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  1. It gets better! http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/how-sick-is-hillary/

    “Another question I have – and about this I need to be perfectly clear. Had I seen that video on any of my patients – and believe me – having things caught on video is actually very common in medicine today – my very very first reaction would be GET THAT PATIENT TO THE ER – I AM MEETING YOU THERE. Why on earth was Mrs. Clinton not rushed to the hospital???? — That issue alone brings up all sorts of concerning thoughts in my mind..

    And about her personal physician – Dr. Raback. In my haste – to get the previous comment done – and typing quickly – I did not fully convey her status with the Board of Internal Medicine. She is listed as CERTIFIED – but NOT PARTICIPATING in MAINTENANCE. That means that she has made the decision not to maintain her certification.”

    • “Mrs. Clinton clearly suffered a syncopal episode while getting into that van today. The “overheating” excuse is just ridiculous – a normal healthy individual would never do that type of thing in 80 degree weather unless they had just completed a marathon or something profoundly strenuous. That just does not occur. That immediately puts the lie to the “overheated” excuse that her campaign came up with.”

    • The maintenance of certification could be because she initially certified before 1985. Those people were grandfathered into not having to recertify.

      When was her initial certification?

  2. Ronald Reagan took naps in the work day. The left went nuts, and figured he was too old to be president. Hillary is of a similar age now. Reagan never drooped over at official events. He got shot once and walked into the hospital. If the left was consistent… Yeah, never mind.

    • Reagan was 73 (Maybe 72?) when he was shot. Walks to the limo with a bullet inches from his heart having perforated vital organs, Internal bleeding, and he’s fighting off his handlers’ help.

      Hillary! gets a bit warm and has to be thrown like a sack of cement into her van.

      I wonder if dehydration is supposed to be taken care of by dripping (gushing?) two pints of Vodka intravenously, though.

  3. They [Hillary’s campaign staff] are desperate for even mildly plausible lies that conceal whatever is going on. This series shows how difficult that will be going forward. OTOH, good thing there were private individuals there to get the video. Otherwise it would have disappeared down the Memory Hole.

  4. This is a typical Clinton lie: you consider only the facts known to the public, and, then they calculate what is the story that is most favorable to them that cannot be contradicted by the known facts, and, then present it to the world as if it were the truth. When new facts emerge, the most favorable story is recalculated and once again presented as the truth. Thus, the persistent coughing was the result of allergies. Then, it was due to pneumonia. They only revealed the pneumonia because she fell like a board. Clearly, something happened. Healthy people don’t just collapse due to the 77 degree heat. Pneumonia is temporary. Hillary Clinton’s real problem is not.

  5. If you look at the video, it appears that Hillary is using that bollard and the strong arm of the assistant to her left to hold herself up while the vehicle pulls up.

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