty for copyright misuse by suing me for things your Terms of Service permitted until you changed them.
      Then I will ask the judge to consider bringing charges against you for Fraud on the Copyright Office by attempting to place YOUR COPYRIGHT on MY MATERIAL, NASA’S PUBLIC DOMAIN MATERIAL, AND THE WORK OF THE ESO AND ESA THAT YOU DO NOT OWN.
      Then we’ll talk about your filthy, grimy hands in regards to this suit, suing me for the exact same sort of thing you did to me.
      Then we will move on to the copyright suit. You will identify Krendler or be held in contempt. Then, you and Krender can sit and hold each other’s hands while I show the judge and jury example after example after example of your libelous, defamatory and — in some cases — profane postings about me.
      This is what you have done to yourself Hoge. This is all YOUR doing.
      I may not prevail. Who knows how these things will turn out. But I do know, YOU DO NOT HAVE A CASE, AND YOUR CASE WILL BE DISMISSED!!!
      And I will laugh in your face.
      See you then!

      • Didn’t that case result in Bill having to take down all infringing material and signing a legally binding agreement not to steal stuff from Hoge again? Say……haven’t we seen Bill stealing stuff from Hoge over and over and over since then? Why the nerve!

          • Point is you can’t even pay me to write that much inane rambling garbage. It boggles the mind on how insane the Dumbfuck is and why he belongs in an asylum.

  4. Gee, some of the commenters over at BU (no I won’t link to it) sure are . . . dummies. Liars. Delusional. From the August 15 “report” about BS’s now-dismissed lawsuit:

    ““Chitown law •
    Here is the back story to this. The FBI is investigating this matter, and the federal courts decided that they needed an experienced litigator to really dig into what this criminal gang has been doing to Mr. Schmalfeldt and others. It is highly unusual for a law firm to be appointed in a civil case, but DOJ and DHS have come to the conclusion that this criminal gang is part of a much larger operation that needs to be dismantled, similar to radical right wing groups like the KKK. Not only is this the beginning of the end for the civil harassment unleashed by this gang, but the feds have actually been monitoring and investigating this group for several years, and are considering bringing a large scale criminal indictment. Expect for the civil attorneys to work hand in hand with the federal authorities. As you watch over the next several months or year, you will see the methodical dismantling and destruction of this criminal gang.”

    • Gee, I guess the experienced litigator really dug into what us criminals (wait, I thought you couldn’t call anyone a criminal without a court ruling?) have been doing to BS over the years and concluded…
      [ insert shocked groundhog / prairie dog here]
      that there was no there there.

      But BS, being BS in more ways than one, can’t see that, especially if poor Mr. Sorich didn’t spell it out for him in words of five or fewer letters.

      • You don’t have a case.

        Those are all words of five or fewer letters, even if you mistake the apostrophe for a glottal stop and count that as a letter. Therefore, I believe the attorneys need to figure out a way of doing it in 3 or fewer letters per word and 4 or fewer words per sentence.

        Or in Semaphores for the Rear Admiral (Lower Half) G-74 Editor Extraordinaire.

    • I was unaware that the FBI outsourced the breakup of criminal organizations to private civil attorneys. I was under the general impression that they tended to work on those things internally. Also, there isn’t a single experienced attorney that works at DHS? They couldn’t get one or two on loan from another branch?

    • Fifi must have brought in the crop just before this one. LOL

      The only people that go along with this tripe is the socially inept pin-head members of Team Kimberlin and their bat-shit crazy recruit Roger S.

      It goes from one goof to another, trying to spin a tale that might help them mask the inadequacies of their existence.

      Inmates have this same need for a hierarchy. The murderers are above the petty theft guys, who are above the pedophiles. They each need to try and prove they aren’t the bottom of the barrel that society has to offer.

      All these articles prove is they belong to a circle jerk of epic proportions, and ultimately the pathetic nature of their beings.

      But I’m sure Mark in Maryland will chime in to say those guys write Pulitzer material. ROTFLMAO at them.

    • Well my name was on State Department and FBI watch list long before Homeland Security was formed, I am sure it got put on all the little lists homeland has.

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