Another Reason My Facebook Account Lies Fallow

John Hinderacker writes over at PowerLine about Facebook refusing an ad.

Are Facebook employees refusing, in some instances, to “boost” posts that include non-leftist points of view? I would hardly have thought it possible, in part because we have successfully boosted a number of posts that obviously had a conservative slant. But this experience leaves me wondering what other explanation there could be for Facebook’s spiking of our ad. Maybe this is one more situation where paranoia is justified.

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2 thoughts on “Another Reason My Facebook Account Lies Fallow

  1. Because of the Leftist bias of Facebook, I DELETED my account 3 mths ago.

    Don’t leave it lying fallow, delete it, because they generate revenue based on the number of opened accounts.

    • Good. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are actively censoring not only political opinion, but hard news reports that The Powers That Be deem “problematic.” I refuse to support them, and as alternatives appear, such as, I will consider supporting those.

      Others have warned about getting sucked into social media platforms, who will then have the power to shut you down after you’ve spent years building and monetizing them.

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