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The Kimberlins strongly object to any continuance of the trial in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit—especially if the delay is for the purpose of forcing them to comply with discovery.

The version I’ve posted to Scribd is what was served on Aaron Walker. Here’s the electronic docket entry for the Kimberlins’ strong opposition—398855v-di266

It was entered on the docket on 1 September.

Here’s the certificate of service from the version served on Aaron—di-266_certpopcorn4bkIt’s dated the 6th, five days after the strong opposition was entered on the docket. This discrepancy leads me to strongly suspect that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has been diddling with service again and is about be caught again.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

67 thoughts on “Strong Stuff!

  1. I doubt it would occur to any on team evil to not cheat. It’s like at least some of them are incapable of not cheating, even when doing so could bring much worse consequences than doing nothing at all.

  2. Wow! Nothing like putting it in writing, to the judge, that you won’t comply with discovery, and even implying a little stampy-foot about it. hahahahaha

    • Also, duh-fendants have been “…inundated with hundreds of filings…” hahahaha

      Are there even 200 entries on the docket? And no doubt at least half were authored by the tremendously terrified tiny terrorist, especially considering the double-filing after many were stricken.

      The puny pedo never fails to insult the intelligence of the reader of the prevarications and provocations. I’ve heard judges don’t like to be treated as fools. hahahahahaha

      They may have to move September 30th hearing to a bigger courtroom.

        • Someone definitely should.

          Any lawyers licensed in that jurisdiction may be able to pick up a ton of business by hanging out in or near that courtroom during the hearing. Sooner or later the judge is going to start finding the spectators in the gallery in contempt for laughing loudly.

      • I did an analysis on the filings there has been:
        100 dockets, motions, and oppositions filed by Plaintiff
        –37 dockets filed by Plaintiff
        –25 oppositions filed by Plaintiff
        —3 motions by Plaintiff that was amended
        —1 motion by Plaintiff that was granted
        —6 motions by Plaintiff that was denied
        —3 motions by Plaintiff that was struck as moot
        —21 open motions by Plaintiff
        —1 motion by Plaintiff that was stricken
        —1 motion by Plaintiff taken under advisement
        87 dockets, motions, and oppositions filed by Pedo
        –36 dockets filed by Defendant
        –15 oppositions filed by Defendant
        —3 motions by Defendant that was amended
        —4 motions by Defendant that was granted
        —10 motions by Defendant that was denied
        —8 open motions by Defendant
        —5 motions by Defendant that was stricken
        —1 motion by Defendant taken under advisement
        —2 motions by Defendant that was partially granted
        81 summons, notices, orders, rulings, etc filed by the Court

  3. Notice again the total lack of contrition for failing to serve Aaron Walker’s subpoena certified mail with return a receipt. Instead of admitting he was in error, he wants the Judge to grant him a dismissal precisely because of his error.

  4. I wonder if the Baghdad Blob Leonidas will cover this latest FU to the court from the Pedo for BU? You know, so he can tell BOTH sides like the most excellent journamilist he is.

    • I thought self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower was widely known as a jouroLIAR? Or is that jerkaLIAR?

      But yeah, the tremendously terrified tiny terrorist continues to insult and defy the judge. That should work out well. (For TFS.) hahahaha

    • Best have some Fantasy Island memes ready to go if Judge Mason grants Aaron’s motion for summary judgment on Sept. 30th.

  5. Instead of diddling with the service, the PedoBomber should stick to what he is better at, diddling little girls.

    NO! Sorry that is wrong, he should be diddling Cub Scouts like the Fear Pee Leonidas.

    Sorry, that’s very wrong also.

    Okay, I got it, the PedoBomber should diddle his fellow team members FiFi and that other pedophile what’s his name.

  6. Dangit, he cracked the greatest secrets lawyers have. You get anything to want if you say you strongly want it…

    • What kind of parent do you have to be to let a 50+ year old convicted bomber take your underage daughter 1/2 way round the world away from you.

      Sounds like some quality people there .

      Wonder what a 14 year old Ukrainian goes for these days with inflation taken in.

  7. Again, I have to ask: does Aaron have to file a fresh motion to strike for inadequate service, or does the previous striking include all future filings?

  8. Hey, john, people are always talking about putting in an infinite like button… How about a *strong* like button?

  9. “Plaintiff is the party who filed this case.” Wow! I did not know that. That’s some expert law assessment there, Pedo. Any more facts that I do not know?

  10. So, “discovery for me but not for thee”, eh? Good luck with that.

    The tiny terrorist didn’t realize he was giving TFS lessons in how to wage lawfare. It appears the goose does not like the sauce he’s been dishing out to the gander. How sad, too bad.

    • He’s probably thinking of all the holidays in August that could delay people from responding to the subpoenas.

      You know, like Independence Day Easter Memorial Day Christmas Valentine’s Day Thanksgiving … uh, somebody help me out here?

  11. “Your Honor, I want this case to end as soon as possible, as I am busy as the plaintiff in other cases that I am trying to drag out for the rest of the defendants’ lives.” – Shorter Short Pro Se.

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  13. “All of the subpeonas requesting such information will never be complied…” So the Pedo admits that he will not comply with the subpeonas. Not surprising.

    “Plaintiff should not be rewarded for delaying the service of those subpeonas or for filing improper subpeonas that will result in contentious litigation.” Who says they’re improper? You Pedo jackhole? I’d rather let the judge answer that instead. Contentious litigation? You do realize you already are in a contentious litigation after you filed many contentious litigation in the past against Walker and others? What the hell are you trying to say? That this specific civil case is regarding a sale of a property (non-contentious)? I don’t think so.

  14. Never be complied – as in, no matter how long ago the subpoenas had been issued – making any (however flimsy) point about the point in time they were issued irrelevant?

    Clue to the jailhouse lawyer – most litigation is contentious. And what is improper about subpoenas that are directly material to facts you have alleged in your false complaint?

  15. I’d love to see a LGF-style blinking GIF comparing the version submitted to the court on 9/1 to the version Aaron received in the mail.

    How many changes did the Tiny Terrorist try and sneak in? Inquiring minds want to know…

  16. “Firstly, screw you judge. Secondly, please, please, please Mr judge make it all go away.”

  17. What would be amusing would be if the court ruled that, due to failure to comply with discovery, etc, the Kimberlins are barred from presenting any witnesses or introducing any documents in evidence, but grants them their request that the trial date not be altered.

    Of course it is VERY unlikely that will happen, but it would be very amusing to see the defendants asking for time to be responsive while asking that plaintiff be denied time to deal with those delayed responses.

    Hard as it is to believe, Kimberlin is stupider than Witless Willie.

    • Dumb as he is, Witless Willie has been a paid employee of the state, not a guest.

      We may all agree he was on the wrong side of the bars, and pay scale, but he was smart enough to convince the state otherwise.

      When William Schmalfeldt is the brains of your operation, God help you.

      • I am with you until the final sentence. Willie is NOT the brains of the operation. They have elected as the brains of the operation the only one of them so stupid as to have been incarcerated for years.

        It seems as though we are dealing with people so clueless that they look around and pick the most clueless to give them a clue. I suspect that somewhere in there is a Zen koan.

        Master Miso said, “The stupid wise enough to be guided by the wise are wise enough, and the wise stupid enough to be guided by the stupid are stupid enough, but the stupid stupid enough to be guided by the stupid are DUMBFUCKS.”

  18. Wait a sec… isn’t failure to comply with a subpoena contempt of court? And wouldn’t that be a criminal charge?

    That’s some mighty thin ice for the puny pedo pirate to be skating on, what with the whole parole thing.

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