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Here’s the text of a court paper that Aaron Walker has filed in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit—

The Gentle Reader will note that I have redacted the first name of a minor child on page 3. It will be interesting to see if the Cabin Boy™ decides that this filing is sufficiently newsworthy that he will publish it and, if he does, whether he redacts the child’s name.

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  1. Failure to properly serve by certified mail. Where have we seen that problem before? Is this just a sloppy job by the district’s attorney or were they led astray by the Tiny Terrorist??

    I know, embrace the power of AND….

    • As i said, i am uncertain the order applies to third parties, and in any case it shouldn’t. Its unsportsmanlike because its not the kind of thing you’d expect their lawyers to look for.

      • And neither the school district nor its attorneys have been caught forging subpoenas, altering USPS certified mail receipts, nor falsifying certification of service.

        • They have just allowed a student whose father wrote Teen Dream and Waiting to Meet, which the father explicitly stated in an interview was about grown men “f—ing a teenage girl,” to transfer schools merely because her classmates were aware of that fact. Well, that is a fact that all her peers, and all their parents, ought to have been made aware.

          There may or may not be a statute that criminalizes such gross negligence, but, morally, if anything were to happen they would be accessories after the fact.

          • A school superintendant that I knew once was at a pre-K-to-5th school in his district and saw what seemed to be a very old 5th grader. He found out that the kid was a new foster child with a local family and that the school records from his last school in a different district hadn’t followed yet, so he called that school to see what was going on. The principal of the school told him that the kid was in the foster system because he had been sexually abused and had started sexually abusing younger children himself. CPS hadn’t bothered to tell the new school, where he was in unsupervised contact with much younger children several times a day such as in the bathrooms. The superintendant knew the foster family had small grandchildren who often stayed with them. He called them to ask if they had been made aware of the situation, telling me that if they had he would have just made sure that the kid had an adult aide shadowing him all day at school.

            The foster family had not been told by CPS although they had specifically told CPS when they signed up as foster parents that they could not take such children because of their grandchildren.

            Needless to say the kid was removed from that family before the end of the day, and moved to another town. We don’t know if CPS bothered to tell the new foster family there his background. They did call the superintendant and threaten him with criminal charges for breaking confidentiality. Funny thing, they never followed up, presumably because they knew damn well that if it had gone to trial, no jury with a single member with a child would have found him guilty.

            On a somewhat less serious note, the schools in my current state have confidentiality rules concerning children with learning or behavioural issues such that they can only disclose the information to those who “need to know”. As a substitute teacher, I apparently do not “need to know”.

  2. I wonder if Billy’s “journalistic ethics” (Don’t laugh. Stop that. Okay, but only laugh for a minute) are consistent, and he publishes the unredacted document like he did Brett’s last concerning Aaron’s wife. I bet not since this involves his co-conspirator’s wife’s child .

    We know Bill got his journalistic the same way all the great ones did. Oh, Walter Kronkite never paid money on the internet for his; actually held a real journalism job not doing just press releases; and one that lasted over 2 years at a time. Nevermind….

    • Oddly enough [as always, for the Milwaukee Maggot], in a recent posting in which he waxed rhapsodic over how young, slender, and attractive he finds Brett Kimberlin [in reality, a somewhat portly man of then 53], Mr. Porkinsons was unable resist publishing a completely unobscured picture of Miss Kimberlin as a pre-teen. Granted, it was, both, an old picture and Miss K’s appearance is hardly unknown to any conceivable audience the Maggot might draw. It’s just amusing, given both the Kimberlin adults’ newfound desire for privacy on Miss K’s behalf, and the Maggot’s caterwauling about hypocrisy.

  3. I said it in the past recently, Aaron, your motions have become top notch lately. You hit the heart of the arguments and don’t get too deep in the weeds anymore. If I was shopping for an appellate lawyer (probably won’t ever in my lifetime) and reading your motions lately, I would think HIRE THIS GUY. I’m impressed. You’ve become easy to read and from what my brother-in-law who has worked w/ Judges, they prefer quick hitters because they know the citations and don’t need much help … just some helpful directions and background.

    • This sounds like the proverbial “silver lining” in this “cloud of I’ll sue you forever and ever and then some”.

      I’m guessing that lawyering is like anything else, one gets better with practice. Unfortunately, this practice is coming without pay (so far).

      • While Aaron has been kind enough to donate some time to free speech issues and to help friends, most of his practice are paying clients.

        • Thanks, I figured/hoped that was true. The comment was more about answering Team Pedo is probably out of pocket (a guess) and any settlement is likely to be difficult to collect.

    • Figuring out how to respond in motion practice with regard to pro se loons, especially brazen perjurer criminals like Kimberlin, actually is harder than it looks.

  4. Hmmm. So that what you do when the opposing side informs you of an error.

    You fix it and move on, not stomp your feet, declare it hyper-technical mumbo-jumbo that you shouldn’t have to be bothered with, and repeat it.

    • Well, there are Yale educated lawyers and there are jail educated pro se types, so I’m hardly surprised there’s a difference, even if some very diminutive [or extremely corpulent] don’t see to realize that.

  5. TDPK’s strategy is obvious, give ’em the old razzle dazzle. Unfortunately for him he lacks the intelligence, knowledge, wit, looks & singing ability to pull it off.
    What if your hinges all are rusting?
    What if, in fact, you’re just disgusting?
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