I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

This appeared in my email inbox this afternoon—

I don’t plan to make any substantive comment on this reply or the underlying motion until the court has ruled.

UPDATE—BTW, here’s the email the Cabin Boy™ sent.bs201609121915z

71 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. Pro tip – if claiming to quote someone, get the quote right. Teaches one to not drink and write responses… maybe THAT’S why the government wanted him out of the writing business?

  2. Maybe if Defendant hadn’t done stupid things such as file frivolous lawsuits, stolen material from a website after he agreed not to and made reckless statements with his co-conspirators, then this might not be an issue.

    If you want to defend yourself, you need to pony up the money and get here. Face your accusers right in the eye and show the court they are wrong.

    Otherwise, don’t do stupid shit in the first place and you wouldn’t be in this predicament.

    Remember, if you just let Brett handle his own affairs and forget about Team Free speech, you wouldn’t be suffering right now and actually living a nice retirement.

    Ya big baby.

  3. “Beneath reproach?” Geez, even for The Blob that’s lame.

    The new term for All The Hip Kidz is “deplorable.”

    • To be fair, when the Blob lays down, everything is beneath the crown of his gut, and therefore everything *is* beneath reproach then.

  4. “Plaintiff argues, ‘There is nothing in the Maryland Rules that allows for a telephonic appearance by counsel or a pro se party at a motions hearing.’ He does not argue that there is anything in the Maryland Rules forbidding such an appearance.”

    Hey, I bet the MD Rules also don’t *forbid* you answering every question with ‘Jawohl, mein Führer’ while smearing mayonnaise over oneself and absently commenting about how you’re going to be thinking of the judge all night long. Hell, I bet the MD Rules don’t even actually forbid you from declaring war on Canada while in the courthouse.

    Go for it, Shakey.

    • The MD church where I got married had a cannonball delivered by the British in 1812 in one of the walls; I can’t blame MD if they allow declarations of war on Canada.

    • I once submitted an affidavit via conference call. It involved a two-way audio-video hook-up and was attended by attorneys from both sides, In addition, I had to be sworn in before testifying. Wouldn’t the court require the same conditions if it approved Bill’s request? Does he think he’ll be able to just phone it in, so to speak?

  5. So the disgusting child porn loving, adjudicated stalker of children and associate of a violent criminal psychopath says you are beneath reproach.

    That’s gotta sting.

    • Think the loathsome loser actually meant above reproach, as it’s the much more common usage? /sarc

      Here is an example, written by the grotesque ghoul, and found “humorous” by the repulsive reprobate. WARNING: It includes young boys being forced into sex acts, being urinated on, and being photographed during these acts.

  6. Proof by Indignation.

    And even if the “experts” are correct (a manager at a charity and two blog posts? Are any of the 3 of them physicians?) that generally those with PD have difficulty travelling due to Parkinsons, it says nothing about the ability of BS, specifically, to travel. Michael J. Fox seems to be able to travel and play guitar with PD.

    But the court should take Bill’s word for it because he’s JUST THAT ANGRY!

    • And none of them have personally examined the Diminished Capacity Kid,

      Indeed, so far as I’m aware, he’s never provided documentation about his condition.

  7. The photo with the phone is a nice touch. By the way, since John Hoge is not a physician, the word ‘claims’ is appropriate, or at least ‘says.’ John Hoge doesn’t belabor the point. As Bill is using his health as a reason for wanting to phone it in, he should have included a doctor’s note. As far as the deep brain simulator is concerned, that can easily be worked out with TSA.

    • *Well the be all, end all high authority blog post from some unknown blogger says Bill can travel by air if he has a pat down. Hell, the might get the first boner in years if the TSA agent looks like a cub scout in his uniform.

      So Bill REFUSES to fly even after posing a blog post that says, “Hey no problem, just get a pat down” and expects the court to grant his wish?

      *Well you have to consider, it IS Maryland

    • That usage also makes sense since BS, to my knowledge, has never submitted paperwork to any court that would confirm or deny the diagnosis. We only have his statements. He may have been granted early retirement, perhaps even for PD, but that paperwork is likely private and not something that John can simply call over to the NIH and have faxed over.

      I’m a little surprised that BS didn’t submit a letter along with this filing from his doctor.

      • Just to note for the record, you used the phrase “deep brain SIMULATOR” and then said they couldn’t find anything to STIMULATE.

        Whichever word you meant, the meaning of the overall comment is still true, in my opinion.

  8. Gee, if only someone had saved all of the threats Oliver Wendell Jones posted about “dragging” people to Maryland, Wisconsin and Illinois.

    That’d be something.

  9. It was nice of the Dumbfuck to explain that he can indeed fly. After all, DHS does allow you to bypass the metal detectors but requires you to do a pat down alternatively.

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  11. I’m sure Michael J. Fox and millions of others are surprised to hear that air travel is a possible inconvenience.

    • Not so fast there, Howie.

      If I’m not mistaken the BSA now requires background checks for such volunteer roles. That would surely turn up a no-stalking order for a toddler, wouldn’t you think?

  12. Couple quick points (I read this VERY quickly so forgive me if I missed something):

    1) Interesting BS spends so much time refuting Hoge’s claims of parkinsons and so little time explaining why Chicago was okay but MD is not.
    2) I have VoIP on my mobile phone. I can spoof any caller ID I want. I can claim to be anywhere I want. I have telephone numbers in 5 countries all for only 20 bucks a month give or take (plus data charges, if applicable). Caller ID is absolutely useless this day and age unless your phone line is a bona-fide, twisted pair, ring-right-red-rear landline. That’s the whole point.

    The only thing BS’s shit is good for is nixing my nicotine craving and replacing it with hopes and dreams he gets completely f5cking crushed in this.

  13. Bill ends Paragraph 2 with: “Defendant doesn’t really understand what it is about his “demeanor and credibility” that demands his physical presence to aid this Court in making a ruling on Defendant’s motions.”

    He said something true. He really doesn’t understand it.

  14. paras 4, 7: So DUMBF5CK relied on a lowly court clerk for legal advice this time? I’m surprised he didn’t just “hire” Ely again 😛

    para 9: “It took Defendant several days to recover from the pain and fatigue caused by this otherwise luxurious trip.” That’s funny, Billy didn’t LOOK like he was suffering much in those pervy shit-eating grin PHOTOS he published on his blog. Oh, but wait–he “deleted” those blogs. Never mind. LOL. (::wink to BillySez “Spoliation of the Day” authors::)

  15. I’m just surprised he was able to restrain himself and not mention that HD is a widower in this pleading. “…nor, your honor, will Defendant be able to rely upon the assistance of his sainted wife who passed away perhaps in part due to the depraved activities of the deplorable plaintiff.”

    Also, no butt stuff!

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