This Election is Screwed Up

David Byler as a post over at Real Clear Politics that examines which of the major party candidates stands to gain the most from Gary Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe.

The RealClearPolitics polling averages suggest that Johnson may be taking slightly more of his support from Clinton than Trump. In the two-way-race average of national polls (no third parties included) Clinton leads Trump by 2.8 percentage points. But when Johnson is included, her lead drops to 2.1 points. Clinton also leads Trump by 2.1 points when Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are included.

Now, let me get this straight … the Libertarian is sucking more votes from the Democrat than he is from the Republican. My brain hurts.

13 thoughts on “This Election is Screwed Up

  1. the Libertarian is sucking more votes from the Democrat than he is from the Republican.

    It’s negative logic. A lot of people aren’t voting FOR Clinton, they’re voting AGAINST Trump. Given a third option, some of those people will vote against Clinton as well.

  2. When you consider that Johnson is more Democratic than Libertarian it makes sense. Anti 2nd amendment, pro illegal immigration, etc. I would think that a lot of Bernie bros went to Johnson instead of Hillary.

  3. If he takes more from Clinton than Trump, that’s all that counts. As Ronald Reagan said, “I’d rather be lucky than right.”

  4. Some past Libertarian candidates have emphasized issues that would tend to appeal to Republican voters. Gary Johnson has not been doing that.

  5. Johnson is not a libertarian at all. He opposes religious freedom, supports carbon taxes, supports more energy regulation, and the only drug he wants decriminalized is marijuana..

    He’s appealing to Sanders voters.

    • I have to quibble about the carbon taxes. Libertarianism is more of a Rorchach ink blot than a coherent political philosophy. To a large extent, it can derive whatever you want it to derive. While they will stipulate that you have an individual right to breath, it is a matter of Libertarian style as to whether, or not, your cow’s farting methane gas into the atmosphere constitutes “aggression,” or not. The fact that such emissions are miniscule is irrelevant to the absolutist philosophy that “aggression” is unacceptable in all its forms. Articulating a “solution” that involves “market forces,” etc, is quintessential libertarian prattle.

      • Articulating a “solution” that involves saying “market forces” when you mean “massive government issued tax hike” is Johnson dressing his policy up as quintissential libertarian prattle.


    • Former Senator Russell Bennett of Louisiana famously stated of tax increases, “Don’t tax you. Don’t tax me. Tax the man behind the tree!” In case you haven’t noticed, you’re that person. Hillary Clinton’s tax plan involves raising hundreds of billions of dollars by disallowing itemized deductions beyond 28%. That figure seems a fairly high bar that won’t effect most people. By far the largest deduction is home interest. But, with today’s low rates, that won’t affect many people, even if you consider a state tax of 6-7%. But, who will exceed that cap are Christian homeowners who tithe. When your charitable contributions start at 10%, with many more giving additional charitable contributions, and, you pay the same 6-7% state income tax, home interest places you over the cap. On the margin, it is the tithing that is being taxed. One would think that this would raise outrage among Christians, but, all that I am hearing is crickets.

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