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  1. If Team Kimberlin were required to have their planned lawsuits evaluated by an attorney before filing, they would never file any more suits.

    • 9 restraining orders, 1 criminal trial, numerous child porn audio tapes, 3 million words deleted or spoliated online estimated, 1 criminal trial, thousands of potential violations of the hatch act, writing numerous times that doctors and clinical studies doubted his parkinsons, writing that he asked his supervisor to game the disability system….

      thousands of harassing defamatory msgs, articles, and social media contacts.

      dave he can refile to kingdom come, even a supteme court judge as his attorney cant get this to a trial, imo

  2. maybe now he will face the music in maryland, where a gathering is awaiting him to face yhe road of justice

      • lets just say that King Peonidas might be finding himself in real legal bonfires that even his extended bladder cannot extinguish.

        very recent case law has morgan and morgan trolling nationwide to sue landlords for harassment by their tenants, as a cardinal rule, its difficult to collect, but not so much anymore

        • I take it certain people at Canticle and Juniper Courts have been helpfully sent copies of these case-law rulings? 😉

          • their expansive legal team no doubt is aware of it what they maynot be aware of is that tenants are using their taxpayer subsidized apartments to systematically harass women and children.

        • I’m still not sure that @Leonidas_BU is Schmalfeldt, any more than I was sure Schmalfeldt was the original Krendler and anonymous author of I Was a Confessed Undercover Internet Troll or Whatever, before he came clean.

          I was shocked then, and if he turns out to be this guy too, I’ll be shocked again.

  3. So Teh Blab found out his suit is DOA.. Can the Defendants oppose this motion and require Dismissal with Prejudice before the suit is dropped? Maybe even declare Teh Blab a vexatious litigant to boot? Those would be equitable relief from this freakshow of a lawsuit..

  4. just as a side note, the BSA has their safety office in Chicago run by a former US Marshall. Also the Catholic church is a huge influence in the Chi town courts

    or so a birdy told me,

    • William “I want to urinate on children” Schmalfeldt
      William “I’d like to fuck a 14 year old” Ferguson
      Bunny Boy “The child porn wasn’t so bad” Osborne

      • William “I want to urinate on children” Schmalfeldt
        William “I’d like to fuck a 14 year old” Ferguson
        Bunny Boy “The child porn wasn’t so bad” Osborne

        A veritable “basket of deplorables!”

    • D’awwww! Did someones get their fee-fees huuurt because their captive lawyer told them “you don’t have jack or sh*t and I want out of this NAO”? Poooor baby. Not.

    • Either someone bought two more computers before filing a fraudulent IFP, or Bill got both his friends to join in.

      … so two more computers, I’m guessing.

  5. Now we’ll see how Bill handles his latest humiliation. I’m sure he’ll be fine with his captive attorney’s decision that he was FULL OF SHIT from the beginning.

  6. Is it inappropriate for an unserved defendant under these circumstances to send plaintiff’s (former) captive lawyer a fruit basket?

    Asking for a friend…

  7. Okay, reading between the lines, I am 99% sure it went down something like this. My underlying assumption is that Mr. Sorich 1) is a normal, reasonably competent lawyer and 2) didn’t know anything about this controversy until he started the process.

    So first thing virtually every lawyer would do in that situation is read the complaint. And of course no competent lawyer would think that complaint was sufficient. So he probably told Bill somewhere along the way that he needed an amended complaint. Now, because of assumption #2, Mr. Sorich probably figured “hey, maybe there is something here, and this guy just can’t write a legal complaint.” I mean some of the nicest people can’t write a proper complaint to save their lives.

    So he asked for Bill to provide him proof of his claims in relation to Grady and Palmer, and… as time went by, he realized there was nothing there. He might think Grady and Palmer (and possibly others) are awful people, but there is no case, here.

    So he tries to have a “come to jesus” moment as some lawyers are apt to call it, where he tries to make Bill realize that the case is a loser. And I am guessing Bill pushed back on that and I am guessing the lawyer gave him an ultimatum: “either voluntarily drop the case and keep a modicum of dignity, or I will file a motion to withdraw, and very likely I will have to tell the judge I cannot represent you ethically in this matter.” So Bill agreed to it.

    I admit that is a lot of conjecture, but I feel very confident in my analysis.

    The big question is will Bill finally understand that he has no case, and stop reading these blogs and so on and move on with his life?

    Sadly, I don’t expect that to happen. He seems to think he has a right to be immune from mockery and I doubt Mr. Sorich really got him to understand that he isn’t.

  8. Is it inappropriate for a defendant under these circumstances to send the Plaintiff’s attorney a fruit basket? That was about the most awesome hidden smackdown I’ve ever seen. Perhaps he likes Lou Malnati’s?

  9. How long before we see LOLsuit VIII? And what shall we call it following the current naming conventions? I can’t come up with something appropriate riffing off of First Contact, though perhaps Filth for First.

    • Seriously, I sympathize. I know a guy who quit crack by looking in the mirror and saying “my life is in the toilet, I quit.” He didn’t kill himself because it would have made too many people happy. No, this isn’t Bill, never met the man, and I like it that way. He said quitting smoking was the hardest thing he did.

      • I’ve done some challenging things in my life. Smoking was the hardest. This is probably the 4th attempt and this one seems to have taken hold and is the longest streak since I was able to buy smokes.

          • My father said he quit a thousand times before it held. In reality it probably was at least 15-20. Incredible addiction, but he managed to keep his four children from starting smoking.

      • My guess is that Schmalfeldt’s only hope of having a man-in-the-mirror moment is if we’re talking about Billy’s reflection in the metal jailhouse toilet.

        It will take tangible consequences for Billy to see what a waste of space his life is. Consequences like arrest and jail time.

        • I think even then The BLOB would not understand its wasted life. Instead, it would be raging HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! (with 21 ‘O’s) KREEENDLERRR!

          Everyone else is to blame. Never The BLOB. The BLOB is Don Quixote, living its fantasy, basking in its imagined glory over defeating the terrible RWNJs Alt Right. It’s so desperate for purpose that even if it fails (and goes to jail), the struggle has given its life meaning – in its fantasy, that is. And it will dream of continuing the struggle when it gets out. The Captain Ahab analogy works quite well here too.

    • Considering the fat loser specializes in losing and a real lawyer was looking at his drivel, I actually believe he foresaw that coming.

      the not caring part, well, I raise the bull flag on that one. If he didn’t care he wouldn’t need to use every device in his possession to thumb down this post.

  10. Despite all the deserved laughing, I am going to strike a serious note. Ash and Grady have some well earned respite from the threat of frivolous suit. Yes, the dismissal was without prejudice, but I doubt Witless is hoping to get another welfare lawyer in that district. An experienced trial lawyer puked when he saw what he was being asked to present to a court.

    No lawyer in his right mind was going to take that case, and Willie was stupid (a redundancy) to ask for one. Grady is not Krendler, and there is no defamation in being quoted.

    I wonder how the witless one feels about taking the selfie with his STACK of “evidence,” a mockable and tangible exhibit of hubris, and then spending money for lodgings in Chicago, money which he assertedly can ill spare, while PROVING his capacity to travel.

    An expense of effort in a waste of fail are dolts in action.

    So sincere and heartfelt congratulations to Grady and Ash, and a hearty ha-ha in the direction of Wisconsin.

    • Please don’t pretend it matters who Krendler is, okay?

      The case was/is a loser, in any jurisdiction, because Schmalfeldt has not been defamed. He has not been harassed. Etc. He can’t prove all the elements of any tort, because he hasn’t been subjected to all the elements of any tort. He’s been mocked, parodied, teased, and quite viciously insulted. So, unfortunately, was his wife, and if he’d ever thought of her as a real human being with her own rights to defend, while she was alive, she might have been able to make a case against exactly one anonymous account that might have crossed the defamation line against her.
      But that’s not how Schmally sees women, eh? He thought -he- had a case because his wife was verbally attacked.

      • I disagree. Not with your legal analysis. No defamation by ANYONE for quite a number of reasons. But the failure to identify the PURPORTED tortfeasor is a failure of noteworthy magnitude.

        • The reason it doesn’t matter is because he has never had a case v. Krendler. If he could correctly identify a valid cause of action (and the only one that ever happened was a hell of a stretch but it was at least arguable) then all the rest of it would follow from there. If he, or rather Gail, since he never has been, was genuinely defamed by an anonymous, obviously joke account, then identifying that account’s owner would be doable, via subpoenas, etc. You have to have a case, first. Schmalfeldt, and all his friends, are too dumb to parse the elements of the relevant torts, first, before wasting filing fees on the wrong thing, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

  11. dear bill,

    your presence here is no longer required. now that you fucked up with a sympathetic judge who bent the rules to grant you a free chicago law firm, you still couldn’t subpoena a third grader, much less urinate on them.

    fuck off bill, welcome to maryland, i’ll be eagerly following the case as a self appointed investigative journalist who could be asking some questions that you dont want to answer

    you screwed up big time when you threatened to kill sarah, and what you wrote about my children. the legal ramifications of your actions haven’t even started yet.

    sleep well, btw, as an aside, most liquor stores leave their empty packing boxes outside at night.

  12. If you were here, you would have seen my bodyguards sweep me in to the van, blocking the media’s view, and leaving one of my designer shoes on the curb as I collapsed in laughter ….. err, felt faint from the heat.

  13. /sarc on

    Hey Mr. Hoge. I’ve been told you are old and senile. How come your case got so much farther along (with motions and stuff) than Bill Schmalfeldt’s?

    Hey Mr. Walker. I’ve been told you are the Worst Lawyer in the World. How come your case got so much farther along (with motions and stuff) than Bill Schmalfeldt’s?

    Did LOLsuit VII even have a motion? Oh, yeah. It did – the Motion to Dismiss.

    /sarc off


    • i see an apartment, littered with dirty schnitzel wrappers, dominos two cardboard for 8 bucks specials making a tower next to the bathroom, 5 empty parkinsons approved jwr bottles and two feet poking out of a pile of misc garbage. just another day at acme legal

  14. somewhere in a garden in st francis, against the hydrangias, a muttered word “webelo” waifes across the courtyard

  15. Bill Schmalfeldt cannot travel to Maryland to defend himself. Not because of the Parkison’s. Running away from his own lulzsuits has left him all tuckered out.

  16. So when are the next hearings? Is it 27 September or 30 September or both? Isn’t there one in Montgomery County coming up soon?

    I hope they have some tickets left and it isn’t sold out.

    • 27 Sep Motions hearing in Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. in Westminster
      29 Sep Hearing to unseal part of the record in Kimberlin v. Allen in Montgomery County
      30 Sep Motions hearing in Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. in Montgomery County

  17. I for one got very choked up in that scene in 300 when King Leonidas…

    …admitted that the Persians were right, laid down their weapons while saying “yeah, come get them,” and retreated back to Sparta. It was damn stirring.

  18. I pity the poor lawyer who had to read all the files Bill Schmalfeldt so lovingly brought to Chicago. That’s fifteen minutes of his life he will never get back!

    • BSB,

      eh, the 9 restraining orders, the microsoft letter that someone probably sent him, child porn is a no brainer. You have to have a reputation to recover, he probably noticed some potential fraudulent statements even between the 6 other failed suits. When he read the content of small children being raped, perhaps he had children of his own, or nieces and nephews. WHO CAN FORGET, the victory trip to his free lawyer and then the fact that they didnt even meet with him for more than a perfunctionary minimum, (that was hilarious and most humiliating). It was crystal clear imo, that the lawyer saw that bill was a bad faith actor.

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