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    • You got that right! And some hours he likes to stalk more than others. I took 10 minutes to de-cruft login information. Here’s data from August arranged by UTC hour of the day versus number of visits. Hour (UTC) is the first column, number of visits is the second column.

      00 9
      01 32
      02 21
      03 21
      04 34
      05 8
      06 1
      07 0
      08 0
      09 6
      10 2
      11 59
      12 5
      13 8
      14 9
      15 19
      16 17
      17 6
      18 12
      19 16
      20 21
      21 14
      22 12
      23 16

      That one login for the 06h only made it into the 06h by a few seconds.

      I find the data patterns when looked at in this fashion to be quite interesting and worthy of chucking into some algorithm processing to see what comes out.

      • I applaud you working the analytics angle.

        Wisconsin is minus-5, right? Confirms what I thought (and wrote): Last thing at night. First thing in the morning.

        Lights out 11PM, mostly, approx. and up at 6AM, mostly, approx. The ones over the 4AM hour… Say something.

        Obsession is not just a perfume.

        Since you’re running the spreadsheet, got time you can run daily min, max and average?

  1. I see that Leonidas is dishonest as ever over at BU:
    It was 77-78 degrees in NYC at 9:30 this morning, when this occurred. There was a breeze. She didn’t just “feel faint,” as he says in a later tweet, she PASSED OUT. They had to drag her into the van.


  2. “Leonidas” is a liar:

    They did celebrate:

    One of my classmates was commuting into NYC from New Jersey on her commuter van. All traffic had come to a stop as the towers burned. Her Muslim van driver, along with a driver from another van, got out, prostrated themselves on the asphalt, and started praising allah. But she must have been imagining the whole thing, too, along with all the other eye witnesses and the videos.

    • Here are some Amish celebrating the attacks on the West Bank. Oh, not Amish? Lutherans? No? Muslims, you say? Oh. LEONIDAS IS A LIAR.

  3. 1. Fainting, allegedly due to “dehydration” in 2012
    2. Concussion
    3. Brain clot
    4. Uncontrolled, long-term coughing
    5. 2016 – tells the FBI she can’t remember things because of her 2012 concussion, and was told to work no more than 2-3 hours per day by her doctor, none of which was revealed to the public at the time.
    out they were fake very quickly). But, Hypocrisy, thy name is The Press:
    Then, on 9/11/16, the anniversary of not only the Al Qaeda attacks, but the Benghazi attacks:
    SUDDENLY, thanks to a couple of guys on the street, and NOT the lying press, there’s actual video, so….
    Karma, as they say, is a bitch. On the Benghazi anniversary, no less.

      • Her “perp walk” (staged, with child running out to hug ala wag the dog) of health wasn’t as reassuring as it was meant to be. Her gait was off, a little funny. It was the gait of someone who is adapting to balance issues – a little halting and uncertain, and a widening of the distance between the feet .

      • Dr. Drew, who was fired for discussing her health (no matter what the spin is), said that what disturbed him and his guest, another doctor, was that she was getting 1950s-level healthcare.

        • Long term warfarin is not the best, though it is the cheapest, not that she can’t afford lovenox even if she didn’t have a Cadillac health plan and it hadn’t come down in price. (13 years ago, the lowest dose would set one back $1000 a month, and many insurance companies wouldn’t cover it, instead trying to put patients on warfarin, even when it was contraindicated such as during pregnancy.)

      • No, actually, I think this is right. Patients who have had strokes frequently have (a) swallowing problems, which make them (b) cough a great deal because the (c) aspirate their own saliva, which leads frequently to (d) pneumonia. Hillary has already admitted she is on several anticoagukants, which are (e) frequently used by stroke patients, mist notably her taking of (f) Coumarin, a very powerful anticoagulant indeed.

        All roads lead to Hillary having a stroke.

        • Parkinson’s suffers often fall and hit their head, which Hillary Clinton did. That would explain a brain hemorrhage. Parkinson’s suffers can mis-swallow leading to fluid on the vocal cords that causes a hacking cough. Fluid can be miss-wallowing into the lungs causing pneumonia. A black tubular object slipped out of her pant leg. That could have be a catheter, or part of a leg brace. Incontinence can be a symptom, or, a leg brace could steady her walk.

    • Of course. And it took the Clinton campaign SEVEN HOURS to find out she had pneumonia and release it to the press.


      • They claim that she was diagnosed on Friday. They claim that she was put on antibiotics, which is indicated for BACTERIAL pneumonia. Which is contagious.
        So she went in public at a 9/11 memorial with a contagious infection.
        She collapsed.
        They took her STAT to . . . Chelsea’s apartment. That’s where everyone goes who is 68 years old and collapses, didn’t you know?
        She stepped out of the apartment, allegedly with a contagious infection, and hugged a child.
        Anyway you spin this, it’s a turd.

  4. OT and on a serious note: Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should undergo INDEPENDENT health evaluations and publicly release them. Personal doctor notes aren’t enough!

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