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It’s obvious that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is afraid of what might be revealed if he were required to properly cooperate with discovery in a lawsuit. During the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit, he did not provide any response to the defendants’ discovery request until after Judge McGann told him his case was dead in the water if he didn’t. What he provided was unresponsive bullshit, but that turned out not be a problem because he was so incompetent in presenting his case that we didn’t have to present a defense.

Now, he is facing discovery as a defendant in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. His first attempt to avoid discovery was a motion for an early trial date, one so quick that there would be no time to conduct discovery. The trial date he sought was before 1 October. Here’s why that’s significant. During this year’s session of the Maryland Legislature, the state senator who represents the district where Kimberlin lives introduced a bill to repeal¬†Maryland’s law which prevents convicted perjurers from being able to testify in court. (I didn’t work with my senator or delegates to oppose the bill because I believe being able to put Kimberlin on the stand under oath would be to my advantage.) The new law takes effect on 1 October. So Kimberlin was willing to have a trial in which he could not testify in his own defense rather than have to comply with discovery.

When his motion for an early trial failed, TDPK fell back on his previous tactics of dilatory responses and frivolous motions to try to run out the clock on discovery before the trial. That didn’t work when he was a plaintiff, and I doubt it will this time. Meanwhile, …

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  1. I think the puny pedo would behave exactly the same if there wasn’t damaging info to be discovered. It’s that oppositional streak, and obsessive need for control that has caused a significant amount of the troubles the tremendously terrified tiny terrorist has faced.

    In this case, however, it seems clear the discovery will prove the pack of lies sworn under penalty of perjury, and could result in a return home to prison.

  2. I think Brett knows what a perjury conviction tastes like (different than the taste of a presidential seal ), and doesn’t like it.

    The world’s worst lawyer has outsmarted him yet again, and Brett won’t be able to dodge it after October 1st.

  3. Brett likes to drive the bus. He doesn’t like it when he is in the road and the bus is coming at him. He’s never had that before.

    Well, actually, he did. And it landed him in prison.

  4. I’m surprised this hasn’t been covered by the world’s foremost investigative journalist Bill “I’ll piss on your kids” Schmalfeldt. He seemed really anxious to give BOTH sides of this story. You would think that after crowing about the law changing to allow convicted perjurers to testify it would be big news that a convicted perjurer is going out of his way NOT to testify. That seems like something a real journalist could sink his teeth into and dig deep into WHY a guy who says he got the law changed would try so hard to avoid testifying.

    But after all, this is William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt we are talking about. He’s really never been a journalist (real journalists don’t get fired once a year for incompetence) and we all know he’s too terrified of losing his “excellent friend” to write the truth about him. Poor Bill, his lack of balls shows in so many ways.

  5. He also complained about the case hanging above his head for 16 months. So, about 16 months ago he knew exactly the issues which he would have to defend. He has accused Aaron of things including causing stress and blah, blah to his whole family. Wouldn’t Kimberlin spend a while gathering school records, medical or counseling bills, names of individuals who can back up the damage to his family…etc. At least he would have avoided writing “nothing” as a response to a question about evidence.

    • You’d think that evidence would have been gathered before approaching the commissioner seeking criminal charges, if such evidence existed.

  6. Brett Baby, you’re going down, legally speaking. Better get a real job so you can begin paying off the massive judgments that are coming your way. Feel something odd gripping your gut, Brett? That, my boy, is the clammy hand of fear. Enjoy.

      • I wonder if Kevin Zeese is worried yet? His name is on a bunch of documents regarding the “charities”. Maybe BK should worry about what Kevin will do to save his own skin.

    • The Brett-ster is going back to Club Fed in all probability… Too many legal shenanigans to pass muster when you are out on parole and need to walk the straight and narrow.

      • TFS could mention that point in a future court hearing. I can see it now: “And your honor, not only do dozens and dozens of BK’s actions violate the rules of the court but also the condition of his parole.” Then it is BK’s turn to speak.

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